October 14th, 2009


Top ten things Erica Hahn loves about Callie Torres.

1. When Callie accidentally-on purpose permanently borrowed Erica's favorite dark gray hoodie, Erica caught Callie sniff the hoodie and gleefully declare, "Ericascent!"  This warmed Erica more than the hoodie ever did.

2. Three words: Lap Dance Fridays.  Callie also had a pole installed in their bedroom and worked that pole for her audience of one special blonde.  

3. Callie routinely begged Erica for weekend getaways because she liked having Erica to herself for two days. More accurately, Callie liked locking Erica in a room, tying her to a bed, and fucking her senseless without interruption. 

4. Callie claimed taking a shower together was "going green." Sex, especially marathon sex, was also her cardio.

5. Callie was wicked possessive and threatened to kick Karev's ass when he casually checked Erica out and said he'd "hit that." Callie shoved Karev against the nurses' station and said she'd hit him, repeatedly, if he even looked at Erica again.

6. Only Callie could make Erica laugh so hard, Erica's abs ached the next day.

7. Callie sometimes moved her mouth when she read. Erica had to cover her own mouth to stifle her laugh.

8. One night in bed, facing each other and planning their future, Callie whispered that she dreamed about having Erica's baby.

9. Erica found daily love notes in her briefcase from Callie. One side would be a love note written in Spanish with the English translation on the back.  The messages were undoubtedly sexier in Spanish.

10. Callie kept a picture of Erica and her in her wallet. Late one night at Joe's, Mark had taken a picture of Callie standing behind Erica, her arms wrapped around Erica's waist, her head buried in Erica's neck. Erica's eyes are closed and she is grinning her most adorable, crooked grin. There were never two people more in love. 


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