February 15th, 2009

So Jealous

Callie and Erica goofily swung their entwined hands and traded coy, flirty, bordering-on-annoying-lovesick glances as they walked to Erica's front door after yet another day of exhausting, life-saving medical procedures.  Erica was innocently unlocking the front door when Callie stalkishly cuddled up behind her and buried her face in Erica's abundant blonde curls,  sniffing loudly.  Callie tightly wound her arms around Erica's waist and savoured a whiff of Erica's intoxicating shampoo.  Smiling to herself, Erica quietly mumbled, "Nut," but Callie couldn't hear Erica, being othewise blissfully overwhelmed by Ericascent.  Lost in Erica, Callie seriously contemplated ripping Erica's pants off her on the front porch.  Already completely smitten and falling ever further for Erica, Callie daydreamed, This girl does stuff to me.  I can't be held responsible for my actions when it comes to a certain Dr. Hahn.  This is a nice neighborhood though.  Upscale.  Public displays of sex are somewhat frowned upon. 

Erica gently untangled herself from Callie and was already in the house, setting her keys and purse on a wooden table in the foyer.   Realizing she lost Callie somewhere along the way, Erica deadpanned,  "You coming in Cal, or shoud I just shut the door?"  Erica smirked as she removed her trenchcoat.

Callie shook her head, embarrassed.  Steamy visions of Ericasex caused Callie's motor function to operate somewhat autistically.  "Oh, yeah.  Right.  Forgot the walking part of walking through the door.  Sorry, " Callie muttered as she sheepisly entered Erica's house and shut the door.

"Right.  I know that look, Torres.  And the answer's no.  We just got home.  I'm tired.  And I'm hungry," Erica calmly lectured while hanging up her trenchcoat in the closet. 

Callie swiftly walked toward Erica, a rising panic in her voice.  "But we have a date!  A date date."

Erica slowly turned to Callie, her blue eyes softening as she took in her girlfriend's endearingly worried face.  "Baby, can this be an 'at home' date, like a 'stay in bed and have intermitant sex and snacks' date?  Oh!  I have Oreos," Erica pleaded as she seductively stalked toward Callie, only to suggestively finger the lapels of Callie's black leather jacket.  After being on her feet for extended hours, performing torturously complicated surgeries, the only thing Erica wanted to do on their date was lay flat on her back, under her girlfriend.

Callie quickly reached up and stilled Erica's hands.  Erica's talented hands were sexual lethal weapons and Callie had learned, through much experience, when to protect herself.  "No!  No, Erica.  I have a surprise.  I didn't want to tell you about it, but now you've left me no choice," Callie scolded Erica.  Truthfully, Callie was relieved to finally reveal the big secret, and was now practically bouncing in childlike anticipation of her big reveal.  Callie didn't do secrets, but she did do surprises and she wanted to wow her girlfriend tonight. Erica deserved to be wowed.

"A surprise?  What?" Erica was cautiously intrigued.  While definite soulmates, Erica and Callie had very different definitions of "fun." 

Callie noticed Erica's slight trepidation.  "What?!  No, it's a good kind of surprise," Callie reassured her girlfriend, placing her hands on Erica's hips.  "Alright.  Ready?" Callie taunted, famous smile ablaze and trembling with near-explosive excitement.

"Torres..." Erica eyed Callie skeptically.  With Callie, this "surprise" could be anything mundane to insane.

"You know that cd we were listening to in my car today?" Callie hinted. 

"The two sisters?"  Erica tried to remember, shrugging her shoulders in that way she did that made Callie's heart glow. Callie was compiling a mental catalogue of all of Erica's adorable mannerisms, and that simple gesture was near the top of the list.  Callie stopped herself from automatically attacking Erica's mouth.  She was on a mission here and that mission was delighting her girlfriend.

"Tegan and Sara!  Remember?  You said you liked them," Callie cheerfully reminded Erica.

"Vaguely...?" Erica generously offered.  She honestly couldn't remember the band or the music, being much too preoccupied on her way to work most mornings to enjoy the musical stylings of the various bands Callie was currently into on any given day.  Yet, Erica was touched by Callie's desire to surpise her, and would never think to diminish the excitement she witnessed in Callie's brown, liquidy eyes at that moment.  No other human being in the history of her life had ever cared enough to surprise Erica.  Erica's happiness had never been anyone's top priority, until Callie.  Unbeknownst to Callie, she made Erica happy without even trying, just by being.  And here Callie was, attempting to make Erica even happier, causing Erica to fall that much harder for the girl in front of her.

"We're going to see them tonight!  I'm taking my girlfriend, that's you," Callie said, comically pointing to Erica, "to see self-identified lesbian singers! Woo-hoo!"  Callie pumped her fist in the air, her own gay cheerleader.  "Anyway, they're awesome and I love them and I love you and I want to take you.  Please?"  Callie begged, attempting to seal the deal with puppy dog eyes.  Taking a half-step closer to her girlfriend,Callie snaked her arms around Erica's luscious waist.  Like sexy puzzle pieces, Callie fit her body impossibly close to Erica.  Erica raised her hands to Callie's wavy black hair, titled her own head and approximated the perfect angle to kiss Callie's too-tempting mouth.  Erica loved it when Callie begged, although preferrably inside the bedroom.

Erica, who had previousy allowed no one, let alone anyone she was dating, to influence her decisions in any sphere of her life, was completely and voluntarily whipped for her girlfriend.  Erica knew she was going to the concert.  That didn't mean she couldn't benefit from some nifty negotiating.

Erica slowly extricated her mouth from Callie's and proudly noted Callie's drowsy, turned-on eyes.  She then nuzzled her face into Callie's warm, perfumed neck.  Erica purred, "What do I get out of this?  What's in it for me?"  her gravelly, breathy voice warm on Callie's sensitive ear. 

"Um...?...Anything?"  Callie quietly stammered.  Callie's overactive libido inversely slowed her brain function.  Callie unconsciously leaned her head towards Erica, nuzzling Erica's smooth cheek. 

"Anything?" Erica teased, placing open-mouthed, lazy kisses just below Callie's ear.  "Elaborate.  Please,"  Erica commanded, dipping her head to lick and nibble Callie's delicious neck. 

Think, Torres!  Callie scolded herself.  "You can...?"  Callie's knees started to buckle.  "You can tie me up?  To the bed?  And do whatever you want to me?"  Callie offered, hoping, yet knowing this is exactly what Erica wanted to hear.  

Satisfied with that answer, Erica abruptly pulled away from Callie.  Her devilish blue eyes sparkled as she smiled sexily at Callie before spinning on her heels and practically skipping to the stairs.  "Deal!  What time is the concert?  Oh!  And what should I wear?  Come and help me get dressed,"  Erica called out as she bounded up the stairs, two at a time. 

Callie remained motionless, utterly dumbfounded, mouth agape.  Watching her girlfriend's perfect ass retreat to her bedroom, Callie pondered, Was there ever a more perfect ass?  I am beyond lucky.  Look at her go.   Suddenly, Callie realized she had just been played.  Damn Erica and that voice!  That voice-in-my-ear-thing she does.  She's evil.  I am powerless against it and she knows it!  It's her superpower.  I am so getting her back!  She thinks she's tying me up?  Ha!  No...well, yeah.  I did kind of agree to that.  And my word is my bond.  I made a promise to her and I keep my promises.  Especially if said promise entails surrendering to Erica Hahn.  Callie's face gradually lit up at the idea of what she had, in fact, agreed to.  She awoke from her erotic dreamland and raced up the stairs in hurried pursuit of Erica.  If she wasn't too late, maybe she could undress her girlfriend. 

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