February 11th, 2009

Knocked Up

"So, baby, what time is the ultrasound tomorrow?  What time should we get up?"  Erica called out as she climbed into bed.  Callie walked towards the bed from the bathroom, rubbing lotion into her elbows.  She was wearing a light pink, flimsy cotton camisole, one strap askew on her caramel shoulder, and short plaid boxers. 

"Um, ultrasound's at 11 so let's get up around 9?  You can make me breakfast," Callie teased as she neared the bed and lovingly studied her wife, already nestled in their huge, inviting bed.  Admiring her wife, who was busy setting the alarm clock, Callie purred. "You look so hot with those glasses on."

Erica shook her head, smiling. "Shut up and get your ass in bed, you."

"You're like the sexiest nerd ever.  I want to fuck you with your glasses on!  Have we ever done that?  I don't think we have-"

"Shut up!" Erica interrupted Callie's sexual fantasy rambling. "I have impaired vision.  I'm almost legally blind. Stop making fun of me-"

"Awww, baby, I'm not making fun of you," Callie cooed as she pulled back the bed sheets and settled in next to Erica.  "Honestly, baby, I'm not.  You're the sexiest woman I've ever seen.  I mean, look at you, all sexy in my old t-shirt and with that hot impaired vision thing going on," Callie whispered as she brushed Erica's hair away and open-mouthed kissed Erica's pale, soft neck. 

Erica sighed and pulled away slightly to put the alarm clock back on the bedside table and turn off the lamp.  Erica slowly spun back to face Callie, carefully craddled Callie's face with both hands, and lightly kissed Callie's mouth. "Shut up about the stupid glasses and," Erica managed between kisses,"kiss me."  The kissing quickly escalated to full-on making out, with Callie's hands immediately tangled in Erica's thick, blonde hair in order to smash her mouth more forcefully into Callie's.  Oxygen became an issue.  

Reluctantly pulling apart first, panting, Erica begged,  "Come here, baby," as she scooted her body further down the bed and under the covers, rolling Callie on top of her.  Callie smiled and complied, slowly crawling on Erica, tangling their legs.  Resting her body weight on her forearms, Callie's face was just above Erica's, breathing each other's air.  Erica's hands rubbed Callie's lower back, tugging Callie even closer to her own warm body, while Callie delicately removed Erica's glasses and placed them on the bedside table.  Looking straight down Callie's camisole, Erica's eyes automatically magnetized to Callie's pendulous breasts.  Erica unconsciously licked her lips, mesmerized, watching Callie's breasts slightly sway as Callie leaned towards the table, straining to reach with one arm.  Noticing Erica's averted, dilated eyes, Callie smiled and returned to her position just hovering over Erica, pressed chest to chest.  Callie bit her lip and decided to interrupt Erica's breast hypnosis by lowering her mouth and suprising Erica with a deep kiss.  Erica responded instantly, grabbed Callie's tilted head, and kissed her back just as fiercely. 

Pulling back slowly, Callie broke the kiss.  "Get the shirt off," Callie ordered her wife.  Erica obediently nodded, at Callie's mercy.  Callie helped Erica tug her old faded gray Seattle Grace Hospital t-shirt up and over Erica's head and Callie couldn't help but stare at Erica's deletable, pale breasts.  Embarrassed, Callie looked back up into Erica's blue eyes, smiling shyly, having been caught oggling.  Both smiled, feeling that powerful electrical current they only ever felt with the exact other person.  No two other people on this planet were ever more in love.  Erica's thumbs rubbed Callie's soft, soft face, adoringly.  Neither woman was smiling anymore.  Serious desire, raw lust replaced the playful making out mood of just seconds before.  Callie's eyes fell to Erica's slightly opened mouth. Callie's mouth ached to be there.  Their mouths crashed into each other. Who initiated the kiss, who knows?  Always desperate for more, Erica franticly grasped handfulls of Callie's dark, shiny hair, seizing her closer, mouths impossibly enmeshed. 

After minutes of thorough kissing, Callie managed to release her mouth from Erica's.  Blue eyes popped open, confused as to why the mad kissing had abruptly stopped.

"Baby?" Callie quietly, shyly asked, looking down at her wife.

"What?" Erica panted from the recent fervent kissing.

"Are you still going to want me when I get all fat?"  Callie pleaded, insecurity and panic evident on her beautiful face.

"What are you talking about?  Fat?"  Erica shook her head in confusion.

"When I'm like eight, nine months pregnant?  When I'm huge?  Are you still gonna want me?  I can't go months without sex.  You know that!"  Callie was getting upset by the idea of a sex drought.

Stiffling a chuckle, trying desperately to take her wife seriously, her wife who invented non-problems.  Erica sighed and adored her wife briefly before calming her down. "Baby, you could gain 200 pounds and I'd still want to fuck you.  I'd still be all over you.  So yes, I'm still going to want you."

"But I'm going to be huge!  You know that, right?" Callie demanded, panic making her voice shrill.

"I know how pregnancy works, Cal.  And if possible, I'm going to want you even more.  You are going to be the sexiest pregnant woman ever.  I'm talking history of the world here.  I can't wait for you to start showing!" Erica was genuinely excited at the promise of a pregnant Callie.  How they'd have to reinvent how they had sex, a challenge Erica more than welcomed.

"What?!  Why?  Is that why you're with me?  You like fat girls?"  Callie was getting upset again.

Smiling widely, Erica answered, "No! No, I always thought pregnant women were beautiful because they have that glow.  I mean, they're carrying a life inside them, you know?  A life!  Inside!  It's a miracle really.  I don't even like kids, believe me.  But I so want to have a baby with you. I've never wanted that with anyone before.  Now you're having our baby."  Erica's eyes moistened with tears as she gently touched Callie's face.  "You're having our baby."  She said as if realizing it for the first time, the weight, the importance, and depth of love in those words.  She gazed at Callie in complete wonder.  How did Erica's luck ordain that she would ever be the person to have a baby with this amazing woman, she wondered silently.  Erica still didn't believe she deserved Callie and privately thanked whatever lucky stars were responsible for handing her Callie.

Something clicked, her heart maybe, and Callie immediately understood.  Tears flooded Callie's eyes too, but Callie managed a small, solemn smile.  The size of their combined love knocking the air out of their lungs.  Tears now trickled down Callie's face, but her smile grew.  "Our baby," she cooed, leaning down and kissing Erica. "I've only ever wanted to have your baby."  

Erica giggled, relieved from the serious reverie of her love for Callie.  Her hands quickly moved to the back of Callie's head and savagely pulled Callie's mouth to her own, only to just as brutally push Callie away momentarily.  "You are going to be even sexier pregnant.  You're going to be knocked up repeatedly so get used to the idea."

Smiling coyly and a tad wickedly, Callie proudly savoured the lust she could elicit in her wife.  No one had ever made her feel more wanted.  Brushing various unruly curls off Erica's forehead, Callie admired her wife's unbelievable face.  She could never get enough of her Erica's face.  Her favorite face.  The only face she ever loved.  A face she could stare at endlessly.  Callie smiled sexily, "Erica?"  Erica met Callie's eyes, completely whipped, always awaiting her wife's next request.  Callie closed in on Erica's kiss-bruised, swollen mouth, "I love you."

Feeling Callie's hot breathe tingle on her own lips, Erica smiled, "I've always loved you." 

Callie slowly closed the short distance between their mouths and kissed her wife, fueled by the love in her heart.