April 3rd, 2009

The Brightest

Callie squinted, scrutinizing her smoldering reflection in the bathroom mirror, twirling left and then right, inspecting her makeup and hair before spritzing her abundant cleavage with the perfume Erica bought her for Christmas.  The perfume's potency morphed Erica into a clothes-ripping savage.  Satisfied with her sultry image, Callie shut off the light and hopped downstairs to prepare for the most important night of her life, the night she'd ask Erica to be her wife.  They had discussed marriage, middle of the night pillowtalks, but Callie ached for a vow, a promise for forever.  Callie knew Erica was the most amazing person on the planet.  Now Callie had to make Erica her bride.

Callie meticulously set the dining room table with the best china Erica owned.  Callie had moved in with Erica eight months earlier and reveled in their domestic bliss, uncharacteristically caring about ridiculous details such as china patterns, thread counts, the benefits of grinding your own coffee, and the necessity of matching coffee mugs.  Notoriously nomadic Callie now gleefully played house and wanted nothing more than to make a home for Erica.  

Before kissing Erica goodbye at work that morning, Callie informed Erica they'd have dinner at home.  Callie scheduled an early operation to have the afternoon free.  After much deliberation, Callie opted to propose at home.  She contemplated taking Erica to the most expensive, romantic restaurant in Seattle, or dragging Erica to the top of the Space Needle to scream for all the world to hear that her heart belonged to Erica and always would.  Ultimately, Callie decided she didn't want an audience for such a monumental moment, the highlight of her life so far.  Proposing at home also meant they could do the inevitable tumbling into bed part immediately post-proposal, avoiding that pesky driving home business that would only delay sexy-time.

While a decent cook, Callie chose to cater dinner from Canto's, the restaurant they went to on their first date.  She even ordered what they ordered that night, tilapia for Erica and ravioli for Callie.  Callie filled a silver bucket with ice to chill a bottle of champagne.  A small bouquet of dark red roses exploded out of a delicate crystal vase in the center of the table. 

Callie anxiously checked the time on her cell phone, 7:20pm.  Erica would be home any minute.  Callie was lighting the candles on the table when she heard the front door open.  Callie's heart swelled. Erica was home.

"Callie?"  Erica yelled.  "Cal?" 

Callie heard the clinking of Erica throwing her keys on a table by the front door and Erica's approaching foot steps echoing down the hallway.  "In here!"  Callie turned just in time to see Erica step into the dining room, Erica blinking rapidly, soaking in the romantic scene. 

"What is all this?"  Erica curiously observed the lit candles, red roses, champagne, and finally her Callie.  Callie stalked toward Erica, sex on legs in a short black dress.  Erica lewdly looked Callie up and down, which Callie didn't fail to notice, taking pride in the resulting carnal hue of Erica's busy eyes. 

Callie lifted Erica's briefcase and purse from her hands and tilted her head to kiss Erica.  "Hi, baby.  Let me take those.  Give me your coat."  Erica shrugged off her trench coat, skeptically slanting her eyes at Callie.  Callie disappeared to deposit Erica's belongings in the closet and Erica apprehensively approached the table, trying to put the pieces together.  Callie snuck up behind Erica, snaked her arms around Erica's waist, and nuzzled Erica's hair, ravenously sniffing Ericascent. 

Erica gripped Callie's arms.  "Cal, what is all this?  What's the occassion?"

Callie spun Erica around to face her, slipped her arms around Erica, and grabbed two handfuls of Erica's ass.  "No occassion.  Just you.  You're the reason.  I just wanted to...have a romantic dinner with you.  Sit down.  I'll go get dinner."  Callie swiftly kissed Erica before almost skipping to the kitchen.  Erica watched Callie retreat into the kitchen and shook her head before she sat down.  Callie was up to something. 

Callie returned with two plates.  She placed Erica's plate in front of her.  "Oh my God.  You made tilapia?"  Erica failed to mask her shock.

"No!  I ordered it from Canto's.  You ordered it on our first date and I ordered ravioli.  Remember?"  Callie plopped down in her chair opposite Erica and unfolded her napkin on her lap.

"Oh, right!  I'm sorry.  My most vivid memory from that night is your red dress and my mad scheming to get it off you,"  Erica seductively hissed before sipping her wine, channeling the devil.

"Well, you were somewhat successful.  You got it somewhat off me."  Callie smirked at Erica.  "I remember everything from that night.  You had on that black dress and I couldn't not stare at your sliver of cleavage all night.  I don't think I heard a word you said during dinner.  Your hair was all curly.  You were the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.  You glowed that night.  I mean, you're always beautiful, but...God.  I couldn't take my eyes off you,"  Callie dreamily gushed. 

Erica swallowed her wine and put her glass on the table, attempting to tame her suddenly tremulous hands. She was unaccustomed to unadulterated adoration from anyone.  No one had ever looked at her the way Callie did.  Callie's honest eyes radiated love.  Erica liked herself a whole lot better through Callie's eyes. 

The two women casually chatted about their day despite trading lascivious stares and longing glances, pining for each other over the distance of a mere three feet.  The pyrotechnics of their combined lust, further ignited by the flaming candles, cast a libidinous halo around the table.  Erica stared at Callie refilling Erica's wine glass, Erica's vision tunneling down the front of Callie's dress as Callie stretched her arm over the table to steadily pour the wine.  Callie then leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table, her chin sitting in her palm, completely riveted by the alluring sex object in the opposite chair.  Erica lazily traced the rim of her wine glass, eye-sexing her girlfriend, the buxom centerfold of her filthiest dreams.

"Thank you for dinner.  I can't believe you remembered what I ordered and went to all this trouble."  Erica waved her hand over the table, overwhelmed by Callie's efforts in staging a perfect romantic dinner.  Callie's presence alone could make Burger King, eaten in front of a blaring television, romantic for Erica.

"I just wanted to do something special for you.  For us."  Callie's hand slid over Erica's hand which rested on the tablecloth.  Callie toyed with Erica's elegant fingers.

"Well, thank you."  Erica squeezed Callie's hand.

Callie laced her fingers with Erica's, stood up, and walked around the table to Erica's chair.  Callie peered down at Erica.  "Come with me,"  Callie quietly commanded, helping push Erica's chair away from the table.  Erica of course complied, standing from her chair, invading Callie's space, their bodies softly colliding.  "C'mon."  Callie turned and trailed Erica behind her, Erica grasping Callie's hand with both of hers. 

Callie led Erica through the house to the back porch.  Erica's old Victorian house had a huge wraparound porch, dotted with various wicker furniture and their favorite spot, a swinging bench. They relished their lazy afternoons reading on that swing and endless evenings snuggling under a blanket, gazing at stars, pretending to know constellations. They dreamed away countless hours on this porch, picking out names for future children, plotting global adventures, daydreaming their storybook life together.  Their swing faced an expansive backyard, now spookily lit by the half moon, its muted yellow light throwing long, gothic shadows on the dewy grass.

Callie opened the squeaky screen door and gallantly held it open for Erica to walk through.  She let Erica step on the porch and strategically lagged behind.  Callie flipped a switch and held her  breathe, waiting for Erica's response.  The women were blinded by an incandescent magic.   Callie had strung white Christmas lights along the eaves and banisters of the porch, framing the white wood with thousands of twinkling lights.  The effect was like sitting on a star. 

Erica gasped and her hands flew to her mouth in surprise, a childish gesture conveying her delightful shock. "Oh my God!  Callie!"  Erica spun around to face Callie.  "When did you do this?"

Callie wolfishly stepped towards Erica and stealthily slid her hands over Erica's hips around to the small of her back, pressing their bodies together.  "Today.  While you were at work."  

Erica wrapped her arms around Callie's neck and kissed Callie's smirking mouth.  "It's beautiful."  

Callie swooned watching Erica's upturned face admiring the glittery lights.  Callie marveled at how the lights gleamed off Erica's marble blue eyes, two blue globes now with their own constellation of stars.  Callie's girl had stars in her eyes.  Callie glided her hands into Erica's hands.  "C'mere."  Callie tiptoed backwards and led Erica to their swing.  

Callie sat on the swing and gently tugged Erica to sit down next to her, detecting a note of trepidation in Erica's movements.  Callie enveloped Erica's hand with her own warm hands, Callie's hands now embarrassingly sweaty due to unexpected nerves.

Callie inhaled a lungful of chilled night air and offered Erica an uneasy smile, searching for the courage within herself to follow her heart.  Her heart would not allow her to fail in its mission, to find its missing piece in the girl by her side. 

"Erica?"  Callie unconsciously frantically rubbed her thumb over Erica's knuckles.

"Yeah?"  Erica didn't know what was happening and Callie's inexplicable panic alarmed Erica. 

Callie ran her fingers through her hair.  "God!  I had a whole speech written in my head and now looking at you, I can't remember a word of it."  Callie shook her head in frustration.

Erica smoothed her hand over Callie's hair and tucked a dark lock of Callie's hair behind her ear.  "What?  Baby, just say it.  What?" Erica sought Callie's eyes and squeezed Callie's knee. 

Callie exhaled loudly.  "I love you!  I love you with all my heart.  You're everything to me.  You're the love of my life.  You are all I ever wanted.  No! More!  Because I never dreamed that I could love someone like this.  I didn't dream that my life could be like this.  I didn't even know to dream for you and then you showed up.  I don't know what my life was before you.  But I know that I don't ever want to live without you.  I love you, Erica.  I want to make a life with you.  I want to have a family.  I want to have babies.  Or you can have the babies.  Whatever!  I just want to have babies.  With you.  I want you.  Forever.  You are my life.  So I was hoping..."  Callie turned to the table next to the swing and picked up a small black velvet box and spun back to face Erica, the box sitting in Callie's upturned palm.  "Erica, will you be my wife?  Will you marry me?"

Erica lifted the box from Callie's palm and glanced at Callie, receiving an encouraging nod.  Erica slowly opened the box to reveal a diamond not unlike the stars above them, sparkling atop a thin gold ring.

Erica inhaled audibly.  "Callie," Erica whispered, tentatively fingering the diamond, not quite trusting she wasn't dreaming.  That any second she wouldn't awaken, this fantasy proposal just a smokey dream.

"Here."  Callie removed the box from Erica's hands and extracted the ring from the box.  She lifted Erica's hand from her lap and searched Erica's now watery eyes.  "Will you marry me?"  Callie held the ring in midair, at the tip of Erica's ring finger.

Erica nodded furiously, tears flooding her eyes.  "Yes!  Yes, I'll marry you." 

Callie slid the ring the rest of the way up Erica's slender finger, her own eyes blurred by mounting tears.  Callie seized Erica's head, tangling her hands into blondness to guide her mouth to Erica's. Erica's hands immediately gravitated to Callie's face, their arms and hands crisscrossing, the women an insatiable mess.

Erica tore her mouth from Callie's.  "Callie! I love you!  I love you so much!"  Erica feverishly attacked Callie's mouth again, her arms clumsily glomming around Callie's head. 

Erica came up for air and shoved Callie's face away.  "I can't believe you did all this!  The ring! The lights!  Dinner!  God, I love you!"  Erica violently kissed Callie again, moaning her love into Callie's mouth. 

Callie broke the kiss, ripping her mouth away from Erica's, with much difficulty.  "I was going to ask you at our bench at work, but I couldn't chance Stevens or someone walking by.  But the thing is, I knew that night.  The night I kissed you."  Callie fingered Erica's now mussed up yellow curls, awed by the starlight reflected in the flaxen strands.   
Erica slid her hand between Callie's thighs, under her dress, her thumb rubbing tiny circles on Callie's mid-thigh.  "What did you know?" Erica panted into Callie's mouth.

Callie swallowed, distractedly unable to form words.  She spied Erica's lacy black bra and its creamy contents under Erica's deep v-neck shirt from this heavenly angle.  "I knew I loved you.  That you were the one.  You were the girl I'd spend the rest of my life with.  This is silly, but I remembered something on my walk over to you that night.  You were frantically looking for your keys, all adorable and flustered.  Oh! And your hair was falling in your eyes.  And you did this thing, you hooked your hair behind your ears and I just...I had never wanted to kiss someone more right then.  The smallest gesture and I was smitten.  Anyway!  When I was walking to you, I happened to look up at the stars.  And they shone brighter that night.  I've been looking at stars my whole life and suddenly they were brighter.  The world was different.  The world was new and sparkly.  Because you were in it.  Because I was walking towards you.  So that's why all this."  Callie waved her hand in the air, indicating the lights, both celestial and electric. 

Erica angled her head and sucked Callie's bottom lip into her mouth, her thumbs caressing Callie's cheeks.  Erica kissed Callie the way she deserved to be kissed, worshipfully and sweetly.  "I love you,"  Erica whispered.

"I love you."  Callie slipped her tongue into Erica's mouth and brazenly fondled Erica's breasts over her shirt.  

Erica broke the feverish kissing, maneuvering her hands between their already undulating bodies to push Callie back several inches.  "But, Cal, I wanted to propose to you.  I didn't have it all planned yet, but I had looked at rings.  Can I still buy you a ring?  I wanted to propose to you first!  I wanted to ask you to be my wife!" Erica whined, lamenting the chance to sweep Callie off her feet. 

Callie's face lit up, her smile pearly even under the canvas of night.  Callie privately thanked the benevolent stars that handed her Erica, a girl who would dare argue with Callie about who could propose to who.  "How about you marry me and we call it even?  Just be my wife." 

Erica leaned forward, capturing Callie's mouth.  "I promise to be your wife.  And your future wife wants to rip your dress off.  Right.  Now."  Erica licked Callie's puffy bottom lip and openly stared down Callie's dress. 

Callie giggled and swiftly kissed Erica before leaping off their swing, dragging her future wife to their bed.  Callie's heart glowed, having caught and claimed the brightest star in her sky, her Erica.   
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The True Kind

Callie laid on top of Erica, completely spent and struggling to catch her breathe, her ear over Erica's heart, listening to the reverberating throb of the heart she recently laid claim to.  The women savored their afterglow, cocooned in their comfy bed, the shadowed room lit only by remote stars and the distant moon's dim rays slanting through the window.  Callie drowsily raised her heavy head to languidly spin her tongue around Erica's mouth.   She then unsuctioned her lips from Erica's still-hungry mouth, earning a sexy pout from Erica.  Callie broke the kiss only to soak in the sight of her naked and freshly-fucked fiance beneath her.  A fucked-Erica was Callie's favorite kind of Erica.  The sated women shared each other's steamy labored breathe.

"Do you like the ring?"  Callie coyly asked, dropping butterfly kisses on Erica's swollen, rosy mouth.

Erica gently repositioned Callie's head to meet her eyes.  "I love it.  I really love it.  It's perfect."  Erica raised her left hand and both women gazed at the engagement ring on Erica's ring finger.  Callie laced her fingers with Erica's left hand, admiring the exquisite contrast of their skin, and the natural fit of their fingers, their bodies like puzzle pieces.  Their bodies belonged together.  Callie brought their locked hands closer to her face for inspection, analyzing the ring.

"You did say yes, right?  Cause it took me a long time to pick this ring out-" Callie playfully whined. 

Erica swiftly silenced Callie with a fiery kiss, plunging her tongue into Callie's talking mouth, eliciting a surprised moan from Callie.  Erica just as brutally pushed Callie's mouth away from hers.  "You knew.  I'd say.  Yes."  Erica panted.

Callie lightly brushed her hand up and down Erica's side, mapping the dips and curves of Erica's body, delighting in her ability to make Erica tremble.  "I had a feeling.  I mean, I hoped...you'd say yes." 

Erica smiled and shook her head at Callie's needless doubts.  How could Callie ever doubt Erica's heart?  She had given it to Callie a long time ago.  "Well, I did.  Say yes."  Erica marveled at the copper streaks in Callie's doe eyes.  Erica wondered briefly if their children would possess those same eyes.  Erica secretly wanted to knock Callie up as soon as possible.  They had a lot of babies to make.

Callie sighed a lungful of relief before closing in on Erica's glowing face.  Bliss looked good on Erica.  "Say it again," Callie purred, stroking the contour of Erica's right breast with her heated palm.  Erica's body begged to be worshiped and mauled.

"Ask me again,"  Erica teased, brushing the dark curtain of Callie's hair behind her shoulders. 

Callie giggled, suddenly nervous.  She had her yes but a part of her couldn't quite believe she deserved the angelic, unclothed girl in her arms.  This beautiful girl was destined to be Callie's forever?  Would Erica truly agree to forever?.  Callie wouldn't settle for anything less than forever with Erica.  Forever wasn't enough, but it was a start.  Callie bottled her nervous chuckles.  "Erica?"

"Yes?"  Erica bit her bottom lip, unwittingly sexy, spurring Callie to dip her head and quickly nibble that irresistible bottom lip.  Erica was eminently bitable.

Callie suddenly remembered her aim.  Her aim was true and needed to be answered.  She would never tire of asking Erica to be her bride.  She relished the game, playacting at what was already certain.  Callie inhaled deeply and sought Erica's eyes, instantly calmed by the cerulean lakes of Erica's eyes.  Those eyes were Callie's home, a port in all her storms.  "Erica, you are my life.  Will you marry me?  Be my wife."

Erica's eyes flooded with tears, her vision blurred, pixilating Callie into a ravishing blob above her.  Callie cooed to Erica and wiped Erica's tears away with her fingers and kissed away the few tear trails her fingers failed to catch.  Callie tenderly kissed Erica's cheeks dry before seeking Erica's moist eyes again to patiently await her beloved's answer.

Erica's tremendous, empathetic heart cracked at Callie's needlessly furrowed brow and anxious eyes.  "Yes.  Of course I'll marry you,"  Erica whispered into Callie's mouth.

Callie's face illuminated into a brilliant smile before she dove into Erica, desperate to immerse herself in naked Erica.  Callie ached to drown in Erica.  Erica dug her fingers into Callie's scalp, savagely kissing Callie equally as hard, a harsh duel of tongues.  Dizzy and oxygen deprived, Callie ripped her mouth from Erica's and rested her weight on one elbow.  Callie brushed her thumb over Erica's damp lips.  Callie had a special affection for Erica's mouth.  That mouth was very talented.  "So when can we get married?  What are you doing tomorrow?"

Erica's eyes widened and she grabbed Callie's hand.  "Tomorrow?!"  Erica laughed riotously.  She only truly laughed with Callie. 

"Yeah.  I want to marry you as soon as possible.  Tomorrow works for me."  Callie freed her hand from Erica's grasp and trailed her index finger down Erica's sternum before climbing on top of Erica to kiss down the same path between Erica's sizable breasts.

"Cal..."  Erica smoothed her hands over Callie's mop of hair. Callie's shiny sea of hair fanned out over Erica's chest, tickling Erica's sensitive skin.

"What?"  Callie mumbled, her face smothered in between Erica's breasts.  Callie cupped and rubbed the velvety undersides of Erica's ample, palely freckled breasts, one of her top five destinations on the map of Erica's body.  Skin had no business being this soft.  One of Callie's favorite Ericacentric pastimes was connecting the dots of Erica's freckles. 

Erica arrested Callie's hands, wrestling Callie's paws off her breasts.  Callie struggled with Erica and pinned Erica's arms on either side of her head.  Erica sighed, giving up the fight, secretly loving it when Callie dominated her, the only person on the planet she would allow to dominate her.  Erica lived to submit to Callie.  "Callie.  Baby.  Seriously.  How are we gonna do this?  Do you want a big wedding...? I was thinking small...just us maybe...or we can elope..." Erica was distracted, now hypnotized by Callie's pendulous breasts swinging just over Erica's mouth, within biting distance.  Erica visibly gulped.

Callie lowered her head to kiss Erica, their wet kiss echoing off the walls.  "I just want to be married to you.  I'd marry you yesterday.  I want to call you my wife."  Callie freed Erica's arms and rested on her side, angling her body over Erica.

Erica rolled towards Callie to slip her arm around Callie's waist and throw her leg over Callie's hip.  "I'm going to be your wife." Erica dreamily reminded herself, the happy truth of her life with Callie making her chuckle.  Erica then traced random doodles on Callie's bare hip and gnawed on Callie's jaw. 

"Yes, you are.  And I'm going to get all the benefits of having a wife."  Callie nudged Erica on her back and dipped her head to kiss and lick the swell of Erica's breast, Erica's heated skin singeing under Callie's moist lips.

Erica's breathing shallowed out into a pant again as Callie slid her body lower to lightly stamp Erica's stomach with fairy-light kisses, kisses specially engineered to drive Erica mad.  "What are the benefits?" 

Callie lazily kissed random patterns on Erica's abdomen, her hands kneading Erica's breasts.  "When I put a wedding ring on your hand, that's an all access pass into your pants.  Forever. I own you.  You're mine and I get to do whatever I want to you.  However.  Whenever.  And as much as I want.  That's what marriage is.  All sex.  All the time. Why do you think people get married?"   Callie explained, her words slurred by her kissing around Erica's belly button.  

Erica twined a lock of Callie's hair around her index finger.  "So it's just about the sex for you?"  Erica played along.

"Ah...yeah?  Der.  I'm only marrying you for your body and the sex it can provide me.  Well, that.  And the fact that I am completely.  Hopelessly.  Crazy in love with you."  Callie seductively crawled up Erica's body to hover over her fiance's flushed face.  Callie's words were true.  This was love.  The true kind.

"You are?"  Erica quietly asked, her voice heavy with unshed tears.  Erica's heart leaked when it was happy. 

Callie nodded solemnly, completely serious and too far gone for her girl. "Completely."  Callie brushed random yellow curls off Erica's face, the stubborn strands sticking to Erica's glistening face, Erica still sweaty after their rigorous, celebratory romp moments earlier.  Erica plus sweaty equalled sex. 

"Good.  Cause I'm very.  Very.  Much in love with you."  Erica managed to confess between capturing Callie's plush lips.  Erica's mouth could convey more in a kiss than words ever could.

"Baby, I want to give you the wedding you want.  If you want a small wedding, we can do that.  I mean, my parents will want to come.  Oh, my mom says 'hi' by the way, I talked to her earlier.  You know my dad will be thrilled.  He's crazy about you.  My mom's going to be a pain in the ass, but-"

Erica interrupted Callie with a blazing kiss.  "Cal.  Sweetie?" 

"What?" Callie mumbled, dazed by the kiss.

"Can we talk about it tomorrow?  I want to know more about this all-access pass into my pants business and the other benefits of being your wife you were talking about."  Erica wrapped her lengthy legs around Callie's waist, crossing her ankles behind Callie's back, and tugging Callie impossibly tighter into her own warm body. 

Callie grinned lasciviously at her fiance, who was already grinding into Callie.  Callie skimmed her hand up and down Erica's snow white thigh, slipping her hand into the crux of Erica's knee to yank Erica's undulating body even closer.  "Would you like a tutorial?"

Erica giggled girlishly and eagerly nodded.  Erica twitched at the familiar tingle radiating from her core for the girl above her.  The sight of Callie between her legs incited a primal growl from Erica.  Her lust catapulted her to seize Callie's head and devour her newly betrothed's mouth. She wanted to swallow Callie whole. 

Until the long inky night became morning, and even after the sun awoke, Callie taught her fiance all about the endless benefits of their impending life as wife and wife.
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