March 9th, 2009

So Kiss Me

Erica and Callie's combined luck usually granted them the same day off work.  If not, one of the women would strategize and shuffle her schedule around to arrange to have at least an afternoon together.  It was unsaid they would spend whatever time they had together, maybe going to a movie, but most likely running errands or tending to long-neglected chores, such as doing laundry at Erica's, or rather, Erica doing Callie's laundry.  Callie would drag her overflowing laundry basket, balanced on one protruding hip, over to Erica's to benefit from Erica's brand-new, state of the art, washing machine and dryer.  This domestic visual of Callie was an unexpected turn-on for Erica, the plastic laundry basket balanced on one of Callie's luscious hips, positioned just above her low-slung jeans, pushing Callie's thin t-shirt up to reveal a sliver of her lower stomach.  Erica had to wonder if Callie intentionally drew the blonde's attention to her curvy body whenever possible, suspecting Callie knew exactly what she was doing.  

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Callie sat on top of Erica's dryer, popping Skittles in her mouth, childishly kicking her legs back and forth, lightly banging the closed metallic door, watching Erica fold Callie's mountain of laundry.  Callie never had a best friend, or anyone who wasn't paid, who did her laundry for her.  She trembled witnessing Erica fold a pair of Callie's tight, dark jeans, Erica's expert hands diligently folding the denim, precision and economy in every movement.  Sighing deeply, Callie wished to be in those pants now, Erica's hands all over her, folding her over.  Afraid Erica could read her thoughts, as Erica had a tendency to do, Callie shook her head, erasing the filth.  Callie had never been this turned on over laundry.  Dr. Erica Hahn could eroticize anything.

Feeling her face flush, Callie tried to fill the void where her dirty thoughts had previously floated.  "So, I'm moving next weekend.  Finally.  That place Christina found,"  Callie announced, throwing back a handful of Skittles in her mouth.

"Yang!?  You're really moving in with Yang again?"  Erica scoffed, selecting another pair of Callie's jeans to fold. 

"She's not that bad.  We're hardly ever there together anyway.  We both work long hours.  Or I'm here with you."  Callie smirked at Erica, surprising herself with how good the truth sounded.  The two women were inseparable, without even acknowledging or planning it.  They just happened to each other, their lives comfortably and naturally entwined. 

Erica allowed a small smile to crack her lips, yet she avoided Callie's eyes, pretending to be preoccupied by one of Callie's shirts.  Her huge heart throbbed at Callie's tone, hearing Callie's smile in her words.  She didn't have to look at Callie to see she was smiling. 

Erica hated Callie living with Yang, and consequently, the unavoidable possibility of running into Yang at Callie's.  Erica shivered at the nightmarish thought of Yang walking in on them in a variety of compromising positions.  She didn't want Yang, or anyone else, to even know about whatever Erica and Callie had between them. They weren't officially together, but they were no longer just best friends.  Making out had become just another part of their day, like showering or eating lunch.  It's what they did. When Erica was honest with herself, she dreamed of a day she could ask Callie to move in with her. They could exist in their own private world, wake up to each other every morning, Erica's ultimate dream come true.  But they were a long way off from that day, Erica knew.  Still, she couldn't help but plan their future when she looked at the ravishing brunette adorably chomping on Skittles, perched on top of her dryer.  Erica cleared her throat.  "When are you moving?" Erica inquired pseudo-nonchalantly, lifting a towel out of the pile of laundry.

"Next Saturday...?  I think.  Are you off?  You wanna help me move?"  Callie threw a Skittle at Erica. 

Erica failed at dodging the airborne candy,the Skittle bouncing off her arm.  The blonde shot Callie her stern trademark Hahn glare before playfully sticking out her tongue.  "Well, let me see.  Do I want to spend all day-my day off, no less-helping you and Yang move?  Hmm?"  Erica pretended to debate this, like she wasn't willingly at Callie's disposal, her devoted slave.  Erica folded the fluffy towel and tilted her chin in the air, narrowing her eyes and feigning deep consideration of Callie's request.

Callie hopped off the dryer and strutted to Erica, tearing the towel out of Erica's hands.  Erica chuckled as Callie looped her arms around Erica's waist and yanked her dangerously close, their bodies colliding.  Callie led them backwards until her own back hit the washing machine.  Rubbing small circles on Erica's lower back, Callie coyly tilted her head, staring dreamily into Erica's azure, dancing eyes.  "Will you please help me move?  I'll pay you in Skittles,"  Callie tempted in a singsong voice.

Erica laughed.  "I can smell them on your breathe." 

"You can?"  Callie closed in on Erica's pinkish lips, exhaling candy scent into Erica's parted mouth. 

Erica managed to nod, concentrating on the shape, heat, and intoxicating scent of Callie's delicious mouth. Callie brushed her lips against Erica's mouth, begging for more contact.  Unable to restrain herself anymore, Callie leaned in, bringing one hand to the back of Erica's neck, pulling Erica in, slipping her tongue in Erica's hot, ready mouth.  Erica's hands stealthily slid up Callie's sides to Callie's face, brushing her dark hair off her forehead, needing to see all of Callie's beautiful face.  

After a deep kiss, Erica carefully unsuctioned her mouth from Callie's.  Callie whimpered at the loss of Ericalips, her doe eyes popping open to find out why the kissing had ceased. Gently hooking Callie's hair behind her ears, Erica tried to catch her breathe and affectionately studied Callie's confused face.  "Yes. I'll help you.  Move."  Erica panted. 

Callie cut her off with a wet kiss, tongue seeking tongue.  Erica responded with a startled moan and threaded her long fingers into Callie's shiny waves, messaging Callie's skull, digging deeper into Callie's mouth. 

Erica finally pushed Callie's flushed face back slightly, desperate for air, dizzy, her knees wobbly. She exhaled and unconsciously licked her damp lips.  "You taste like Skittles." 

Callie beamed, pearly teeth on glorious display, before she closed in on Erica's mouth again, and indulgently licked Erica's swollen lips, wanting a taste.  She reeled her tongue back in and gave Erica a naughty smile.  "You're right.  I do." 

Callie's smoldering smirk, smeared lip gloss, and mussed up hair catapulted Erica to seize Callie by her abundant wavy hair, her dark waves tumbling down to her shoulders.  Callie screamed sex.  Their mouths crashed together and Erica savagely shoved Callie backward into the washing machine with a loud, echoing bang.  Callie's arms instinctively wrapped around Erica, her hands splayed on Erica's strong back. 

Erica ran her hands down Callie's sides, to her thighs, around to her ass, and hoisted Callie up onto the washing machine.  Callie automatically opened her legs, allowing Erica between her thighs, and tightly wound her legs around Erica.  She crossed her feet behind Erica's back and dug her heels into Erica's spine, locking the women together. Callie cradled Erica's upturned face, still connected with Callie at their open, wanting mouths.  Erica's hands smoothed up and down Callie's thighs to her ass, rubbing deeply all along their journey. 

A panic buzzed Erica's brain, an alarm.  Her primal lust for the younger woman, now sitting on her washing machine, legs parted, frightened Erica.  Erica was afraid of herself around Callie.  Normally a master of control, a control-ninja, Erica lost all control with Callie.  Callie awakened a powerful, animalistic urge in Erica she couldn't begin to understand or contain. 

Erica abruptly ripped her mouth from Callie's, sliding her hands up Callie's arms to circle Callie's wrists and untangle Callie's hands from her own blonde curls.  Erica was met with some resistance, Callie had no intention of letting Erica go.  Callie reluctantly opened her eyes to find Erica, looking ashamed and sheepish, fingering Callie's upturned palm.  "Erica, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to...attack that..."  Erica shrugged, blushing, doodling random squiggles on Callie's jean-clad thigh.

"Attack me?!"  Callie erupted into thunderous laughs.  "What are you-?  No!  No!  Erica,"  Callie lifted Erica's chin with a finger.  "Erica, no.  There's absolutely nothing to be sorry about.  I want to kiss that.  I like kissing you like that.  I mean, REALLY like kissing you like that.  I've never wanted to kiss anybody as much as I want to kiss you.  All the time.  You reinvented kissing when you kissed me.  I love...I love kissing you."  Callie lovingly cupped Erica's face and traced Erica's mouth with her thumb.  Callie couldn't help but smile at the sweetest, troubled face in front of her.  She adored Erica's face and wanted to stay like this forever, Erica between her legs and Callie securely locked in Erica's arms.

Erica squeezed Callie's hips before sliding her hands to Callie's ass, grabbing two handfuls of Callie's plush ass, and tugged the brunette even closer to her body.  Erica rubbed her nose against Callie's nose briefly before angling her face to pant directly into Callie's parted mouth, "I love kissing you too." 

Biting her bottom lip, Callie twitched at the familiar burning in her core.  Callie was on fire for this girl.  Callie sought Erica's hooded, dilated eyes and whispered breathlessly into Erica's mouth,  "So kiss me." 

So she did.
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