March 4th, 2009

Because I Wanted To (part 2)

Callie clasped Erica's hand to chivalrously and stealthily lead her out of Joe's, dodging and darting through the dense crowd, purposefully avoiding eye contact with anyone to ensure a clean and speedy getaway.  Once they hit the safety of the parking lot, Callie gleefully swung Erica out to her side.  Callie freed Erica's hand, only to wrap her arm around Erica's waist and tug her impossibly close, kissing Erica's neck.  Clinching her other arm around Erica's stomach, Callie essentially captured Erica, as they stumbled to Callie's car. 

Giggling girlishly, Erica reached up and rubbed Callie's cheek, the majority of Callie's face smothered into Erica's neck.  The blonde squirmed as Callie's ticklish mouth gnawed on her pulse point.  "Callie? Where's your car?"  Erica asked, her voice distorted, going up an octave, aroused by Callie's naughty ministrations on her sensitive neck.

"Hmm?"  Callie snagged Erica by her belt loop and spun Erica to face her.  Seizing Erica by her yellow hair, Callie smashed her mouth into Erica's in the middle of the parking lot.  Their bodies collided and Erica's hands immediately gravitated to the small of Callie's back. 

Then Erica's brain rebooted and she realized, with a surge of adrenaline, their very public location. Erica ripped her mouth from Callie's, their sloppy kiss ending with an audible "smooch."  Erica gripped Callie's hands, which were craddling Erica's face.  "Callie!  Callie!  Where's your car?  We can't do this out here,"  Erica panted, pressing her forehead against Callie's, trying to catch her breathe. 

"What car?  Oh!  Yeah, right!  Over here!"  Callie hijacked Erica's wrist and savagely dragged Erica to her car, their feet kicking up dust as they quickly shuffled to Callie's car in the gravel parking lot.  When they located Callie's Range Rover, Callie again tangled her hands in Erica's hair and brutishly shoved Erica backwards, pushing her up against the car with a dull thud. 

Trapped against the car, Erica sighed when Callie feverishly attacked her, sucking and biting up and down Erica's perfumed neck.  Callie's right hand stretched Erica's collar wider, almost ripping the material, providing Callie access to Erica's edible clavicle, the same clavicle Callie drooled over earlier.

Erica struggled to breathe.  Finally, she panted, "Cal?...Callie!?  Can we get in.  The car?" 

Callie ignored her.

Erica attempted to gather strength in her numb arms.  Callie had that effect on her.  Almost total paralysis.  Completely at Callie's mercy, Erica tried futilely to wrestle away from Callie and finally maneuvered her hands between their bodies, clumsily shoving Callie away a few inches.  Callie's hands desperately fought to squeeze Erica's waist to maintain their embrace. 

"Cal!  Open.  The car,"  Erica ordered between deep inhalations, trying to collect herself, fixing her disheveled shirt, her one creamy shoulder sexily exposed, her white bra strap on display. 

"Sure.  Sorry."  Callie sheepishly dug her hands in her jeans' pockets for her keys, forgetting which pocket they were in.  After trying both front and back pockets, Callie became increasingly alarmed. 

"What?  Where are your keys?"  Erica detected panic washing over Callie's face.

"They're somewhere!  One of these pockets...too many pockets...that's the problem..."  Callie's hand was digging deeper into her back pocket, making Callie squint with her exerted effort, her arm contorted in a weird position.  "You want to help me?"  Callie flirted, taking a half-step closer to Erica, invading Erica's space. 

Defiantly locking her eyes with Callie's, Erica dipped her hand into Callie's front pocket, calmly fished the keys out and dangled them in front of Callie's shamed, yet mischievous face.  "You're such a bad liar.  You knew where they were the whole-"

Callie tilted her head and silenced Erica with a tender, deep kiss, the kind of kiss that radiates to the knees and reduces people to puddles of goo.  A goo-making kiss.  Callie eventually, reluctantly broke the kiss, carefully extracting her lips from Erica's, their lips sticking together slightly.  "Gimme the keys.  And get in the car.  Now,"  she whispered into Erica's still-open mouth.  Erica somehow managed to nod.  That whole paralysis thing striking again.

Callie cooly unlocked the car with a couple of beeps of her key chain and reached around Erica to open the door to the backseat.  She motioned with her head for Erica to hop in and openly admired Erica's shapely ass as she climbed into Callie's car.  Erica slid into the backseat and watched Callie jump in after her.  Callie faced Erica, who was hiding in the shadows, nervously retreating closer to the other door.  Callie chuckled to herself at Erica's bashfulness and suddenly remembered the blanket.   She quickly kneeled to bend over the back of the seat and dig around for the blanket she hoped was still back there.  Erica swallowed, undeniably turned on by the swell of Callie's jeans clad ass, now on prominent display, flagrantly pumping in Erica's face.  She could barely stop her twitching hands from automatically grabbing that lush ass and pulling Callie into her lap.  

"Aha!  Found it!"  Callie proudly announced, settling back on the seat, a plaid blanket in her hand, childishly holding it up for Erica to see. 

"Great..."  Erica timidly nodded, drowning in anxiety.  They were doing this. 

Callie witnessed Erica's face fall and reflexively cupped Erica's cheek lovingly.  "Hey...what's wrong?  You don't like my car?  I know.  It's a mess."  Callie tried a joke to squash the palpable tension in the car, picking up an old, crumpled McDonald's bag and shrugging, feigning disgust.  "Look at this!  I don't know who eats this crap.  Definitely not me!  You know what?! Someone must have stolen my car, eaten McDonald's, and then just left the evidence. Cause I only eat healthy food.  You know, salad and...other healthy...stuff...?"  Callie grimaced, unable to even think of what constituted healthy food.  

Erica erupted into raucous laughter and slapped her knee at the so-obvious lie and Callie's endearing trademark rambling.  Relieved by Erica's mirth, Callie laughed too, even at her own expense.  Now reclining in her backseat, Callie was riveted by Erica, her heart aglow at how Erica's head rolled back when she laughed, swishing her thick, blonde curls back and forth across her radiant face.  At that exact moment, Callie swore to herself that she was going to clear away all of Erica's black clouds.  Callie wanted that job for the rest of her life.  

Callie squeezed Erica's knee.  "Erica, sweetie, we don't have to do this.  If you don't want-"

Callie's soothing tone and her heartfelt use of "sweetie,"  their first use of any endearment, which did not go unnoticed by either woman, immediately propelled Erica out of her anxiety.  Erica threaded her long fingers into Callie's hair and violently assaulted Callie's mouth.  

Following Erica's momentum, Callie crawled on top of Erica, hooking her hands under Erica's knees to swing Erica's lower body onto the backseat.  Erica looped her hands around Callie's neck and continued devouring Callie's mouth while Callie maneuvered her thigh in between Erica's legs, eliciting a low growl from Erica.

Callie supported herself on one forearm, laying on top of Erica, Callie's weight squeezing Erica's ample breasts together.  The blonde's now accentuated cleavage screamed for Callie's attention.  Erica proudly caught Callie ogling her, Callie's gaping mouth and hooded, downcast eyes giving her away.  Aroused further by Callie's arousal,  Erica angled Callie's face before leaning in and sucking on Callie's pillowy lower lip.  Callie reacted, slipping her tongue into Erica's mouth.  Emboldened by Erica's moans, Callie snaked her right hand up Erica's shirt to rub her abdomen and then around to the small of Erica's back, dipping her hand into the gap between Erica's velvety back and her jeans.  Insatiable for Callie, Erica maneuvered Callie's head to dig her tongue impossibly deeper into Callie's warm mouth and was rewarded with an appreciative, sultry moan from Callie. 

Callie boldly explored further under Erica's shirt and daringly chanced cupping Erica's substantial, supple breast, craddled in a white lacy bra.  Sighing deeply at the surprising touch, Erica naturally arched into Callie.  Interpreting this as encouragement, Callie progressed to kneading Erica's breast as she kissed down Erica's jaw to the fleshy spot below Erica's ear.  Erica panted as Callie alternated sucking and nibbling Erica's neck before chewing on Erica's earlobe.  Rubbing her hands up and down Callie's back, Erica incrementally inched Callie's shirt up, exposing her lower back.  The cool air on her back startled Callie, causing her to shift and hover over Erica's flushed face, her eyes seeking Erica's, checking in with her.  Without words, Erica let Callie know she was exactly where she wanted to be, cementing that fact when she caressed Callie's soft face with the back of her fingers.  Callie granted Erica a tiny smile, shocked by a nameless love blazing behind Erica's eyes, hoping it burned for her, but not yet knowing.  

Incredibly turned on by Erica's rosy, kiss-bruised mouth, Callie dipped her head back down and licked Erica's upper lip, requesting permission to taste Erica again.  Erica stuck her tongue out to stroke Callie's tongue, before Callie forcefully plunged her tongue back into Erica's mouth.  Trailing her fingertips down Erica's abdomen, Callie zig-zagged her nails, stopping just above the belt, detecting goosebumps under her touch.  Erica moaned into Callie's mouth when Callie's hand ventured back up to Erica's breast, kneading even harder. 

Now thoroughly lost in Erica, Callie kissed down Erica's chin to her throat, trailing scorching, wet kisses down the long, elegant column of Erica's neck.  Erica's pulse raced as Callie torturously peeled Erica's lacy bra back to caress Erica's naked breast, Erica's exposed nipple teased taut by Callie's open palm.  Erica's mind blanked euphorically as she pressed the back of her head into the leather seat and stared up at the steamed-up window above her,  faintly spying a section of the starry sky. 

Then Erica jolted alert at the sound of familiar voices and drunken laughter.  Panicked adrenaline scalded her veins.  She instantly recognized that voice, a voice that annoyed her routinely at work.  A voice that made her cringe with its pathetic desperation to be liked.


Fuck me.  Erica scurried to get Callie off her.  "Callie!  Callie!  Get off!"  Erica struggled to sit up, as much as she could with Callie's weight undulating on top of her.  Erica rudely pushed Callie's shoulders up and Callie unsuctioned her lips from Erica's neck. 

"What?"  Callie slurred, her speech lethargic with lust, her lips puffy from the fervent kissing.

Untangling herself from Callie, Erica hurriedly and awkwardly pulled herself up to a sitting position.  Callie nonchalantly sat back on the seat.  "What's the matter?"  Callie tried to catch up, watching Erica sink down in the seat. 

"Yang!  Fucking Yang!  I just heard her voice!"  Erica angrily whispered and pointed out the window.

Callie turned her head and looked out her back window.  "Oh, yeah.  There they are.  They're just getting in Grey's car.  They didn't even see us."  Callie rested her arm on the back of the seat and smiled down at Erica, now slouched down as low as she could in the backseat.

"We were supposed to move the car, Cal!  They must have seen us!  They walked right by!  God damn it!"  Erica's shaky hands shielded her face, naively trying to make herself disappear.

"Erica, it's fine.  I promise you they didn't see us."  Callie scooted closer to Erica.  She looked out the back window again and saw Grey's taillights leaving the parking lot.  "See, they're gone.  Now back to the kissing..."  Callie hooked several mussed up blonde curls behind Erica's ear and stamped Erica's neck with a moist, open-mouth kiss.

Erica yanked her head in the opposite direction and turned her body to face Callie.  "Callie!  What if they saw us?  Your hands were all...up my shirt and..doing stuff!  Oh my God, Cal-"

Callie rubbed Erica's thigh.  "Erica!  Erica!  Listen.  They did not see us.  They were probably too drunk to even notice my car was rocking..." Callie joked, biting her lip to stop from laughing in Erica's adorably troubled face. 

"Callie!"  Erica swatted Callie's arm.  "This isn't funny-"

"I'm sorry!  I'm kidding.  Erica,"  Callie lightly kissed Erica's pouting, petulant mouth before seeking Erica's worried eyes.  "Sweetie.  Erica. I promise you.  They didn't see us.  Even if they did, who gives a fuck?  I don't."  Callie shrugged, twirling one of Erica's golden curls around her index finger. 

Erica sighed heavily, combing her fingers through her hair, emotionally spent.  "I'm sorry...I just...panicked when I heard Yang's voice and-"

Callie shut Erica up with a kiss.  "Sweetie, it's fine.  Now can we just go back to the kissing part?  And this time we'll use the blanket as our protective shield!"  Callie pulled the blanket up off the floor.  Callie closed in on Erica's mouth and begged breathlessly, "Please, Erica?"

Entranced by Callie, Erica happily had no choice but to nod, a wicked smile slowly forming on her lips. 

Callie beamed, stalking closer to Erica to push the blonde on her back for round two.

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