March 2nd, 2009

Ten Song Challenge

1.  "Dogs" by Damien Rice

I'm studying her sleeping form, sniffing her blonde head.  She's snoring, her face nuzzled into my neck, her breathe tickling my skin.  More than half her body is on top of me, a human blanket, her leg swung possessively over my stomach.  This blonde who lives with me.  Or I live with her.  In our little house.  And our new addition, a puppy, Scout.  My idea.  He's snoring too at the foot of the bed.  Our little family.  Our first baby.  I'm overwhelmed when I look at her, at our life.  She's changed me.  Or not.  Maybe I wasn't myself until I met her.  Someone I didn't even know I could be, until her.  She lives with me.  Or I live with her.  I am home.  In our home.  In our bed, with my blonde.  

2.  "I'll Follow the Sun" by the Beatles

Erica was driving and I was singing to this song on the radio. 

"You like the Beatles?"  She chuckled.  "Since when?"

"Since forever.  If you opened the door to my soul, do you know what you would hear?  The Beatles," I solemnly pledged.  I honestly believe this to be true.

Erica's whole body vibrated with giggles.  "You're a nut."

I shrugged, not sure what she meant, but not really caring if it made her face light up like that.

3.  "Lust for Life"  by Iggy Pop

I spy on Erica working out on the elliptical at the gym.  Her ass pumping and her arms pushing and pulling.  Sweat is dripping down her face and neck into her cleavage.  Her white tank top is sticking to her, highlighting her white sports bra.  I suck on my water bottle, wishing I was sucking on her....anything.  Lusting after my girlfriend working out, panting, wiping her sweaty face with a towel.  Her hair in a sexy, messy ponytail, random curls falling out from the ponytail, framing her face, sticking to her face.  I cut to flashbacks of last night.  Her sweating under me, begging me to fuck her.  I couldn't fuck her hard enough.  I wanted to tear her apart.  I blush with visuals of her panting into my mouth, arching into me as I thrust, ever deeper, almost breaking her.  She panted just like she is now. 
God I love working out.

4.  "The Ascent of Man" by R.E.M.

I could never imagine a place as beautiful as lying in bed at night, in the afterglow, watching Erica.  "There is nowhere else I'd rather be right now," I whisper as I hover over her face and twine a gold curl around my index finger. 

She strokes my cheek with the back of her fingers.  She is physically spent but her eyes radiate love.  "Me either."  She puts her hand behind my neck and gently guides me to her mouth. 

"Are you really going to marry me tomorrow?"  I plead, my eyes watering at the life we are about to embark on together.

Erica wipes the tears from my eyes and nods. 

5.  "Country Feedback"  by R.E.M.

"Erica!  Open the door!"  Callie pounds thunderously on Erica's front door.

"Go away, Callie!"  Erica orders, crying on the other side of the door.

"I know I fucked up!  I'm to blame.  I know all that.  And by the way, you do know me.  You're the only one who does know me.  And here's what I know and I want you to know this too.  I love you!  I love you, Erica Hahn.  I am crazy in love with you.  And it has actually made me crazy and made me act in ways I never imagined I would ever behave.  I know I fucked up.  I was just scared.  Please open the door.  Please talk to me!"  Callie sobs, pounding the door.  Her pounds lessen in intensity as her sobbing increases, taking her breathe away.  Her pounds stop as her palm flattens against the door, sliding down the door as she falls to her knees, resting her forehead against the door.  Callie, heartbroken, finally realizes what she could have had. 

6.  "This is the One" by Stone Roses

"What?  What are you looking at?  Oh!  Do I have a milk mustache?  That sometimes happens when I drink these stupid lattes.  I say no foam-"

"Erica!"  I chuckle.


I can't answer, trying to stifle my laughs at her expense.  I study her, my heart bursting.  She's the one I've been waiting for.  I realize this in line at Starbucks. 

"Callie!  Stop staring at me like that!"  She swats my arm.

"I can't!"  I push her hair out of her face.

"Stop it."  She pretends to be mad.

"I told you I can't."  I smile serenely at her.  I wrap my arm around her waist and tug her to me, our bodies colliding, and I devour her mouth.  In a Starbucks.  Erica yanks me closer, her hand tangled in my hair at the base of my neck. 

I pull away slightly. "You just had a little milk mustache thing going on.  Just cleaning it off for you."  I grin cheekily at her and pinch her ass as she turns from me in a huff and rolls her eyes.

7.  "Awake" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I gaze down at her, as I carefully unbutton her shirt, checking in with her after every button to make sure she's okay.  I unveil the creamiest skin craddled in a black lace bra.  I trail my finger over her now bare clavicle down to the rise of her ample breast.  I trace the boundary of the black lace down to her sternum that rises and falls with each pant.  She's breathing heavily, hissing through her open lips.  Dipping my head slowly, I taste her breast, my open mouth stamping her milky mound.  I peel back the lace an inch and kiss there.  She grabs a handful of my hair and savagely pulls me up to her mouth, angling my head to kiss me deeper.  She roughly pushes my mouth away and breathlessly begs, "Fuck me, Callie." 

8.  "Everyday is Like Sunday" by Morrissey

Ticklish kisses up and down my spine wake me up.  I reach behind me to clumsily swat Callie away.  I hear her giggle.  "Callie, I'm sleeping.  This is what sleeping looks like,"  I mumble, my speech slurred by my downy pillow half-smothering my face.

"I know.  Wake up."  She's licking a line down the back of my thigh. 

I try to nudge her away with my foot.  "Baby, it's Sunday.  My one day to sleep in.  Please stop."

"No, it's our one day to have uninterrupted sex all day.  So wake up.  We can't waste it sleeping."  She slowly crawls up my body on her hands and knees, dropping intermittent kisses on my back and whispers in my ear, "So wake up."

9.  "Shelter"  by Ray LaMontagne

We're on the couch, her head in my lap.  I comb my fingers through her hair, fingering random curls.  "Baby, you did the best you could.  There was nothing else anyone could do." 

Erica blows her nose, adorably loud, and sits up abruptly.  "I could have done more!  I'm such a-"

"Baby!"  I pull her into my lap.  "Baby, you're the best.  You can't save everyone."  I hush her sobs and kiss her temple.  I rock her to sleep, her head on my shoulder.  I wait until she starts snoring to lay her down on the couch.  I cuddle into her and cover us with a blanket.  I'll be here when she wakes.

10.  "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"  by Iron and Wine

The windows are steaming up, getting cloudy.  I'm sucking on the softest skin behind Erica's ears.  My hand creeps under her shirt after yanking it from her skirt.  I rub her stomach and sides until I reach her bra and knead her lace-covered breast.   Her hands are in my hair and she yanks me back to her mouth.  Our mouths crash together, until she pulls back.  "You know, we can go in my house.  We don't always have to makeout in cars.  We're not 16." She gives me a smile, ridiculing my fetish for sexual encounters in backseats of cars.  I attack her mouth.  "Or we can stay here,"  Erica manages between kisses. 


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