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Spidey's Fault

It all started with Callie's Spiderman underwear.

Erica blamed Spidey.

Callie, wearing only a clingy tank top and Spiderman underwear, was brushing her teeth in Erica's immaculate bathroom. That night, Callie opted for the thick, cotton briefs with the red, elastic waistband and vibrant cartoons championing an iconic superhero with the unfortunate association with an arachnid.  Callie's taste in intimate apparel matched that of four-year-old boys who fancied themselves superheroes.  Teetering on the balls of her bare feet, Callie leaned over the sink, meticulously brushing her pearly teeth and spraying sudsy toothpaste bubbles onto the pristine mirror. Balancing her weight on one arm, Callie white-knuckled the rim of the porcelain sink, and pumped her ass skyward as she bent further over the sink, completely absorbed in her nightly devotion to oral hygiene.

Nestled in her bed, Erica reclined in a cottony cloud of pillows with a medical journal previously in her hands splayed open and unread on top of the downy comforter.  Her blue eyes peering over black-rimmed glasses, Erica spied on Callie in an intimate moment, Callie completely at home in Erica's home, gifting Erica with the highlight of her torturous day.  Erica could survive the chaotic stress of work, her nostrils tragically too familiar with the metallic smell of blood, patch-working broken hearts all day, if she could experience these quiet moments with the voluptuous girl currently bent over her sink. 

Callie had covertly snuck her toothbrush into Erica's bathroom several months earlier. There was no angsty debate, no emotional pow-wow as to the meaning of leaving personal items at a girlfriend's home, but both women privately celebrated the milestone in their burgeoning relationship. Erica stifled a school-girlish giggle every time she spotted Callie's purple toothbruth hanging next to her blue toothbrush on the tiled wall. Even their toothbrushes belonged together.

Erica was now mesmerized by Callie's bouncing ass, the roundness swelling as Callie leaned closer to the mirror. She got an ass that could swallow up a g-string popped into Erica's subconscious. Erica was too Caucasian to know if this was a preferable trait of the female ass, but watching Callie's bubbalicious bottom rhythmically pumping up and down convinced her it was a very preferable trait. 

Erica's head involuntarily tilted as she stared, transfixed by the pinup girl in her bathroom. She wished to freeze-frame this perfect moment, to kidnap this moment and hide it in a corner of her heart.  Erica prayed for a lifetime of this moment, a half-dressed Callie leaning over her sink, Erica's own private peep show. She liked when Callie was bent over, preferrably over furniture or kitchen appliances during one of their inexhaustible searches for the perfect sexual position.

"Move in with me," Erica heard herself blurt out, her voice much louder than she intended. 

The brushing stopped.  Callie slowly swiveled her head to face Erica. "Mmwhaaaddtt?" Callie still had the toothbrush and a sea of white bubbles in her mouth.

"Move in with me?" Erica tried again, her voice quieter and tremulous with doubt this time, her brain catching up to her impetuous mouth.

Callie spun back to the sink and calmly rinsed her mouth. She methodically rinsed her toothbrush and hung it on its hook before she ambled to the doorway leading to the bedroom. She casually leaned against the door frame, one hand on her protruding hip, radiating sass. "Um. What." She wasn't asking, she was challenging, daring her beloved to join her in a verbal duel, a certain battle they had waged numerous times before. 

Sighing, Erica threw her medical journal on the bedside table, sat up in bed, and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "I want you to move in with me," Erica announced, simply, as if discussing the weather. Erica wanted clear skies, but sensed they were entering tornado country. Callie's spicy temper could change the temperature in any room.

Callie huffily crossed her arms over her chest. "I thought you weren't ready. That we weren't ready. That it was too soon," her combative tone indicating the pain Erica's cliched excuses had inflicted.

"I know I said that, but I change my mind. I'm ready now."  She tossed Callie a glowing smile and nodded, suddenly eager and uncharacteristically perky. Erica didn't do perky.

Callie wasn't buying the perky and countered with a sarcastic smirk.  "Huh. You changed your mind. Great. I have only been begging you for months, but now because you're ready, I'm supposed to jump-"

"I know!" Erica exhaled audibly and her shoulders slumped. Revealing the truth, the machinations of her heart, was never easy for Erica. "I just...I was watching you just now, brushing your teeth, and you're just're just so...fucking sexy, you know? I just couldn't stop staring at you-"

"Because you have a staring problem! I know! I told you that before, always staring at me-"

"Alright, yes! I have a staring problem. It's a thing I have. I like staring at beautiful women. Well, just one beautiful woman." The women exchanged a smitten smile, their soulful connection betraying the heated words spewed between them. "Just move in with me, okay?" Erica pleaded, her hands pulling furiously at a loose thread in the comforter.

Callie leaned her head against the door frame and gazed wistfully at Erica, charmed by how childlike and fragile Erica seemed, adrift in her gigantic bed.  Erica recently purchased that bed when their rough sexual gymnastics proved too taxing for the previous bed.  The women had taken sordid pleasure in stressing to the naive salesman their need for the sturdiest bed in the store. "How do I know you're really ready?" Callie hugged herself tighter. She was beyond frustrated with Erica's trepidation at every stage of their relationship.

"Because I'm telling you. I'm really ready. So, very, very ready," Erica vehemently insisted, pounding the comforter with every word.  

Callie glanced at the carpet beneath her feet, drawing random patterns with her toe on the plush carpet. "You're sure?" Callie tested her, exasperation shrilling her voice with a whiny timber. Callie couldn't fathom why Erica demanded they wait to officially live together when Callie had slept over every night for a year.  They had even passed the toothbrush test with flying rainbow colors, Callie reasoned.

"Very sure!  Absolutely sure.  Cal, look at me. I want to live with you. I want the privilege of watching you brush your teeth in your ridiculous, cartoon underwear every night of my life.  I want to undress you and snuggle with you in my bed-our bed-every night.  Just please move in with me. Please, baby," Erica begged, her eyes watery behind her glasses, her hands clutching the comforter.

Fighting the urge to pounce and ravish her four-eyed, weepy girlfriend, Callie instead sauntered to the bed and crawled on her hands and knees to straddle Erica's lap.  Erica smoothed her hands over Callie's thighs and ass, up to the small of Callie's back and tugged her closer.  Callie's ample bosom bounced in Erica's face, magnetizing Erica's hands to Callie's tank top to paw and stretch the thin material enough to stamp wet kisses all over Callie's weighty breasts. Tangling her hands into yellow curls, Callie lifted Erica's face out of her cleavage. The sexy librarian glasses flipped Callie's naughty switch, inciting her to kiss Erica hungrily, swirling her tongue around Erica's mouth.

Callie unsuctioned her lips from Erica's mouth and readjusted her crooked glasses. "Ask me again, nerd," Callie breathed into her mouth before licking Erica's bottom lip.

Erica dipped her hands under the waistband of Callie's underwear to firmly cup her ass and locked into Callie's eyes, whipped and willing to beg. Erica cleared her throat. "Callie Torres?"

"Yes, Erica Hahn, or should I call you Dr. Hahn?" Callie shamelessly flirted, pushing Erica's glasses up her nose and trailing her index finger down Erica's nose to trace her parted mouth.

Erica gripped two handfuls of Callie's ass and yanked Callie tighter into her lap. "I want to live with you.  Will you please, please move in with me?" Erica pleaded, gently kissing Callie, tasting her minty toothpaste.

Callie framed Erica's face with her hands and sighed, her breathe stolen by Erica. Nobody else saw Erica Hahn with her glasses on.  Erica didn't let anyone see her less than invincible. She was Superman at work, a hero to patients she saved, performing death-defying acts, a crusader who opted for a white coat instead of the standard red cape.  People avoid people in capes. 

Callie was proud to call the Dr. Hahn her best friend and then girlfriend, but Callie was more proud of the cuddly girl behind the cardio hero. Her Erica, that name a pulsing star in Callie's night sky, was the girl who nervously rambled about using the internet, gamed out outfits, and cried after sex.  Callie adored this Erica the most, Erica's face freshly washed, hair still damp from her shower, her natural curls springing to life, emo glasses on, and wearing her faded Cure shirt. Her heart aflame for the closeted nerdy, goth beneath her, Callie swallowed a sob. "Of course I'll move in with you."

Erica's soul expanded in relief and bliss as she threw her arms around Callie's waist, squeezing her tight. Callie swung her arms around Erica's neck and kissed her hair, greedily inhaling Erica's shampoo.  

Erica fumbled with the hem of Callie's tank top until Callie sat back to allow Erica to pull the tank top over her head.  After tossing the shirt to the floor, Erica immediately dove into Callie's breasts, groping and feverishly kissing her heavy breasts. Erica's deft surgeon's hands stroked the soft, velvety underside of Callie's breasts, her thumbs teasing Callie's nipples.  Callie threaded her fingers through Erica's damp hair and pressed Erica's head to her chest before snapping Erica's face up to plunge her tongue into Erica's mouth.

Callie unlocked their lips and delicately removed Erica's glasses.  As she leaned over to put the glasses on Erica's bedside table, Erica smacked her ass. Still straddling Erica's lap, Callie stood up on her knees, enabling Erica to kiss her taut stomach and swiftly yank Callie's underwear down her thighs.  Callie rolled over on her side to quickly shimmy the underwear down and off her legs and resumed straddling Erica's lap.  She clumsily pushed Erica's shirt up, only partially revealing Erica's pale, sizable breasts until Erica raised her arms over her head, allowing Callie to whip the shirt over Erica's head and throw it across the room.

Erica's right hand palmed the contour of Callie's breast, down her tapered waist, and over her generous hip to her lower stomach, while her other hand firmly clutched Callie's cheek to guide Callie's mouth to hers. Callie moaned into Erica's mouth as she brushed Callie's clit with one finger. She seized Erica's hand and plunged three of Erica's fingers into herself before she grabbed Erica by her hair to brutally force her tongue deeper into Erica's mouth.

Erica slowly pumped three and then four fingers into Callie, her thumb massaging Callie's clit.  Callie matched the rhythm of Erica's thrusts and rode her hand. She broke their kiss to melt into Erica's eyes, both women loudly gasping for air. Erica lazily kissed Callie once more before dipping her head to suck one of Callie's nipples.

As each thrust grew more violent, Callie gripped Erica's shoulders to steady herself as Erica fucked her, until supernovas exploded behind her eyelids and her clit rollercoastered into bliss. After throwing her head back and breathlessly sending shout outs to God and Erica, Callie collapsed, boneless and panting, her heavy head tumbling onto Erica's shoulder. Erica scooped Callie into her arms and rocked her gently.

"Are you okay?" Erica whispered into Callie's thick hair.

"Uh huh..." Callie was still panting, her face buried in Erica's neck, the total paralysis of her limbs slowly wearing off.

Erica leaned against the headboard and snuggled Callie closer to her body. She brushed the hair off Callie's forehead and smothered her face in kisses. "Baby, I was thinking...are you listening?"

"Un huh...listening." She was half-listening, more concerned with the lingering numbness in her arms. Erica-induced orgasms impaired her circulatory system, all blood gravitating south of the Mason-Dixon line.

"We don't have to stay here. We can find another place if you want." Erica rubbed her nose against Callie's forehead.

"I love your house," Callie argued, still fighting to catch her breathe.

Erica stroked Callie's hair.  "But I don't want you to think of it as my house.  I want it to be our house. I want this to be your home too. Our home."

"I just want to be where you are. I don't care where we live." Callie burrowed deeper into Erica, shutting her eyes tightly as she inhaled a lungful of Ericascent, a heady mixture of soap, perfume, and sex.

Erica carefully lifted Callie's chin with one finger to tenderly kiss her mouth. "I just want to be where you are too. Always."

Callie jerked her head off Erica's shoulder and sat up abruptly, astride Erica's lap. "Always?"

"Yeah. What?" The women traded knowing smirks. Both women knew this, being together, was for forever and a day, natural and yet supernatural. Their bond was unbreakable, proven by the crackling electrical current between them.  Although it was too early to swap rings, they loved, prized, and honored each other beyond all limits. They were wedded to each other, promised without words, their vows sworn every time one's hand reached for the other's. A ring alone didn't signify a love was forever, although Callie secretly wanted a ring. Callie subscribed to the commandment, If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it, the gospel according to Beyonce.

The tension snapped, crackled, and popped between them. Callie exhaled, shelving that discussion for another time. "Well, I can move in here now and...we'll look for a new place...maybe if we need more the future...when we know..." Callie shrugged, unable to voice her domestic, station wagon-style dreams to Erica.

"Right! If we need more the future." If they couldn't talk marriage yet, they certainly couldn't talk babies. Erica fingered one of Callie's curls, wishing for a little girl with those same curls and those same eyes she was gazing into now. Erica secretly hoped for an army of mini-Callies someday.

"But we have plenty of time...for that." Callie reassured Erica, reading her mind.

"Exactly. Plenty of time. I'm not going anywhere." Erica smiled her lopsided smile and kneaded Callie's hips.

"Me either."  Callie captured Erica's mouth in a fiery  kiss. "Oh, by the way. When I move in there are going to be some new rules." Callie brushed Erica's curls behind her shoulders for an unobstructed view of her hefty breasts.

"New rules? This is my house!" Erica playfully slapped one of Callie's hips.

"I thought it was our home?" Callie chided, raising one eyebrow.

Erica sighed and reclined on the headboard, a smirk dancing on her mouth, curious as to what Callie's creatively filthy mind had schemed. "Fine. What are these new rules?"

Callie straightened her spine, imperious. "First rule. If I want sex, we have sex-"

"We already have that rule," Erica coolly reminded Callie and crossed her arms over her chest.

Callie's hands flew to her hips, a defiant child's pose. If she were standing, she'd stomp her feet. "We do not!"

"When have I ever turned you down?" Erica lobbed a fail safe challenge she knew she'd win, confident that she had never turned down a chance to fuck or be fucked by Callie. Refusing sex with Callie was comparable to giving away a unicorn, it just wasn't done.

"A couple times you were sleeping and I couldn't wake you up-"

"I was unconscious!"

Callie furiously waved her hands in front of her face, dismissing the argument. "Doesn't matter! From now on, anytime day or night, if I want sex, I get sex."

"Even if it's four in the morning and I have to be up for surgery in two hours?"

Callie nodded judiciously, thoroughly enjoying being the sovereign ruler of Erica Hahn. "New rule applies."

Her lust rekindled by a stern, naked Callie in her lap, Erica sat up, slipped her arms around Callie's waist, and nibbled on Callie's neck. "Fine. That it?"

Callie struggled to maintain her control as one of Erica's hands rubbed her inner thigh. "Nope. Second rule. I'm going to dress you."

"No way. Forget it. Next rule?" Erica kissed a path to Callie's earlobe.

Callie gripped Erica's shoulders and forced Erica to face her. "Why not? Don't you like my taste? I have great taste!"

Erica slid her arms around Callie's waist again.  "You know I love the way you dress, but this is me we're talking about. You can pull off magenta. I'm strictly neutral colors. You can do sexy. I can know, the opposite of sexy."

Callie lasered into Erica's eyes. "Are you kidding?  You're sexy in anything. You make shapeless scrubs sexy.  You have this incredible body and you hide it with trench coats and pants. I want to see more of your body.  Please. I want to show you off." Callie whined as her eyes drifted down to Erica's sizable breasts.

"No!" Erica quickly unwound her arms from Callie's waist and sunk into herself, her shoulders caving, suddenly flustered and embarrassed under Callie's lewd scrutiny.

Callie skimmed her palms over Erica's breasts. "Please. Like that short black skirt-"

"You broke that short black skirt. Remember? We were on the kitchen floor and you broke the zipper when you ripped my skirt off."

Callie smirked wickedly, replaying that night in her head. "Oh, right," Callie remembered with a note of pride.

Erica was turned on watching Callie relive that filthy moment. She decided to negotiate, too crazy in love with Callie not to fulfill even her silliest whims.  "How about you can dress me when we go out, but not for work.  I'll wear whatever you want outside work--"

Callie silenced her with her index finger on Erica's lips. "Which brings me to rule number three."

"What. Why am I suddenly afraid." Erica deadpanned.

Callie wolfishly stared at Erica's breasts before cupping both breasts in her hands. Erica's breasts spilling over her hands proved too tempting and Callie lowered her head to lavish Erica's breasts with reverential kisses. "You don't have to worry about what you're wearing outside work, at least not at home." Callie mumbled, her mouth otherwise occupied.

Erica seized Callie by her hair and challenged Callie's dazed, lusty stare. "What are you saying."

Callie wrestled her head free and sat taller, fighting the instinct to wilt under the Hahn stare. "If you're home, you're not wearing anything. You enter this house, your clothes come off. Rule number three. No clothes at home."

"No way! Absolutely not!" Erica scoffed and reclined on the headboard, pouting, her arms tightly crossed over her chest.

"You want me to move in, these are the rules." Callie coaxed in a sing-song melody as she stroked the inside of Erica's thigh.

Erica swatted Callie's hand away. "Are you allowed to wear clothes?"

"Hells yeah!  Your house is cold and drafty.  I'll be fully clothed.  These rules are for you. I live outside the law. I am the law as far as you're concerned." Callie stood on her knees to tower over Erica, her attempt at intimidating Erica laughably ineffectual.

Erica's hands gravitated to Callie's ass and she mumbled onto Callie's stomach. "You're the law?"

Callie pushed her breasts into Erica's face. "I am officially the boss of you."  

Erica smashed Callie's breasts together and languidly kissed the hilly landscape in front of her.  "I will obey those rules and I will let you be the boss of me if, and only if, you move in with me and..."

Callie's dominatrix persona instantly evaporated and she plopped into Erica's lap. "Finish that sentence."

"We start talking about the 'always' part," Erica nervously mumbled, suddenly fascinated by the loose thread in the comforter again.

"The 'always' part?"  Callie cautiously prodded.

Erica lifted Callie's hand and threaded their fingers. "The part where I ask you to marry me and you say yes. You agree to 'always' and 'forever.' With me. That part?" Erica sheepishly shrugged one shoulder.

Callie floundered, shocked they were discussing the 'always' part.  "You're ready to start talking about that?"
Erica bashfully smiled the smile of the infatuated and rubbed her thumb over Callie's knuckles. "I've been thinking about it for awhile," Erica admitted and dared to look at Callie.

Callie's brain blanked and her heart hopscotched in her chest.  For all the plotting she had done, Callie wasn't prepared for this conversation. "Me too.  I mean, I have recently.  I think about it...sometimes. Not like all the time! Occasionally it crosses my mind, you know, what if, IF, we ever got married. But like way in the future, like months from-"

"Cal?" Erica gently interrupted, curbing her delight at Callie's complete failure at subtlety.


Erica sat up and looped her arms around Callie's thighs to scoot Callie tighter into her lap.  "I am going to marry you.  I'd marry you yesterday but I think we should wait.  You are too important to me.  You are my life. II'm terrified I'm going to screw this up and lose you.  I can't lose you, baby.  When I marry you, it is going to be the most important, happiest moment of my life, but it has to be right. I want it to be perfect for you."

"It will be perfect. I'll be marrying you. I can wait." Callie eskimo-kissed Erica's nose. "But I'm still the boss of you, okay?"

Erica laughed before nodding, devoutly and blessedly lovestruck.  "Always. You've always been the boss of me, you just didn't know it." Erica massaged Callie's lower back and brushed her lips against Callie's kissable mouth.

Callie wrapped her arms around Erica's neck and gnawed on Erica's bottom lip. "Always?"

"Always," Erica promised, inhaling Callie's breathe before exhaling it back to her in a searing kiss.


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    Top ten things Erica Hahn loves about Callie Torres. 1. When Callie accidentally-on purpose permanently borrowed Erica's favorite dark gray…

  • Falling

    Inspired by "Lucky" by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat: (sorry, the music and video don't…

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