February 22nd, 2009

Marry Me

Callie spasmed awake from her deep, catatonic sleep, alarmed by the sensation of free-falling in a dream.  Seeking comfort, Callie naturally cuddled further into Erica, her face warmly cozied into Erica's pliable, freckled neck.  Callie softly kissed the sweet spot where Erica's neck intersected with her shoulder, one of Callie's favorite spots on Erica's body.

Callie squinted at the digital clock on the bedside table, her vision blurry from sleep.  3:17am.  Sleep eluded her.  After untangling herself from Erica, she laid flat on her back, staring up at the whirling ceiling fan .  Passing cars' headlights flashed through the window, briefly illuminating the shadowed room.  Callie ran her fingers through her hair, exhaling loudly.  The darkness seemed especially dark at 3am and Callie felt especially alone, now wide awake as the rest of the world slumbered.  

Snoring quietly, Erica was curled up on her right side. Callie's right arm was burrowed under Erica's pillow, rendering Callie a prisoner, but a willing captive.  Letting her cheek fall lazily against her pillow, Callie studied Erica's sleeping body, charting the erotic topography of Erica's shape.  Callie admired the old, faded pink, cotton camisole Erica wore as "jammies."(Erica's word, not Callie's.)  The already flimsy cotton was so stretched out from use, it refused to properly fit Erica's voluptuous body, a fact Callie greatly appreciated and took full eye-sex-type advantage of.  This was generally prelude to Callie completely ravishing Erica. 

Callie's eyes trailed up Erica's curved back to her mass of long blonde hair.  The thickest, most abundant head of hair Callie had ever encountered.  One of Callie's beloved Erica-centric hobbies was to bury her hands in the blonde waves, marveling at how the light shimmered on this golden strand or the sun bounced brightly off that lighter blonde curl.  Erica's staggering beauty was infinite and Callie's life was devoted to discovering and cataloging every minutia of Erica. 

Callie rolled back onto her right side, parallel to Erica, spooning, perfectly matching Erica's body.  Their bodies connected at every delicious curve and lovely bump.  Two separate people, now molded into a whole.  Callie deeply inhaled Erica's trademark scent, a subtle mixture of shampoo and perfume, and only then felt safe again, melded to Erica.  Her heart settled into a steady, laconic rhythm, the rhythm of sleep, and Callie let herself be lulled into oblivion.

Before she drifted off, Callie ever so lightly, with the pads of her ultra-sensitive fingertips, traced up and down Erica's upper arm.  A ghost touch, she barely disturbed the almost invisible hairs on Erica's pale, impressionable skin. 

Suddenly, Callie's eyes popped open, frightened by a nightmarish thought.  She realized for the first time that there would be a day, a most dreaded moment in the future, when Erica wouldn't be here anymore.  Being a doctor, witnessing all stages of the life cycle everyday, Callie sadly knew how fleeting life was.  Nothing is guaranteed and people and time can be cruelly taken away, without an explanation and with no possibility of return.  The inescapable impermanence of life chilled Callie to her core and tears misted her now alert eyes.

Then brilliance graced Callie.  She had an idea.

Callie painstakingly freed her right arm from under Erica's heavy head and propped herself on her elbow, peering down over Erica.  Callie gently nudged Erica's shoulder and whispered into Erica's ear, "Erica?"

No response.  Erica continued to snore, muffled somewhat by half her face being smothered into her downy pillow.

Callie nudged Erica again, a little harder, a little more urgent.  "Erica?" she hissed.

"Hmm?"  Erica mumbled grumpily, refusing to wake up. 

"Erica, wake up,"  Callie stated at full volume, shaking Erica's upper arm. 

Erica turned her head slightly to look up at Callie.  "Baby, I'm sleeping,"  Erica protested, her words slurring and voice thick with sleep.

"Erica, we need to talk,"  Callie announced sternly as she pulled herself up to a sitting position, her back against the headboard.  Callie reached over and turned on the bedside lamp before pulling the comforter up and tucking it under her arms.

Erica groggily raised herself up on her elbows.  "What time is it?"  She shielded her eyes from the harsh light and yawned.

"3:23.  Please wake up for five minutes.  I need to ask you something."  Callie crossed her arms over her chest.

"Baby, can we please talk in the morning?  I have surgery in four hours," Erica pleaded, rubbing her eyes, unable to stop yawning.

"No!  We have to talk now,"  Callie insisted, pounding, unintentionally adorably,  the comforter for emphasis.
Erica, still semi-reclined, finally noticed how troubled Callie seemed, her brow furrowed and eyes downcast.  "What's wrong?"  Erica worriedly asked as she sluggishly pulled herself up to sit next to Callie and brushed a random lock of shiny dark hair out of Callie's eyes. 

Callie took a deep breathe.  "Marry me."  She exhaled and chanced a glance at Erica.

Erica turned away, recoiling from Callie, and stared straight ahead.  Words escaped her. Her mind reeled.  Still half-asleep, she couldn't fully trust she correctly heard the words that just fell from Callie's mouth.  Finally, Erica found the word she was frantically searching for:  "What?"

"Marry me,"  Callie demanded more desperately, turning to face Erica and delicately taking hold of one of Erica's hands. 

"Again, what?"  Erica shook her head, still unclear as to what was happening.

"Marry.  Me."  Callie couldn't be any clearer.

A moment of silence.  Callie stared at Erica's face, eagerly waiting for any kind of reaction, not breathing.  Erica combed her fingers through her hair, confused, also not breathing.  Callie intently watched Erica try to catch up mentally and emotionally, at least enough to figure out how to begin to answer Callie.

"I'm gonna keep asking, Erica."  Callie swiftly repositioned herself to kneel, facing Erica, and clutched her pillow to her chest. "I couldn't sleep.  I don't know why.  I just...something woke me up.  But I looked over at you.  You were sleeping here, so cute and snuggly.  All sexy and unconscious.  So I cuddled back into you.  I was just falling back to sleep and I touched your arm one last time and I realized how much I love that arm.  That arm."  Callie reached over and rubbed her hands up and down Erica's arm, almost reverentially.  "And I realized how much I love you.  I love you so much.  I need you, baby.  I don't ever want to be away from you.  I want you forever.  I want you to be mine forever.  You're it for me, Erica.  You're the one.  I want to marry you."  Callie's eyes were saucer-huge and she finally exhaled, emptying her full heart to Erica.  Callie needed Erica to know that Callie's heart had Erica's name written all over it.

Erica, panic buzzing in her chest, fearfully avoided looking at Callie, and instead stared at her own hands fidgeting with a thread in the comforter.  She was overwhelmed, drowning in all the words Callie just flooded her with.  All the words Erica dreamed of hearing her whole life, falling from the mouth of the girl she had been searching for her whole life.  This silly girl in Erica's old, holey R.E.M. t-shirt, childishly hugging her pillow to her stomach, wishing Erica to be her wife. 

Erica finally sighed, dropping her chin to her chest.  "Cal..?"  Erica stalled, her head and heart not agreeing as to how to answer Callie.

"Marry me."  Callie just needed to hear yes.  Callie trusted there was a yes living inside Erica, she just needed to find it. 

"Baby, I heard you," Erica patiently reassured Callie. 

"Marry me,"  Callie pressed her playfully.  This was ridiculous.  They belonged together.    

"Cal..." Erica rubbed her temples, awash in emotions, dying to say yes, but mysteriously lacking the courage to take the leap. 

Another moment of silence.  Tension crackled between the two women.

"Just marry me!"  Callie ordered, becoming increasingly agitated.  It was really all so simple to Callie.

"Callie!  Are you being serious with me or..."  Erica was exasperated and feeling cornered.

"Yes!  Haven't you thought about it?"  Callie asked incredulously.  Erica must have thought about this, Callie had.

"Yes!  Of course I have!"  Erica covered her mouth, embarrassed.  She couldn't believe she had just confessed that out loud.  When Erica looked into the future, all she saw was Callie.  "But in the future.  We've only been together...not even a year!"  Erica had to make Callie agree that if they were going to last, they couldn't rush into a marriage.  And Erica didn't want to decide their future, half asleep, at 3 in the morning.

"I know!  But we're going to get married eventually, right?  So why not now?  Why wait?"  Callie grabbed Erica's hand off the comforter and rubbed Erica's knuckles. 

"Callie.  We're talking about forever.  As in 'For.'  'Ever.'" Erica gestured with her outstretched hands the size and scope of forever.  "You realize that, right?  That's a long time,"  Erica quizzed Callie.  Erica believed in a forever.  Did Callie?

"Baby, I know!  I know what forever means.  And that's what I want.  You and me forever," Callie lavished Erica's knuckles with tiny, ticklish kisses, worshipping her.  If Callie had to beg, she would beg. 

Erica was running out of roadblocks.  "Well...we're not going to Vegas or anything like that if that's what you're thinking.  We're not going to repeat you and George-" 

"No!  Of course not!  I don't want that either.  Not with you.  I want to do it right with you.  I'm in this for keeps,"  Callie pledged, totally earnest, squeezing Erica's hand tighter, feeling the bones move inside.

Erica chuckled.  "In this for keeps? Who talks like that?"

Callie smiled widely, slightly humiliated but enjoying Erica's teasing.  "What?  That's a phrase...Shut up!"  Callie smacked the comforter over the bump of Erica's legs.

"You're just too cute sometimes."  Erica angled her head and adored her breathtakingly beautiful girlfriend,  her girlfriend who wanted to be her forever.  Forever wasn't long enough, Erica thought. 

Another moment of silence.  Their eyes locked. All they saw was each other.   The rest of their lives were here in this room, in this bed, they just had to realize it. 

Callie smiled coyly and seductively crawled into Erica's lap, straddling her hips.  Erica firmly gripped Callie's hips and tugged her closer into her lap.  Now situated on Erica's lap, Callie looked down at Erica's upturned face, claiming her dominance over Erica.  Callie brushed messy curls off Erica's face.  Bedhead Erica was the sexiest Erica.  "Marry me, Erica.  I need you to marry me,"  Callie groveled, her mouth dangerously close to Erica's.  Callie was determined to get her yes. 

"Cal, I want to marry you, but..." Erica still debated in her mind if they were ready.

"Then say yes.  I don't even have a ring yet, so don't get nervous.  I'm not talking about tomorrow.  Just promise me you'll marry me."  Callie hooked unruly curls behind Erica's ears.  Unable to take her eyes off Erica's face, Callie wondrously traced the shape of Erica's mouth with her finger tip, before dipping her finger into Erica's mouth, which Erica languidly licked.  Callie extracted her fingertip and sucked on it, tasting Erica's mouth on her finger. Erica, mesmerized and at Callie's mercy, was feeling a familiar fire burn in her core. 

Their hearts faced each other and in the still silence of the night, their hearts found a matching rhythm. 

Erica snuck her hands under the bottom of Callie's t-shirt and rubbed the small of Callie's back and the top of Callie's plush ass, dipping her hands under the elastic band of Callie's boy shorts.  Erica slowly rocked Callie back and forth, and unconsciously rolled her own hips to meet Callie's.  Callie's bounteous breasts, bra-less, bounced slightly at Erica's eye level.  Although Callie's breasts were covered by a thin t-shirt,  Erica had trouble concentrating.  She swallowed hard.  "But I don't even know if we can get married...legally...in Washington?  Does it even count?"  She licked her lips, desperately trying to discern the shape of Callie's breasts under the well-worn, nearly see-through cotton shirt.  Erica was dizzy with lust.

"I just want to put a ring on this finger."  Callie found Erica's left hand and singled out her ring finger.  "I want everyone to know you're mine.  That you are bought and paid for.  That I own you.  That you are property of one Ms. Calliope Torres."  Callie beamed, all sparkling teeth, proud owner of Erica Hahn. 

Erica laughed uproariously.  "That you own me?"  She pretended to be offended, but truthfully couldn't be happier to be Callie's property.  She belonged to Callie. 

"Yes!  That you're mine,"  Callie declared matter of factly.  There was no question in Callie's mind that Erica was hers, just as she was Erica's. 

"But I've always been yours,"  Erica shyly, breathlessly confessed.

"Then.  Marry.  Me."  Callie pressed her forehead against Erica's, their hot breathes mingling in the intimate space between them. 

Erica's eyes darted from Callie's warm, adoring eyes to her pillowy, slightly-opened mouth.  Erica pretended to decide her future, something that was already decided for her long ago.  "I'll marry you."  A tiny smile turned up the corners of Erica's mouth. 

Callie's face exploded into a dazzling smile.  "Say it again!"  Callie insisted, boisterous and practically bouncing in Erica's lap, which was not unpleasurable to either woman.

Erica giggled, but then quickly quieted to repeat what she had always known.  "I'll marry you.  I want to be your wife, Callie,"  Erica promised solemnly, handing her life to Callie. "Will you marry me?"  Erica timidly asked.  It was the most important question she had ever asked anyone in her life. 

Callie instantly seized Erica's head with both hands and smashed her mouth into Erica's.  She just as brutally pushed Erica's mouth away, panting, "Yes!  Yes, I'll marry you!"  Armed with Erica's promise that she could possess Erica forever, Callie would now literally possess her.  She forcefully rammed her tongue into Erica's warm mouth, eliciting a startled moan from Erica.  Erica swiftly wrapped her arms around Callie's middle, squeezing Callie as tightly as she could.  Callie wrenched her head back abruptly, just far enough to tear Erica's camisole off, clumsily shoving it up and over Erica's head.  Callie tore at the camisole so savagely that one of the thin straps ripped.  Both women stopped, shocked by their own passion. 

"I'm sorry,"  Callie bashfully mumbled, fingering the broken strap, embarrassed by her barbarism when it came to Erica. 

Erica grinned, extracting the torn camisole from Callie's hands and carelessly tossing it on the floor.  "It's okay."  Erica, now topless, craddled Callie's face, tilted her own head and chastely kissed Callie.  "Let's calm down."  Erica tilted her head the opposite direction and tasted Callie's mouth again, taking her time and savoring Callie.  "We have the rest of our lives to do this,"  Erica purred as she sucked on Callie's puffy bottom lip.  Callie's hands stealthily slid up Erica's ribcage and cupped her breasts, each delectable breast spilling over Callie's hands. 

Callie broke the kiss, her hands still fondling Erica's breasts.  "I'm going to buy you the best ring ever.  I want to do this right-"

Erica interrupted her with a scorching kiss.  More ardent kissing followed, each one sloppier than the last.   "We will," Erica panted, hungry to celebrate their agreement on forever.  "We will, baby.  But now I need you to fuck me,"  Erica begged, her gravelly voice the soundtrack to sex, her eyes hooded, and a turned-on flush spreading over her face and breasts. 

Callie bit her own lip hard, unable to control her primal lust for the blonde woman under her, the woman who would soon be her wife.  Callie attacked Erica, feverishly grasping fistfulls of hair, and devouring Erica's mouth.

They had a lot of celebrating to do.
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