March 18th, 2009


The following Saturday, of course, found Erica (and sometimes Callie) lugging Callie's cumbersome cardboard boxes into Callie's bedroom in her sparkly, new apartment.

"I think that's the last of 'em,"  Callie announced, flopping on her stomach on the bare mattress, the bed springs squeaking under her.

"Oh, get up.  I did most of the carrying.  All you did was point where you wanted me to drop the boxes.  You're right, that's so exhausting,"  Erica scoffed, plopping down on the bed next to Callie's head, Callie's face buried in the mattress, muffling her chuckles. 

"Shut up."  Callie propped herself on her forearms to look up at Erica.  "What are you complaining about?  I said I'd pay you."  Callie slid her hand up Erica's jeans-clad thigh, starting at her knee and traveling up to the crux of her hip. 

Erica peered down at Callie's devilish face.  "Oh yeah, how were you gonna pay me again?  Skittles?" 

"You can have anything you want.  What do you want?"  Callie methodically sat up and kneeled next to Erica to defiantly face her. Callie placed her hands on her own knees and squeezed her breasts together at Erica's eye level, inches from Erica's bewildered face.

"Anything?"  Erica whimpered, facing off against Callie's considerable cleavage.  How does one have cleavage in an old, beat-up t-shirt?  Only Callie, Erica marvelled.

"Anything."  Callie rose up fully on her knees before crawling to straddle Erica's lap.  Now snugly situated on Erica's lap and in full-on vixen-mode, Callie charted Erica's amused face and plotted her next move.   She settled on torturously tracing Erica's parted mouth with her index finger, her signature move.  "Tell me what you want,"  Callie breathed into Erica's parted mouth, spying Erica's bubblegum tongue.

Mesmerized by Callie's ripe lips temptingly close to her own and intoxicated by Callie's cinnamon breath, Erica sputtered, "I want..."  Erica's hands inched up Callie's thighs, around to her ass and up to the small of Callie's back to snake under Callie's t-shirt.  Erica reveled in the peach-fuzziness of Callie's bare skin.  "I want..."  Erica battled her overwhelming dizziness.  "You."   How does she always end up in my lap?

Erica's admission combined with the lustful, crazed shading of Erica's normally-lucid eyes tripped a sex-switch in Callie.  The caveman part of Callie kicked in, catapulting her to attack Erica, gnashing their mouths together.  Callie's brute force knocked Erica onto her back, their entwined bodies becoming one heavy mass that bounced slightly on the soft mattress.

Erica mentally tried to catch up to Callie's dirty assault on her body, a decidedly non-cerebral activity.  Erica wasn't ruled by her body, always relying instead on her near-genius intellect and infallible judgment.  But around Callie, Erica's body took over, her brain desperately, sometimes angrily, trying to regain its usual dominance.

Callie smoothed her hands up Erica's sides to furiously knead Erica's sizable breasts over her shirt.  Callie's ravenous mouth descended to Erica's neck to maniacally feast on Erica's flesh, desperate to give Erica a hickey.  She hadn't given anyone a hickey since she was fifteen, when kissing was new and exhilarating and marking someone was the most you could possess them.  Hickeys screamed high school, but Callie wanted to mark Erica as hers, dying to possess Erica in any way she could.

Callie finally and noisily unsuctioned her mouth from Erica's skin and checked her work, a red heart-shaped wound.  A valentine on her girl's skin. Callie lightly blew on the wound and Erica hissed at the exquisite pain.  "Oh my God, Callie, what did you do?"  

"I just gave you the biggest hickey in the history of big or hickeys,"  Callie proudly announced, not a little wickedly. 

Callie might be the devil, Erica realized.  "Callie!  What?!"  Erica quickly ran her fingers over the wound to investigate. 

Callie stopped Erica with an intrusive, exploratory kiss.  Callie's tongue plunged into Erica's mouth, earning an animalistic growl.  Who else can make sounds like that?  I've never had to try NOT to have an orgasm.  Jesus...Callie's mind reeled at Erica's power over her.   

Lost in kissing, neither woman heard voices outside Callie's closed bedroom door. 

"Callie?"  Christina knocked on Callie's door twice. "Callie?"

Erica's ears jerked her body into action and she tore her mouth from Callie's, their kiss echoing off the walls.

Callie lethargically lifted her head slightly away from Erica's panting mouth.  "Yeah?  What?"  Callie yelled, surprisingly calm.

"We're gonna order a pizza.  You guys want anything?"  Christina asked through the door.

Callie briefly looked down at Erica and cocked her eyebrow, questioning Erica if they did indeed want to break bread, or in this case pizza, with Christina and Meredith.  Erica angrily shook her head and mouthed the word "No!"

Callie nodded.  ", thanks!  We're good!" 

"Whatever."  Callie and Erica listened for Christina's retreating footsteps with bated breathe. 

Erica struggled to roll out from under Callie.  Callie raised herself onto her hands, her granite arms straight, locking her elbows, chuckling at the woman imprisoned under her. 

Erica wiggled on her back, trying to break free.  "Fuck!  Shit!  Cal, let me up!" 

Callie laughed louder, trying to retain her dominance over feisty Erica.  "No!  You're my prisoner!"

"Fuck!  What if they heard!?" Erica demanded, raising her voice and crossing her arms over her chest, still lying on her back.   

Callie sat back on Erica, still straddling Erica's legs. "Sweetie, calm down.  They weren't eavesdropping.  They're not spies trying to out every homosexual activity that goes on within a fifty mile radius.  This was about pizza.  That's all.  They just wanted to know if we wanted pizza.  And by the way, I'm getting hungry, so what were you thinking? I was thinking sushi?  We haven't done that in awhile so-"  

"Callie, fuck!  C'mon!  Get serious for a minute!  I am Yang's boss and she almost walked in on us!  They must have heard us kissing...and I think you moaned at one point!"  Erica vehemently accused Callie, raising herself on her elbows in a feeble attempt to challenge Callie.

"Hey, you were the one who moaned!  I wasn't the one moaning...all sounds...or whatever!  And who gives a fuck?  You know what?  You're so...just...forget it."  Callie held Erica's worried eyes for a moment before slowly crawling off Erica, defeated.  Callie lumbered over to a box on the floor and started lazily opening up the cardboard flaps, her back to Erica.

Erica sheepishly scooted to sit on the edge of the bed, anxiously watching Callie's back.  Neither woman spoke.  Erica was suddenly ashamed of her recent bouts of hysterical panic when it came to Callie.  When did Callie go from being the only person who calmed Erica to the only person who could unravel her?  It wasn't Callie's fault.  Callie hadn't changed.  Neither woman had changed.  They were still best friends.  Only now they kissed.  The kissing factor had entered their lives.  Erica didn't know exactly what she was so afraid of.  But she was more afraid of not kissing Callie.  She was more afraid of the sight of Callie's back turned to her, Callie actively pretending Erica didn't exist, killing Erica a little bit inside. No, not a bit, killing Erica profoundly.  Slaying Erica.  Erica desperately wanted to rewind her life and undo all the ridiculous panicking she had given into lately. 

With alarming clarity, Erica knew what she wanted. 

"Will you go on a date with me?"  Erica asked in the smallest voice she had ever uttered.

Callie halted her unpacking and, still crouched on the floor, turned to face Erica.  "Like a date date?"

"What's a date date?" 

Callie stood up and shuffled to the bed to sit next to Erica.  "You know, candlelight, bottle of wine.  At the end of the night you try to take my clothes off."  Callie threw a small smile at Erica, Callie's hands folded in her lap, but itching to touch the devastating woman at her side.

Erica chuckled and nodded.  "That would be a date."  The women sized each other up, silently agreeing to make up. "So does that sound like something you would want to do or no...?"  Erica clarified, nervously shrugging her shoulders.

Callie girlishly shook her head, tumbling into love, at the unmistakable sight of Erica's so-obvious nerves.  Erica was beyond cute.  There was cute and then there was Erica Hahn.  Cute didn't stand have a chance.  "Yes, Erica.  I definitely want to go on a date with you.  I'm sorry, I thought that was implied when I invited you to take my clothes off."

Erica laughed raucously, a bit too loudly, her nerves rattling her. "Oh!  Sorry.  I'm an idiot.  I'm new at this. I don't usually ask women...or anyone really...out on dates.  I'm just a little...scared...sometimes.  I'm sorry about before-"

Callie dipped her head to quiet Erica with a kiss, tenderness in every move.  "Erica, sweetie.  I sometimes get scared too, but I know what I want.  I want this.  I want you."  Callie nabbed one of Erica's fingers and pulled her hand to rest in Callie's lap, toying with Erica's sensitive palm. 

Erica looked down briefly at their hands before braving Callie's eyes.  "I want this too.  I want you.  I don't know what happens sometimes, I just get-"

Callie squeezed Erica's hand in both of hers. "Alright.  What if?  We can be scared together?  As long as we're together, it shouldn't be too scary, right?" 

Erica solemnly nodded, humbled by how routinely Callie had to teach Erica to be brave.  "Yeah, we can be scared together."

Their mutual gaze never breaking, both women promised each other their hearts without a word needing to be said.  Eventually, the two women leaned in to seal their promise with the gentlest of kisses.

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