So Kiss Me

Erica and Callie's combined luck usually granted them the same day off work.  If not, one of the women would strategize and shuffle her schedule around to arrange to have at least an afternoon together.  It was unsaid they would spend whatever time they had together, maybe going to a movie, but most likely running errands or tending to long-neglected chores, such as doing laundry at Erica's, or rather, Erica doing Callie's laundry.  Callie would drag her overflowing laundry basket, balanced on one protruding hip, over to Erica's to benefit from Erica's brand-new, state of the art, washing machine and dryer.  This domestic visual of Callie was an unexpected turn-on for Erica, the plastic laundry basket balanced on one of Callie's luscious hips, positioned just above her low-slung jeans, pushing Callie's thin t-shirt up to reveal a sliver of her lower stomach.  Erica had to wonder if Callie intentionally drew the blonde's attention to her curvy body whenever possible, suspecting Callie knew exactly what she was doing.  

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Callie sat on top of Erica's dryer, popping Skittles in her mouth, childishly kicking her legs back and forth, lightly banging the closed metallic door, watching Erica fold Callie's mountain of laundry.  Callie never had a best friend, or anyone who wasn't paid, who did her laundry for her.  She trembled witnessing Erica fold a pair of Callie's tight, dark jeans, Erica's expert hands diligently folding the denim, precision and economy in every movement.  Sighing deeply, Callie wished to be in those pants now, Erica's hands all over her, folding her over.  Afraid Erica could read her thoughts, as Erica had a tendency to do, Callie shook her head, erasing the filth.  Callie had never been this turned on over laundry.  Dr. Erica Hahn could eroticize anything.

Feeling her face flush, Callie tried to fill the void where her dirty thoughts had previously floated.  "So, I'm moving next weekend.  Finally.  That place Christina found,"  Callie announced, throwing back a handful of Skittles in her mouth.

"Yang!?  You're really moving in with Yang again?"  Erica scoffed, selecting another pair of Callie's jeans to fold. 

"She's not that bad.  We're hardly ever there together anyway.  We both work long hours.  Or I'm here with you."  Callie smirked at Erica, surprising herself with how good the truth sounded.  The two women were inseparable, without even acknowledging or planning it.  They just happened to each other, their lives comfortably and naturally entwined. 

Erica allowed a small smile to crack her lips, yet she avoided Callie's eyes, pretending to be preoccupied by one of Callie's shirts.  Her huge heart throbbed at Callie's tone, hearing Callie's smile in her words.  She didn't have to look at Callie to see she was smiling. 

Erica hated Callie living with Yang, and consequently, the unavoidable possibility of running into Yang at Callie's.  Erica shivered at the nightmarish thought of Yang walking in on them in a variety of compromising positions.  She didn't want Yang, or anyone else, to even know about whatever Erica and Callie had between them. They weren't officially together, but they were no longer just best friends.  Making out had become just another part of their day, like showering or eating lunch.  It's what they did. When Erica was honest with herself, she dreamed of a day she could ask Callie to move in with her. They could exist in their own private world, wake up to each other every morning, Erica's ultimate dream come true.  But they were a long way off from that day, Erica knew.  Still, she couldn't help but plan their future when she looked at the ravishing brunette adorably chomping on Skittles, perched on top of her dryer.  Erica cleared her throat.  "When are you moving?" Erica inquired pseudo-nonchalantly, lifting a towel out of the pile of laundry.

"Next Saturday...?  I think.  Are you off?  You wanna help me move?"  Callie threw a Skittle at Erica. 

Erica failed at dodging the airborne candy,the Skittle bouncing off her arm.  The blonde shot Callie her stern trademark Hahn glare before playfully sticking out her tongue.  "Well, let me see.  Do I want to spend all day-my day off, no less-helping you and Yang move?  Hmm?"  Erica pretended to debate this, like she wasn't willingly at Callie's disposal, her devoted slave.  Erica folded the fluffy towel and tilted her chin in the air, narrowing her eyes and feigning deep consideration of Callie's request.

Callie hopped off the dryer and strutted to Erica, tearing the towel out of Erica's hands.  Erica chuckled as Callie looped her arms around Erica's waist and yanked her dangerously close, their bodies colliding.  Callie led them backwards until her own back hit the washing machine.  Rubbing small circles on Erica's lower back, Callie coyly tilted her head, staring dreamily into Erica's azure, dancing eyes.  "Will you please help me move?  I'll pay you in Skittles,"  Callie tempted in a singsong voice.

Erica laughed.  "I can smell them on your breathe." 

"You can?"  Callie closed in on Erica's pinkish lips, exhaling candy scent into Erica's parted mouth. 

Erica managed to nod, concentrating on the shape, heat, and intoxicating scent of Callie's delicious mouth. Callie brushed her lips against Erica's mouth, begging for more contact.  Unable to restrain herself anymore, Callie leaned in, bringing one hand to the back of Erica's neck, pulling Erica in, slipping her tongue in Erica's hot, ready mouth.  Erica's hands stealthily slid up Callie's sides to Callie's face, brushing her dark hair off her forehead, needing to see all of Callie's beautiful face.  

After a deep kiss, Erica carefully unsuctioned her mouth from Callie's.  Callie whimpered at the loss of Ericalips, her doe eyes popping open to find out why the kissing had ceased. Gently hooking Callie's hair behind her ears, Erica tried to catch her breathe and affectionately studied Callie's confused face.  "Yes. I'll help you.  Move."  Erica panted. 

Callie cut her off with a wet kiss, tongue seeking tongue.  Erica responded with a startled moan and threaded her long fingers into Callie's shiny waves, messaging Callie's skull, digging deeper into Callie's mouth. 

Erica finally pushed Callie's flushed face back slightly, desperate for air, dizzy, her knees wobbly. She exhaled and unconsciously licked her damp lips.  "You taste like Skittles." 

Callie beamed, pearly teeth on glorious display, before she closed in on Erica's mouth again, and indulgently licked Erica's swollen lips, wanting a taste.  She reeled her tongue back in and gave Erica a naughty smile.  "You're right.  I do." 

Callie's smoldering smirk, smeared lip gloss, and mussed up hair catapulted Erica to seize Callie by her abundant wavy hair, her dark waves tumbling down to her shoulders.  Callie screamed sex.  Their mouths crashed together and Erica savagely shoved Callie backward into the washing machine with a loud, echoing bang.  Callie's arms instinctively wrapped around Erica, her hands splayed on Erica's strong back. 

Erica ran her hands down Callie's sides, to her thighs, around to her ass, and hoisted Callie up onto the washing machine.  Callie automatically opened her legs, allowing Erica between her thighs, and tightly wound her legs around Erica.  She crossed her feet behind Erica's back and dug her heels into Erica's spine, locking the women together. Callie cradled Erica's upturned face, still connected with Callie at their open, wanting mouths.  Erica's hands smoothed up and down Callie's thighs to her ass, rubbing deeply all along their journey. 

A panic buzzed Erica's brain, an alarm.  Her primal lust for the younger woman, now sitting on her washing machine, legs parted, frightened Erica.  Erica was afraid of herself around Callie.  Normally a master of control, a control-ninja, Erica lost all control with Callie.  Callie awakened a powerful, animalistic urge in Erica she couldn't begin to understand or contain. 

Erica abruptly ripped her mouth from Callie's, sliding her hands up Callie's arms to circle Callie's wrists and untangle Callie's hands from her own blonde curls.  Erica was met with some resistance, Callie had no intention of letting Erica go.  Callie reluctantly opened her eyes to find Erica, looking ashamed and sheepish, fingering Callie's upturned palm.  "Erica, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to...attack that..."  Erica shrugged, blushing, doodling random squiggles on Callie's jean-clad thigh.

"Attack me?!"  Callie erupted into thunderous laughs.  "What are you-?  No!  No!  Erica,"  Callie lifted Erica's chin with a finger.  "Erica, no.  There's absolutely nothing to be sorry about.  I want to kiss that.  I like kissing you like that.  I mean, REALLY like kissing you like that.  I've never wanted to kiss anybody as much as I want to kiss you.  All the time.  You reinvented kissing when you kissed me.  I love...I love kissing you."  Callie lovingly cupped Erica's face and traced Erica's mouth with her thumb.  Callie couldn't help but smile at the sweetest, troubled face in front of her.  She adored Erica's face and wanted to stay like this forever, Erica between her legs and Callie securely locked in Erica's arms.

Erica squeezed Callie's hips before sliding her hands to Callie's ass, grabbing two handfuls of Callie's plush ass, and tugged the brunette even closer to her body.  Erica rubbed her nose against Callie's nose briefly before angling her face to pant directly into Callie's parted mouth, "I love kissing you too." 

Biting her bottom lip, Callie twitched at the familiar burning in her core.  Callie was on fire for this girl.  Callie sought Erica's hooded, dilated eyes and whispered breathlessly into Erica's mouth,  "So kiss me." 

So she did.
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Because I Wanted To (part 2)

Callie clasped Erica's hand to chivalrously and stealthily lead her out of Joe's, dodging and darting through the dense crowd, purposefully avoiding eye contact with anyone to ensure a clean and speedy getaway.  Once they hit the safety of the parking lot, Callie gleefully swung Erica out to her side.  Callie freed Erica's hand, only to wrap her arm around Erica's waist and tug her impossibly close, kissing Erica's neck.  Clinching her other arm around Erica's stomach, Callie essentially captured Erica, as they stumbled to Callie's car. 

Giggling girlishly, Erica reached up and rubbed Callie's cheek, the majority of Callie's face smothered into Erica's neck.  The blonde squirmed as Callie's ticklish mouth gnawed on her pulse point.  "Callie? Where's your car?"  Erica asked, her voice distorted, going up an octave, aroused by Callie's naughty ministrations on her sensitive neck.

"Hmm?"  Callie snagged Erica by her belt loop and spun Erica to face her.  Seizing Erica by her yellow hair, Callie smashed her mouth into Erica's in the middle of the parking lot.  Their bodies collided and Erica's hands immediately gravitated to the small of Callie's back. 

Then Erica's brain rebooted and she realized, with a surge of adrenaline, their very public location. Erica ripped her mouth from Callie's, their sloppy kiss ending with an audible "smooch."  Erica gripped Callie's hands, which were craddling Erica's face.  "Callie!  Callie!  Where's your car?  We can't do this out here,"  Erica panted, pressing her forehead against Callie's, trying to catch her breathe. 

"What car?  Oh!  Yeah, right!  Over here!"  Callie hijacked Erica's wrist and savagely dragged Erica to her car, their feet kicking up dust as they quickly shuffled to Callie's car in the gravel parking lot.  When they located Callie's Range Rover, Callie again tangled her hands in Erica's hair and brutishly shoved Erica backwards, pushing her up against the car with a dull thud. 

Trapped against the car, Erica sighed when Callie feverishly attacked her, sucking and biting up and down Erica's perfumed neck.  Callie's right hand stretched Erica's collar wider, almost ripping the material, providing Callie access to Erica's edible clavicle, the same clavicle Callie drooled over earlier.

Erica struggled to breathe.  Finally, she panted, "Cal?...Callie!?  Can we get in.  The car?" 

Callie ignored her.

Erica attempted to gather strength in her numb arms.  Callie had that effect on her.  Almost total paralysis.  Completely at Callie's mercy, Erica tried futilely to wrestle away from Callie and finally maneuvered her hands between their bodies, clumsily shoving Callie away a few inches.  Callie's hands desperately fought to squeeze Erica's waist to maintain their embrace. 

"Cal!  Open.  The car,"  Erica ordered between deep inhalations, trying to collect herself, fixing her disheveled shirt, her one creamy shoulder sexily exposed, her white bra strap on display. 

"Sure.  Sorry."  Callie sheepishly dug her hands in her jeans' pockets for her keys, forgetting which pocket they were in.  After trying both front and back pockets, Callie became increasingly alarmed. 

"What?  Where are your keys?"  Erica detected panic washing over Callie's face.

"They're somewhere!  One of these pockets...too many pockets...that's the problem..."  Callie's hand was digging deeper into her back pocket, making Callie squint with her exerted effort, her arm contorted in a weird position.  "You want to help me?"  Callie flirted, taking a half-step closer to Erica, invading Erica's space. 

Defiantly locking her eyes with Callie's, Erica dipped her hand into Callie's front pocket, calmly fished the keys out and dangled them in front of Callie's shamed, yet mischievous face.  "You're such a bad liar.  You knew where they were the whole-"

Callie tilted her head and silenced Erica with a tender, deep kiss, the kind of kiss that radiates to the knees and reduces people to puddles of goo.  A goo-making kiss.  Callie eventually, reluctantly broke the kiss, carefully extracting her lips from Erica's, their lips sticking together slightly.  "Gimme the keys.  And get in the car.  Now,"  she whispered into Erica's still-open mouth.  Erica somehow managed to nod.  That whole paralysis thing striking again.

Callie cooly unlocked the car with a couple of beeps of her key chain and reached around Erica to open the door to the backseat.  She motioned with her head for Erica to hop in and openly admired Erica's shapely ass as she climbed into Callie's car.  Erica slid into the backseat and watched Callie jump in after her.  Callie faced Erica, who was hiding in the shadows, nervously retreating closer to the other door.  Callie chuckled to herself at Erica's bashfulness and suddenly remembered the blanket.   She quickly kneeled to bend over the back of the seat and dig around for the blanket she hoped was still back there.  Erica swallowed, undeniably turned on by the swell of Callie's jeans clad ass, now on prominent display, flagrantly pumping in Erica's face.  She could barely stop her twitching hands from automatically grabbing that lush ass and pulling Callie into her lap.  

"Aha!  Found it!"  Callie proudly announced, settling back on the seat, a plaid blanket in her hand, childishly holding it up for Erica to see. 

"Great..."  Erica timidly nodded, drowning in anxiety.  They were doing this. 

Callie witnessed Erica's face fall and reflexively cupped Erica's cheek lovingly.  "Hey...what's wrong?  You don't like my car?  I know.  It's a mess."  Callie tried a joke to squash the palpable tension in the car, picking up an old, crumpled McDonald's bag and shrugging, feigning disgust.  "Look at this!  I don't know who eats this crap.  Definitely not me!  You know what?! Someone must have stolen my car, eaten McDonald's, and then just left the evidence. Cause I only eat healthy food.  You know, salad and...other healthy...stuff...?"  Callie grimaced, unable to even think of what constituted healthy food.  

Erica erupted into raucous laughter and slapped her knee at the so-obvious lie and Callie's endearing trademark rambling.  Relieved by Erica's mirth, Callie laughed too, even at her own expense.  Now reclining in her backseat, Callie was riveted by Erica, her heart aglow at how Erica's head rolled back when she laughed, swishing her thick, blonde curls back and forth across her radiant face.  At that exact moment, Callie swore to herself that she was going to clear away all of Erica's black clouds.  Callie wanted that job for the rest of her life.  

Callie squeezed Erica's knee.  "Erica, sweetie, we don't have to do this.  If you don't want-"

Callie's soothing tone and her heartfelt use of "sweetie,"  their first use of any endearment, which did not go unnoticed by either woman, immediately propelled Erica out of her anxiety.  Erica threaded her long fingers into Callie's hair and violently assaulted Callie's mouth.  

Following Erica's momentum, Callie crawled on top of Erica, hooking her hands under Erica's knees to swing Erica's lower body onto the backseat.  Erica looped her hands around Callie's neck and continued devouring Callie's mouth while Callie maneuvered her thigh in between Erica's legs, eliciting a low growl from Erica.

Callie supported herself on one forearm, laying on top of Erica, Callie's weight squeezing Erica's ample breasts together.  The blonde's now accentuated cleavage screamed for Callie's attention.  Erica proudly caught Callie ogling her, Callie's gaping mouth and hooded, downcast eyes giving her away.  Aroused further by Callie's arousal,  Erica angled Callie's face before leaning in and sucking on Callie's pillowy lower lip.  Callie reacted, slipping her tongue into Erica's mouth.  Emboldened by Erica's moans, Callie snaked her right hand up Erica's shirt to rub her abdomen and then around to the small of Erica's back, dipping her hand into the gap between Erica's velvety back and her jeans.  Insatiable for Callie, Erica maneuvered Callie's head to dig her tongue impossibly deeper into Callie's warm mouth and was rewarded with an appreciative, sultry moan from Callie. 

Callie boldly explored further under Erica's shirt and daringly chanced cupping Erica's substantial, supple breast, craddled in a white lacy bra.  Sighing deeply at the surprising touch, Erica naturally arched into Callie.  Interpreting this as encouragement, Callie progressed to kneading Erica's breast as she kissed down Erica's jaw to the fleshy spot below Erica's ear.  Erica panted as Callie alternated sucking and nibbling Erica's neck before chewing on Erica's earlobe.  Rubbing her hands up and down Callie's back, Erica incrementally inched Callie's shirt up, exposing her lower back.  The cool air on her back startled Callie, causing her to shift and hover over Erica's flushed face, her eyes seeking Erica's, checking in with her.  Without words, Erica let Callie know she was exactly where she wanted to be, cementing that fact when she caressed Callie's soft face with the back of her fingers.  Callie granted Erica a tiny smile, shocked by a nameless love blazing behind Erica's eyes, hoping it burned for her, but not yet knowing.  

Incredibly turned on by Erica's rosy, kiss-bruised mouth, Callie dipped her head back down and licked Erica's upper lip, requesting permission to taste Erica again.  Erica stuck her tongue out to stroke Callie's tongue, before Callie forcefully plunged her tongue back into Erica's mouth.  Trailing her fingertips down Erica's abdomen, Callie zig-zagged her nails, stopping just above the belt, detecting goosebumps under her touch.  Erica moaned into Callie's mouth when Callie's hand ventured back up to Erica's breast, kneading even harder. 

Now thoroughly lost in Erica, Callie kissed down Erica's chin to her throat, trailing scorching, wet kisses down the long, elegant column of Erica's neck.  Erica's pulse raced as Callie torturously peeled Erica's lacy bra back to caress Erica's naked breast, Erica's exposed nipple teased taut by Callie's open palm.  Erica's mind blanked euphorically as she pressed the back of her head into the leather seat and stared up at the steamed-up window above her,  faintly spying a section of the starry sky. 

Then Erica jolted alert at the sound of familiar voices and drunken laughter.  Panicked adrenaline scalded her veins.  She instantly recognized that voice, a voice that annoyed her routinely at work.  A voice that made her cringe with its pathetic desperation to be liked.


Fuck me.  Erica scurried to get Callie off her.  "Callie!  Callie!  Get off!"  Erica struggled to sit up, as much as she could with Callie's weight undulating on top of her.  Erica rudely pushed Callie's shoulders up and Callie unsuctioned her lips from Erica's neck. 

"What?"  Callie slurred, her speech lethargic with lust, her lips puffy from the fervent kissing.

Untangling herself from Callie, Erica hurriedly and awkwardly pulled herself up to a sitting position.  Callie nonchalantly sat back on the seat.  "What's the matter?"  Callie tried to catch up, watching Erica sink down in the seat. 

"Yang!  Fucking Yang!  I just heard her voice!"  Erica angrily whispered and pointed out the window.

Callie turned her head and looked out her back window.  "Oh, yeah.  There they are.  They're just getting in Grey's car.  They didn't even see us."  Callie rested her arm on the back of the seat and smiled down at Erica, now slouched down as low as she could in the backseat.

"We were supposed to move the car, Cal!  They must have seen us!  They walked right by!  God damn it!"  Erica's shaky hands shielded her face, naively trying to make herself disappear.

"Erica, it's fine.  I promise you they didn't see us."  Callie scooted closer to Erica.  She looked out the back window again and saw Grey's taillights leaving the parking lot.  "See, they're gone.  Now back to the kissing..."  Callie hooked several mussed up blonde curls behind Erica's ear and stamped Erica's neck with a moist, open-mouth kiss.

Erica yanked her head in the opposite direction and turned her body to face Callie.  "Callie!  What if they saw us?  Your hands were all...up my shirt and..doing stuff!  Oh my God, Cal-"

Callie rubbed Erica's thigh.  "Erica!  Erica!  Listen.  They did not see us.  They were probably too drunk to even notice my car was rocking..." Callie joked, biting her lip to stop from laughing in Erica's adorably troubled face. 

"Callie!"  Erica swatted Callie's arm.  "This isn't funny-"

"I'm sorry!  I'm kidding.  Erica,"  Callie lightly kissed Erica's pouting, petulant mouth before seeking Erica's worried eyes.  "Sweetie.  Erica. I promise you.  They didn't see us.  Even if they did, who gives a fuck?  I don't."  Callie shrugged, twirling one of Erica's golden curls around her index finger. 

Erica sighed heavily, combing her fingers through her hair, emotionally spent.  "I'm sorry...I just...panicked when I heard Yang's voice and-"

Callie shut Erica up with a kiss.  "Sweetie, it's fine.  Now can we just go back to the kissing part?  And this time we'll use the blanket as our protective shield!"  Callie pulled the blanket up off the floor.  Callie closed in on Erica's mouth and begged breathlessly, "Please, Erica?"

Entranced by Callie, Erica happily had no choice but to nod, a wicked smile slowly forming on her lips. 

Callie beamed, stalking closer to Erica to push the blonde on her back for round two.

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Ten Song Challenge

1.  "Dogs" by Damien Rice

I'm studying her sleeping form, sniffing her blonde head.  She's snoring, her face nuzzled into my neck, her breathe tickling my skin.  More than half her body is on top of me, a human blanket, her leg swung possessively over my stomach.  This blonde who lives with me.  Or I live with her.  In our little house.  And our new addition, a puppy, Scout.  My idea.  He's snoring too at the foot of the bed.  Our little family.  Our first baby.  I'm overwhelmed when I look at her, at our life.  She's changed me.  Or not.  Maybe I wasn't myself until I met her.  Someone I didn't even know I could be, until her.  She lives with me.  Or I live with her.  I am home.  In our home.  In our bed, with my blonde.  

2.  "I'll Follow the Sun" by the Beatles

Erica was driving and I was singing to this song on the radio. 

"You like the Beatles?"  She chuckled.  "Since when?"

"Since forever.  If you opened the door to my soul, do you know what you would hear?  The Beatles," I solemnly pledged.  I honestly believe this to be true.

Erica's whole body vibrated with giggles.  "You're a nut."

I shrugged, not sure what she meant, but not really caring if it made her face light up like that.

3.  "Lust for Life"  by Iggy Pop

I spy on Erica working out on the elliptical at the gym.  Her ass pumping and her arms pushing and pulling.  Sweat is dripping down her face and neck into her cleavage.  Her white tank top is sticking to her, highlighting her white sports bra.  I suck on my water bottle, wishing I was sucking on her....anything.  Lusting after my girlfriend working out, panting, wiping her sweaty face with a towel.  Her hair in a sexy, messy ponytail, random curls falling out from the ponytail, framing her face, sticking to her face.  I cut to flashbacks of last night.  Her sweating under me, begging me to fuck her.  I couldn't fuck her hard enough.  I wanted to tear her apart.  I blush with visuals of her panting into my mouth, arching into me as I thrust, ever deeper, almost breaking her.  She panted just like she is now. 
God I love working out.

4.  "The Ascent of Man" by R.E.M.

I could never imagine a place as beautiful as lying in bed at night, in the afterglow, watching Erica.  "There is nowhere else I'd rather be right now," I whisper as I hover over her face and twine a gold curl around my index finger. 

She strokes my cheek with the back of her fingers.  She is physically spent but her eyes radiate love.  "Me either."  She puts her hand behind my neck and gently guides me to her mouth. 

"Are you really going to marry me tomorrow?"  I plead, my eyes watering at the life we are about to embark on together.

Erica wipes the tears from my eyes and nods. 

5.  "Country Feedback"  by R.E.M.

"Erica!  Open the door!"  Callie pounds thunderously on Erica's front door.

"Go away, Callie!"  Erica orders, crying on the other side of the door.

"I know I fucked up!  I'm to blame.  I know all that.  And by the way, you do know me.  You're the only one who does know me.  And here's what I know and I want you to know this too.  I love you!  I love you, Erica Hahn.  I am crazy in love with you.  And it has actually made me crazy and made me act in ways I never imagined I would ever behave.  I know I fucked up.  I was just scared.  Please open the door.  Please talk to me!"  Callie sobs, pounding the door.  Her pounds lessen in intensity as her sobbing increases, taking her breathe away.  Her pounds stop as her palm flattens against the door, sliding down the door as she falls to her knees, resting her forehead against the door.  Callie, heartbroken, finally realizes what she could have had. 

6.  "This is the One" by Stone Roses

"What?  What are you looking at?  Oh!  Do I have a milk mustache?  That sometimes happens when I drink these stupid lattes.  I say no foam-"

"Erica!"  I chuckle.


I can't answer, trying to stifle my laughs at her expense.  I study her, my heart bursting.  She's the one I've been waiting for.  I realize this in line at Starbucks. 

"Callie!  Stop staring at me like that!"  She swats my arm.

"I can't!"  I push her hair out of her face.

"Stop it."  She pretends to be mad.

"I told you I can't."  I smile serenely at her.  I wrap my arm around her waist and tug her to me, our bodies colliding, and I devour her mouth.  In a Starbucks.  Erica yanks me closer, her hand tangled in my hair at the base of my neck. 

I pull away slightly. "You just had a little milk mustache thing going on.  Just cleaning it off for you."  I grin cheekily at her and pinch her ass as she turns from me in a huff and rolls her eyes.

7.  "Awake" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I gaze down at her, as I carefully unbutton her shirt, checking in with her after every button to make sure she's okay.  I unveil the creamiest skin craddled in a black lace bra.  I trail my finger over her now bare clavicle down to the rise of her ample breast.  I trace the boundary of the black lace down to her sternum that rises and falls with each pant.  She's breathing heavily, hissing through her open lips.  Dipping my head slowly, I taste her breast, my open mouth stamping her milky mound.  I peel back the lace an inch and kiss there.  She grabs a handful of my hair and savagely pulls me up to her mouth, angling my head to kiss me deeper.  She roughly pushes my mouth away and breathlessly begs, "Fuck me, Callie." 

8.  "Everyday is Like Sunday" by Morrissey

Ticklish kisses up and down my spine wake me up.  I reach behind me to clumsily swat Callie away.  I hear her giggle.  "Callie, I'm sleeping.  This is what sleeping looks like,"  I mumble, my speech slurred by my downy pillow half-smothering my face.

"I know.  Wake up."  She's licking a line down the back of my thigh. 

I try to nudge her away with my foot.  "Baby, it's Sunday.  My one day to sleep in.  Please stop."

"No, it's our one day to have uninterrupted sex all day.  So wake up.  We can't waste it sleeping."  She slowly crawls up my body on her hands and knees, dropping intermittent kisses on my back and whispers in my ear, "So wake up."

9.  "Shelter"  by Ray LaMontagne

We're on the couch, her head in my lap.  I comb my fingers through her hair, fingering random curls.  "Baby, you did the best you could.  There was nothing else anyone could do." 

Erica blows her nose, adorably loud, and sits up abruptly.  "I could have done more!  I'm such a-"

"Baby!"  I pull her into my lap.  "Baby, you're the best.  You can't save everyone."  I hush her sobs and kiss her temple.  I rock her to sleep, her head on my shoulder.  I wait until she starts snoring to lay her down on the couch.  I cuddle into her and cover us with a blanket.  I'll be here when she wakes.

10.  "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"  by Iron and Wine

The windows are steaming up, getting cloudy.  I'm sucking on the softest skin behind Erica's ears.  My hand creeps under her shirt after yanking it from her skirt.  I rub her stomach and sides until I reach her bra and knead her lace-covered breast.   Her hands are in my hair and she yanks me back to her mouth.  Our mouths crash together, until she pulls back.  "You know, we can go in my house.  We don't always have to makeout in cars.  We're not 16." She gives me a smile, ridiculing my fetish for sexual encounters in backseats of cars.  I attack her mouth.  "Or we can stay here,"  Erica manages between kisses. 


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Another Ten Song Challenge(It's Addictive)

1.  "Not About Love" by Fiona Apple

"Mark, it's not about love!"  I protest, hugging myself on the couch in an on-call room.  Erica just snubbed me in the hallway, like I was dead to her.

"Of course it's about love!  Even I know that.  I've seen the way she looks at you.  I've seen the way you look at her.  This shit's been going on for almost a year.  It's time to step up, Callie.  Step up or leave her alone because it's not fair to her.  Stop acting like you don't love her."  Mark lectures me, standing over me with his hands on his hips.

"I'm not acting like that!"

"You're not?  Explain your behavior lately.  Of course she said she doesn't know you.  I don't even know you anymore.  Get up off the couch.  Dry your eyes and go find her.  She wants you to find her.  Go after her.  Win her back.  Girls love that shit.  Go sweep her off her feet.  She deserves that." Mark coaches me, giving me a game plan.

"What if she won't talk to me?" 

"She will.  Trust me.  You won't have to do much convincing.  She loves you.  Just show up for her. Go on."  Mark pushes me out the door and playfully kicks my ass with his Nikes.

2.  "Fade Into You"  by Mazzy Star

I seize Erica's head and crash my mouth into hers, tackling her onto the bed, my body tumbling on top of hers.  We land with a soft thud.  I pull back slightly to look at her at this moment, my favorite moment, right before I ravish her.  Sex has never meant this much to me.  Before it was always....?  Recreation?  Aerobics?  Not this.  Not with her.  Sex is the only way I can convey to her all that I don't have language for, how much I love her.  Saying the words "I love you"  is not enough.  Insufficient.  It's beyond language, it's the stuff of our souls and what happens to my heart when I look at her.  I devour her mouth, diving into her, fading into her,  losing myself in Erica.

3.  "Hold You In My Arms"  by Ray LaMontagne

I nudge Callie, fast asleep on her side. "Callie?"

"Hmm....what?"  She stirs momentarily. "What is it?"

"I can't sleep.  Can you just hold me?"  

"I thought I was," Callie mumbles, drowsy, squinting her eyes.

"No, I was holding you.  I need you to hold me.  I had a bad dream."

"C'mere, baby."  She rolls over completely and holds her right arm open for me to crawl into her.  "Turn over on your side." 

I obey and curl into the empty space her body makes, matching her shape perfectly.  Callie clamps her arm around my middle and nuzzles her face into my hair, sighing.  "Go to sleep,"  she whispers, kissing my shoulder.  "Love you."

"Love you."  I lift her hand and kiss the top of it before I entwine our fingers.  Now I can sleep. 

4.  "Black Satin" by the Ravonettes

I'm sitting on our couch, Callie's audience for this private lap dance, my gift for our anniversary.  She asked me what I wanted and this was at the top of my wish list.  Our eyes lock until she unzips her dress and  tantalizingly peels it off her shoulders, one strap at a time.  She lets the dress fall, pooling at her feet, before she kicks it away.  Wearing only a black satin bra, matching panties, thigh-high stockings, and black heels, she stalks towards me and nudges my legs open.   I lift my hands to touch her hips, but she swats my hands away.  "No touching,"  she scolds me as she reaches behind her back with both hands to unclasp her bra.  I stop breathing. 

5.  "Ice Cream" by Sarah McLachlan

"Here, taste this."  Callie airplanes a heaping, melting spoonful of ice cream to my face.

I turn away.  "You know I don't like strawberry.  It's blasphemy.  All ice cream should be chocolate ice cream." 

"But it's delicious," Callie teases me in a singsong melody.  She ratchets the teasing up a knotch by licking the spoon seductively, performing sex acts on a piece of silverware, sitting on our kitchen counter. 

I'm unable to stiffle a raucous laugh.  "Stop it!  That's gross!"

"C'mere."  She grabs me as I try to walk by and sticks her cold tongue in my mouth.

I kiss her back thoroughly.  When we finally separate, I narrow my eyes at her.  She awaits my verdict.  "Still don't like it."  I say over my shoulder as I saunter away.  I hear her feet running behind me before she jumps on my back and tackles me onto the couch.

6.  "Silent Sigh"  by Badly Drawn Boy

"Do you want a boy or a girl?"  Callie quizzes me as we walk to the car, coming out of the doctor's office.

"Doesn't matter.  Either.  Both.  I don't care.  Just as long as it's a baby.  A healthy one." 

'Me too!  Although I've always wanted a girl, you know?  A little girl?"  She grasps my hands, lacing our fingers, and tugs me closer, our shoulders bumping. 

"We should pick out names for girls and boys though, just in case." 

"Right!  Any ideas?"  Callie asks, swinging our entwined hands.

"Yeah, some."  I look over at her, meeting her gleeful, dancing eyes.  My heart glows knowing this beautiful girl is carrying our baby.  I want to jump up and down in the parking lot.  My heart is literally on fire for this girl and what our lives have in store for us in nine months.  Instead of cartwheels, I settle for squeezing her hand as tight as I possibly can and kiss her temple. 

She reads my mind, as she always does, and stops abruptly to cup my cheek and kiss me tenderly in the parking lot. 

We come up for air and Callie joyously announces, "So about girls names....I was thinking about..."

7.  "Untitled" by the Cure

"Let me just tell you all the things I never got to say.  I was too terrified to admit that you were the one.  But what if the one you've been waiting for your whole life happens to be a girl?  That wasn't the plan for my life. I didn't know how to handle that.  I didn't want to fall for you, but I did.  You just happened to me. You happened and I couldn't handle it.  I wasn't ready then, but I'm ready now.  I'm ready for us." 

"It's too late, Cal.  I'm done."  Erica tries to shut the door.

I stick my foot in the doorway.  "No!  No, you can't be done!  I'm not giving up on us.  I will sit out here.  I will sleep out here.  I'll do anything.  I'm not letting you give up.  I know you don't want to give up.  I love you and I will do whatever it takes to win you back, make it up to you.  Please, Erica.  Please let me try."

She opens the door a little more and rests her forehead against it, considering.  "Fine.  You can come in and we'll talk.  Just talk.  I'm not promising anything."

"That's all I want." 

She opens the door fully and lets me walk in. 

8.  "Baby, You're My Light"  by Richard Hawley

"My ring looks nice on you."  We admire my engagement ring on her creamy hand as we lay in bed, trying to catch our breathe after a celebratory romp. 

She holds her hand in the air and watches the gem twinkle, catching some stray moonlight streaming through the window.  "I love it." 

"I love you,"  I whisper and kiss the top of her head.  "You did say yes, right?" 

"Yes!"  She swats my hip under the sheets.  "You knew I'd say yes!"

"I know.  Just making sure I wasn't dreaming."  I smile down at her upturned face.  She rolls on top of me and kisses me deeply enough to ensure I wasn't dreaming.

9.  "This House Is Not For Sale"  by Ryan Adams

We're eating on the floor of the kitchen in our new house.  Nothing is unpacked so we ordered pizza and are having an indoor picnic. 

"Pizza's good,"  I comment between mouthfuls, munching happily, looking around at the cavernous, empty house.

Erica takes another slice.  "Yeah...Oh!  Where are we going to sleep?  The bed didn't get delivered.  Those assholes never showed-" 

"We'll sleep on the floor.  I have a sleeping bag.  We'll camp indoors.  It'll be fun!" 

"Yeah, but we only have one sleeping bag. How's that gonna work?" Erica takes a bite of her pizza, chewing adorably, cross-legged on the floor.

"Right, I know.  One sleeping bag?"  I wink wickedly at her and smile, taking a huge bite of pizza.  

Erica throws her pizza crust at me. 

"What?!  We'll be all warm and toasty, all cuddled up." I crawl over to her on my hands and knees.  I climb into her lap and push her on her back to hover over her face.  I run my hand up her side and cup her breast before I lower my mouth to her ear, "Our first fuck in our new house." 

10.  "Yellow" by Coldplay

I never noticed before how her eyes have silver flecks that sparkle when passing headlights flash by.   I study her profile, how she bites her lip when she drives. "I love you,"  I gush as I lift her hand off the steering wheel and kiss her palm.

She smiles, eyes still on the road.  "I love you too."

I lean over and chew on her ear lobe.

"Baby, I'm driving."  Erica yanks her head away from me, trying to concentrate on the road.  "You're gonna kill us."

"Just drive."  I slide my hand up her skirt, running my nails up the inside of her thigh.  

She tries to close her legs as much as she can, with one leg still on the accelerator, the car hurtling forward at 55 miles per hour. "Callie!  Stop!"  

"Pull over,"  I purr into her ear before I kiss the sweet spot just behind it.

"We're almost home-"

"Just pull over!"  I'm already undoing the belt to her skirt. 

She abruptly pulls over, kicking up dust and squealing the tires.  She quickly turns the key off in the ignition before I attack her, violently turning her face to smash my mouth into hers.  I awkwardly but hurriedly hike my skirt up and crawl into her lap.  I'm facing her when the red flashing lights catch my eye.  

"Baby,  the police are here..." 


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Because I Wanted To

Leaning against the bar and sipping her Jack and Coke, Callie scoped out the crowd at Joe's for her favorite tall blonde.  Callie had texted Erica earlier, instructing Erica to come to Joe's after her shift.  Erica texted back she had a late surgery and would meet Callie afterwards.  To kill time during her insipid wait, Callie distracted herself by idly chatting with Yang and Izzie, before retreating back to the bar to get yet another drink.  Drink number three.  

Still no Erica.  Callie, naturally impatient, grew increasingly fussy each time she checked potential messages on her phone.  Callie doublechecked her phone was on and even triplechecked to ensure the battery wasn't dead.  Where the fuck is she?  Callie resented spending half her life waiting for Erica.  

Loudly slurping her third Jack and Coke, Callie vigilantly watched the entrance.  Then Callie very nearly choked. 

The earth skidded to a halt. 

Erica was here. 

Erica strided through the door, haloed by a car's headlights outside streaming through the door behind her.  Callie's previously-pissed heart melted at the sight of the badass cardio-genius shyly searching for Callie in the sea of sloshed doctors.  Callie stopped herself from waving like a lunatic, and opted to play it cool, still rankled that Erica had kept her waiting.  Callie enjoyed covertly watching Erica, focusing in on the curvy blonde.  The people populating the crowded bar automatically morphed into nebulous, faceless blobs and their choir of conversations was reduced to a muffled, unintelligible din.  Callie's girl was here. 

Eventually, Erica spotted Callie so-casually leaning against the bar, brazenly staring right back at Erica.  Erica smirked wickedly and sauntered to the opposite side of the bar.  They pretended they weren't there expressly to see the other woman. Erica ordered and paid for her wine, never taking her eyes off Callie.  Callie sustained Erica's penetrating gaze, never wavering. 

Erica spied an empty table and communicated with her eyes for Callie to rendezvous there.  Callie lazily pushed off the bar and swaggered over to Erica at the tiny round table.  Both women indulgently and unabashedly looked each other up and down, sizing each other up.  Callie slid onto the tall stool opposite Erica.  Saving herself from seeming too eager, Erica settled on a tiny, tight grin.  Both women waited for the other to speak, so their eyes did the talking, betraying their latent desires and soaring elation in the other's presence. 

Callie cleared her throat.  "Um...I'm sorry again about Mark.  It's not his fault.  It's my fault.  I know you're a private person.  It's just...I got excited...about you.  I am excited about you...about us?  I just...I think I lost a little bit of myself in my marriage.  I didn't know if I'd ever get excited about anyone ever again.  And it just feels really want someone again.  I couldn't keep it to myself.  I'm sorry..."  Callie offered as penance the most endearing grimace Erica had ever witnessed.  Erica battled the resounding urge to climb over the table right then and thoroughly kiss away any apology from Callie's mind.  Erica only heard that Callie wanted her.  Firewords illuminated the night sky of Erica's long dormant heart.

Erica, too fearful to acknowledge her knee-jerk reaction and unable to articulate all she was feeling, resorted to a joke, a safer bet.  "I think I just hate him because he's seen you naked."  Erica feigned aggressive confidence to mask her raging vulnerability.  Erica did truly hate that Mark had seen Callie naked, presumably many times, while Erica had to suffice with stolen glances at Callie's cleavage.  Erica was now an expert at calculating the perfect vantage point for the most opulent view of Callie's breasts, whatever the situation.  Being a loyal fan of Callie's ass, Erica was mesmerized by the rhythmic sway of Callie's lush hips, leaving Erica to only imagine the glorious body under those tightest of jeans. 

Callie couldn't wrap her head around the words the Dr. Erica Hahn had just boldy admitted to her face.  Did the Dr. Erica Hahn just infer that she wanted to see Callie naked?  Callie's doe eyes popped, stunned, until her face dissolved into her signature megawatt smile, as she shook her head, pretending to disapprove of the randy behavior of the mischievous blonde minx.  Callie couldn't handle the intensity of Erica's lustful, hooded eyes, combined with Erica's wanting Callie unclothed, so she sought refuge in her drink, dunking random ice cubes with her straw.  

Now ashamed of her too-daring confession, Erica gulped her red wine.  That was too much.  There was a line and I crossed it.  I bulldozed right over the fucking line.  She can't even look at me now.  Goddamn it.  I'm a fucking idiot.  She just told her best friend she wanted to see her naked.  That's of a point of no return.  You don't come back from that. Erica timidly tilted her head up to see if Callie was still uncomfortably stirring her drink. 

Callie's stool was empty.  Erica's heart hiccuped.

Then Erica felt a soothing hand on her forearm.  Callie was now seated to her left, very purposefully invading Erica's space, their knees needlessly bumping under the table.   

While stirring her drink, Callie had peeked at Erica and decoded the melancholic regret in Erica's  eyes as Erica frantically drained her wine glass.  Erica's too obvious and painful humiliation, accompanied by a sexy blush, catapulted Callie off her stool to Erica's side.  Callie was learning too that she liked the world a whole lot better at Erica's side.

"Is it okay if I sit here?"  Callie flirted, leaning her elbows on the table, and rubbing a small circle on the inside of Erica's smooth wrist with her thumb.

Erica choked on her mouthful of wine and delicately put her wine glass on the table, before she dropped it with her shaky hands.   "Um...yeah.  Yeah...that's...fine."  Erica strangled the stem of her wine glass with both hands and contemplated its emptiness, wishing it were full again.  Erica wanted to drown in wine. 

Callie bit her lip, studying this fascinating dichotomy of a woman.  Erica oscillated between an authoritative, fearless warrior at work and the loveliest puddle of a girl in Callie's presence.  Callie's chief ambition in life was solving the riddle of Erica Hahn, whilst also gaining admittance into the blonde's pants.  Who was this sometimes ferocious, sometimes mousy, and always incredibly sexy woman?  Callie, captivated, leaned into Erica. "'ve thought of me naked?"

"No!" Erica almost yelled, too emphatically, totally giving herself away.  Erica shook her head violently, until her serious, stern face gradually gave way to a guilty smile.  Erica found Callie's gleeful eyes, sensing it was okay to admit the truth, Callie wanted the truth.   "Okay...maybe?"  

"Maybe?  Maybe what?"  Callie begged for the truth, teasing it out of Erica.

"Maybe...yes?"  Erica cocked one eyebrow, admitting her private Callie-dreams to the woman who occupied her dreams.

Callie beamed, satisfied and proud.  "You have?  Since when...?  When did you start...wanting to see me naked...?"  Callie faintly ran one finger up and down Erica's forearm from the cushiony crook of Erica's elbow to her elegant wrist. 

Erica's pulse skyrocketed as Callie tickled her forearm.  Erica struggled to think coherently, having difficulty forming words when Callie was doing what she was doing. " know the day I met you?" 

"Ahhh...yeah?"  Callie tried to remember, lifting her chin in the air, trying to picture in her mind the day of Erica's fateful arrival to Seattle Grace.

"That day,"  Erica replied, deadpan.  Erica tried to defuse the erogenous energy of their proximity and  Callie's tantalizing touch with lame humor.  If Erica gave into the physiological effect Callie was having on her at that moment, they would be found out, what with Erica's tongue in Callie's mouth.  That was out of the question.  They had an audience.  They had to behave. 

"What?!"  Callie pounded the table with one fist, jostling the glasses. 

"No!  I don't know the exact date...just...for awhile."  Erica doodled her finger through some condensation on the tabletop.

Callie, infused by her growing infatuation for the blonde next to her, was discovering random details she had somehow been blind to.  No longer just the best friend, Erica was shiny and new to Callie.  How did Callie never notice how coltish and youthful Erica appeared when she was nervous,  which made Callie want to scoop Erica up in her arms?  Or how did Callie never notice the erotic geometry of Erica's clavicle and how it winked at Callie, half-hidden beneath Erica's loose-fitting shirt?  Callie had an inkling she was sitting next to the sexiest girl in the history of sex or girls.

"You want to dance?"  Callie, heard herself ask, not filtering her wish to have Erica's body moving against hers. 

"Here?  With you?"  Erica quickly swiveled her head around, identifying too many of their coworkers, all in various states of inebriation.  

"No, with Yang over there.  Yeah, with me!  I want to dance with you."  Callie surreptitiously snaked her leg around Erica's leg under the table and angled her upper body closer to Erica, her hot breathe on Erica's creamy cheek. 

Erica shook her head no, apologetically, her worried eyes downcast.  A few gold curls fell into her eyes and before Erica could hook them behind her ears, Callie reached over and lovingly fingered the curls before twining them behind Erica's ears, burning Erica's eyes with her own and smiling serenely. 

"Um...maybe later, okay?  I'm not drunk enough yet."  Erica picked up her empty glass and shrugged. 

"I'll go get you another drink!  I'll be right back!"  Callie lept off her stool, a blur of pearly teeth and swinging shiny, dark hair, not allowing Erica to object, and navigated her way to the bar.  Erica stalked Callie with her eyes the entire time, marveling at Callie's special brand of magic, her luminous glow.  Erica was a firefly to Callie's flame. 

"Here you go!"  Callie bounced back onto her stool, armed with two red wines and two shots. 

"Thanks."  Their hands purposefully touched as Callie handed Erica her wine, both knowing exactly what they were doing.  

Callie raised her glass cheerfully, "Drink up! I plan on getting you drunk and taking advantage of you,"  Callie threatened with a knowing, sly grin and a playful wink.

"You don't have to get me drunk to take advantage of me,"  Erica confidently reassured her in her lowest, smuttiest tone, beating Callie at her own dirty game.  

After a smoldering moment, both women simultaneously burst into girlish giggles.  Erica's wine almost came out her nose.  They relished finally giving voice to subterranean and harsly denied desires they had shamefully buried or learned to ignore.  Reveling in rowdy laughter, the girls earned annoyed sneers from nearby tables. 

Now emboldened by liquor, Callied wished to test Erica with a secret kept in a hidden chamber of Callie's heart.  Callie inhaled deeply and swirled the wine in her glass.  "Um...Erica?  Can I tell you a secret?" 

"Ahh...sure?"  Erica tensed at Callie's tone.

"You know that night you and me and Addison were here?  And I was dancing with Mark?"  Callie timidly asked, continuing to swirl the wine in her glass, her stomach somersaulting.

"Yeah.  That was fun for me, witnessing that,"  Erica scoffed, ruminating over that shitty night and having to watch Callie lead Mark out of the bar. Erica never slept that night.  Instead, she laid in bed, torturing herself trying not to imagine what Mark was doing to her Callie.

"What if I said I was trying to make you jealous?  Dancing with Mark?" Erica chanced a glance at Erica,  sinisterly wanting Erica to admit how much it had hurt her. To prove that it mattered to Erica who Callie danced with. 

Erica's wine glass halted in mid-air.  "I would say it worked." 

"What would you say if I said that I had wanted to go home with you that night and not Mark?"  Callie held her breathe.

"Well, I didn't think it was possible for me to hate Mark more, but I do now."  Erica again resorted to sarcasm, her coping mechanism.  Erica wasn't ready to admit how delirious Callie's confession made her.  Erica was never happier to be so miserable over someone.

The women timidly sought each other's eyes, their safe haven in the tempest of this newfound rapture between them.  First Erica's wish to see Callie naked, then Callie's confession that she wanted to take Erica home with her, not Mark.  It was dizzy-making.  Once they unlocked the door to their secret hearts, each confession prompted another one.  These long-kept secrets burst from their chests, both women needing to unburden themselves. And the alcohol helped. 

Erica downed another gluttonous mouthful of wine, feeling daring.  "Can I tell you a secret?" Erica challenged, crossing her forearms on the table and narrowing her azure, tipsy eyes at Callie.

"Yes!"  Callie yelped, slamming her empty shot glass down on the table.

"When I was watching you dance with that asshole, Mark, Addison said something like, 'She's pretty.'  And I said, 'she's beautiful.'  You were beautiful.  I couldn't take my eyes off you."  The same was true now.  Erica was riveted by Callie, brushing her knee against the inside of Callie's knee. 

"You thought I was beautiful!?"  Callie clarified, shocked.  People had commonly referred to Callie as beautiful, but it never meant anything.  But Erica's starry eyes filled with reverence and awe whenever refracting the image of Callie made Callie feel beautiful for the first time ever. 

Erica sighed, beholding the ravishing girl at her table. "You are beautiful, Callie."  Erica then averted her eyes, fretful at the effect Callie was having on her in her drunken state and in public. 

Every time Erica's courage faltered, Callie saw the kinks in Erica's armor and fell for Erica a bit more.  This was the real Erica, skittish and completely lovable.  Callie spun her foot around Erica's ankle that was resting on a rung of Erica's stool.  "Can I ask you something?"  Callie dared, tilting her head and biting her plush bottom lip. 

Erica nodded slowly, enthralled by Callie. 

"Why did you kiss me in the elevator?"  Callie put her chin in her hand and stared directly into Erica's flushed face, putting Erica on the spot.  The question had floated around Callie's brain since it happened.  She was now drunk enough to ask.  

Being held accountable for her reckless actions made Erica blush and run her fingers through her thick hair, a nervous habit.  "Because I wanted to?  I know it was silly.  Like I kissed you on a dare or something stupid and mabye I played it off like that, but honestly?  I had wanted to kiss you for a long time.  I had been thinking about it for a long time.  There was just never the right time it, you know?  And it just seemed like I could do it and get away with it...? I don't know.  The truth is...I just wanted to...kiss you.  So I did."  Erica shrugged, exhaling loudly, purged of the truth. 

That was the right answer. Because she wanted to.  It wasn't a game.  It wasn't about Mark or some ridiculous threesome.  Because she wanted to kiss Callie.  Because Erica wanted Callie.  Callie snuck her hand under the table and slid her hand up the inside of Erica's knee to her mid-thigh, rubbing Erica's jeans.  "I want to kiss you.  Right.  Now,"  Callie purred, closing in on Erica's mouth.

Erica slammed her hand over Callie's, arresting Callie's hand on her own knee.  Erica yanked her head back and surveyed the room, panicstriken.  "No.  Yang and Grey and everyone are right over there!"  Erica scolded discreetly, shaking her head no. 

Callie wrestled her hand away from Erica's grip and twirled one of Erica's curls around her finger while she raptly admired Erica's face.  "I don't care about them.  I really need to kiss now."  Callie licked her lips, tunnel-visioning on Erica's rosy lips.

Erica was undeniably aroused by the yearning in Callie's eyes, Callie's sultry tone, and her most primal need to kiss Erica right now.  "I really want to kiss you too, but..." Erica whispered, sliding her hand back on Callie's knee under the table.

Callie covered Erica's hand with both of her hands and toyed with Erica's fingers, examining Erica's warm palm.  "Can we go somewhere?" Callie begged, coyly searching Erica's eyes.

Erica blinked several times, distracted by Callie's ministrations on her palm.  "Where?" 

"The bathroom?" It was the nearest place she could think of. 

"No!  That's gross.  And anyone could walk in!  No!" Erica scoffed.  Erica walked the treacherous tightrope of desperation to kiss Callie and not getting caught.  

"My backseat!  I have a really big backseat and the seats fold down.  Come on-" Callie lept off her stool and tried to drag Erica behind her, caveman style.

Erica dug her feet on the ground, yanking Callie back to the table. "Callie!  Callie, no!  So someone could walk by, look in the window, and see us?  No.  We can't,"  Erica sadly whined. 

Callie slithered back to Erica, gripped Erica's hips and brutally tugged her closer. Callie's mouth brushed Erica's.  "But I need to be kissing you.  Right. Now." Callie's eyes burned intensely into Erica's eyes.  Callie panted, breathing Erica's sweet breathe.

"I know...God damn it!"  Erica scoped the bar panicked, in a tailspin, dying to get Callie alone. 

Callie squeezed Erica's hips.  "Oh, wait!  I have a blanket in my car!  We'll hide under the blanket.  And I'll move the car to the dark corner of the parking lot!  Please, Erica."  Callie hooked her fingers into the two front belt loops of Erica's jeans, yanked Erica closer, their chests colliding.  Callie shifted her mouth around to Erica's ear and breathlessly pleaded,"Please, Erica."   

Erica's knees buckled and the room spun.  "Where's your car?"  Erica demanded, lowering her voice, hatching their dirty plan. 

Callie faced Erica and bounced on the balls of her feet, ecstatic.  She was about to make-out with the Erica Hahn in the backseat of her car. "Outside."  

Erica nodded.  "Your car.  Now," Erica commanded before quickly grabbing her purse off the table.  

"Come on."  Callie grasped Erica's hand, lacing their fingers. Callie was going to lead this blonde out of the bar and kiss her senseless.  Because she wanted to.


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Marry Me

Callie spasmed awake from her deep, catatonic sleep, alarmed by the sensation of free-falling in a dream.  Seeking comfort, Callie naturally cuddled further into Erica, her face warmly cozied into Erica's pliable, freckled neck.  Callie softly kissed the sweet spot where Erica's neck intersected with her shoulder, one of Callie's favorite spots on Erica's body.

Callie squinted at the digital clock on the bedside table, her vision blurry from sleep.  3:17am.  Sleep eluded her.  After untangling herself from Erica, she laid flat on her back, staring up at the whirling ceiling fan .  Passing cars' headlights flashed through the window, briefly illuminating the shadowed room.  Callie ran her fingers through her hair, exhaling loudly.  The darkness seemed especially dark at 3am and Callie felt especially alone, now wide awake as the rest of the world slumbered.  

Snoring quietly, Erica was curled up on her right side. Callie's right arm was burrowed under Erica's pillow, rendering Callie a prisoner, but a willing captive.  Letting her cheek fall lazily against her pillow, Callie studied Erica's sleeping body, charting the erotic topography of Erica's shape.  Callie admired the old, faded pink, cotton camisole Erica wore as "jammies."(Erica's word, not Callie's.)  The already flimsy cotton was so stretched out from use, it refused to properly fit Erica's voluptuous body, a fact Callie greatly appreciated and took full eye-sex-type advantage of.  This was generally prelude to Callie completely ravishing Erica. 

Callie's eyes trailed up Erica's curved back to her mass of long blonde hair.  The thickest, most abundant head of hair Callie had ever encountered.  One of Callie's beloved Erica-centric hobbies was to bury her hands in the blonde waves, marveling at how the light shimmered on this golden strand or the sun bounced brightly off that lighter blonde curl.  Erica's staggering beauty was infinite and Callie's life was devoted to discovering and cataloging every minutia of Erica. 

Callie rolled back onto her right side, parallel to Erica, spooning, perfectly matching Erica's body.  Their bodies connected at every delicious curve and lovely bump.  Two separate people, now molded into a whole.  Callie deeply inhaled Erica's trademark scent, a subtle mixture of shampoo and perfume, and only then felt safe again, melded to Erica.  Her heart settled into a steady, laconic rhythm, the rhythm of sleep, and Callie let herself be lulled into oblivion.

Before she drifted off, Callie ever so lightly, with the pads of her ultra-sensitive fingertips, traced up and down Erica's upper arm.  A ghost touch, she barely disturbed the almost invisible hairs on Erica's pale, impressionable skin. 

Suddenly, Callie's eyes popped open, frightened by a nightmarish thought.  She realized for the first time that there would be a day, a most dreaded moment in the future, when Erica wouldn't be here anymore.  Being a doctor, witnessing all stages of the life cycle everyday, Callie sadly knew how fleeting life was.  Nothing is guaranteed and people and time can be cruelly taken away, without an explanation and with no possibility of return.  The inescapable impermanence of life chilled Callie to her core and tears misted her now alert eyes.

Then brilliance graced Callie.  She had an idea.

Callie painstakingly freed her right arm from under Erica's heavy head and propped herself on her elbow, peering down over Erica.  Callie gently nudged Erica's shoulder and whispered into Erica's ear, "Erica?"

No response.  Erica continued to snore, muffled somewhat by half her face being smothered into her downy pillow.

Callie nudged Erica again, a little harder, a little more urgent.  "Erica?" she hissed.

"Hmm?"  Erica mumbled grumpily, refusing to wake up. 

"Erica, wake up,"  Callie stated at full volume, shaking Erica's upper arm. 

Erica turned her head slightly to look up at Callie.  "Baby, I'm sleeping,"  Erica protested, her words slurring and voice thick with sleep.

"Erica, we need to talk,"  Callie announced sternly as she pulled herself up to a sitting position, her back against the headboard.  Callie reached over and turned on the bedside lamp before pulling the comforter up and tucking it under her arms.

Erica groggily raised herself up on her elbows.  "What time is it?"  She shielded her eyes from the harsh light and yawned.

"3:23.  Please wake up for five minutes.  I need to ask you something."  Callie crossed her arms over her chest.

"Baby, can we please talk in the morning?  I have surgery in four hours," Erica pleaded, rubbing her eyes, unable to stop yawning.

"No!  We have to talk now,"  Callie insisted, pounding, unintentionally adorably,  the comforter for emphasis.
Erica, still semi-reclined, finally noticed how troubled Callie seemed, her brow furrowed and eyes downcast.  "What's wrong?"  Erica worriedly asked as she sluggishly pulled herself up to sit next to Callie and brushed a random lock of shiny dark hair out of Callie's eyes. 

Callie took a deep breathe.  "Marry me."  She exhaled and chanced a glance at Erica.

Erica turned away, recoiling from Callie, and stared straight ahead.  Words escaped her. Her mind reeled.  Still half-asleep, she couldn't fully trust she correctly heard the words that just fell from Callie's mouth.  Finally, Erica found the word she was frantically searching for:  "What?"

"Marry me,"  Callie demanded more desperately, turning to face Erica and delicately taking hold of one of Erica's hands. 

"Again, what?"  Erica shook her head, still unclear as to what was happening.

"Marry.  Me."  Callie couldn't be any clearer.

A moment of silence.  Callie stared at Erica's face, eagerly waiting for any kind of reaction, not breathing.  Erica combed her fingers through her hair, confused, also not breathing.  Callie intently watched Erica try to catch up mentally and emotionally, at least enough to figure out how to begin to answer Callie.

"I'm gonna keep asking, Erica."  Callie swiftly repositioned herself to kneel, facing Erica, and clutched her pillow to her chest. "I couldn't sleep.  I don't know why.  I just...something woke me up.  But I looked over at you.  You were sleeping here, so cute and snuggly.  All sexy and unconscious.  So I cuddled back into you.  I was just falling back to sleep and I touched your arm one last time and I realized how much I love that arm.  That arm."  Callie reached over and rubbed her hands up and down Erica's arm, almost reverentially.  "And I realized how much I love you.  I love you so much.  I need you, baby.  I don't ever want to be away from you.  I want you forever.  I want you to be mine forever.  You're it for me, Erica.  You're the one.  I want to marry you."  Callie's eyes were saucer-huge and she finally exhaled, emptying her full heart to Erica.  Callie needed Erica to know that Callie's heart had Erica's name written all over it.

Erica, panic buzzing in her chest, fearfully avoided looking at Callie, and instead stared at her own hands fidgeting with a thread in the comforter.  She was overwhelmed, drowning in all the words Callie just flooded her with.  All the words Erica dreamed of hearing her whole life, falling from the mouth of the girl she had been searching for her whole life.  This silly girl in Erica's old, holey R.E.M. t-shirt, childishly hugging her pillow to her stomach, wishing Erica to be her wife. 

Erica finally sighed, dropping her chin to her chest.  "Cal..?"  Erica stalled, her head and heart not agreeing as to how to answer Callie.

"Marry me."  Callie just needed to hear yes.  Callie trusted there was a yes living inside Erica, she just needed to find it. 

"Baby, I heard you," Erica patiently reassured Callie. 

"Marry me,"  Callie pressed her playfully.  This was ridiculous.  They belonged together.    

"Cal..." Erica rubbed her temples, awash in emotions, dying to say yes, but mysteriously lacking the courage to take the leap. 

Another moment of silence.  Tension crackled between the two women.

"Just marry me!"  Callie ordered, becoming increasingly agitated.  It was really all so simple to Callie.

"Callie!  Are you being serious with me or..."  Erica was exasperated and feeling cornered.

"Yes!  Haven't you thought about it?"  Callie asked incredulously.  Erica must have thought about this, Callie had.

"Yes!  Of course I have!"  Erica covered her mouth, embarrassed.  She couldn't believe she had just confessed that out loud.  When Erica looked into the future, all she saw was Callie.  "But in the future.  We've only been together...not even a year!"  Erica had to make Callie agree that if they were going to last, they couldn't rush into a marriage.  And Erica didn't want to decide their future, half asleep, at 3 in the morning.

"I know!  But we're going to get married eventually, right?  So why not now?  Why wait?"  Callie grabbed Erica's hand off the comforter and rubbed Erica's knuckles. 

"Callie.  We're talking about forever.  As in 'For.'  'Ever.'" Erica gestured with her outstretched hands the size and scope of forever.  "You realize that, right?  That's a long time,"  Erica quizzed Callie.  Erica believed in a forever.  Did Callie?

"Baby, I know!  I know what forever means.  And that's what I want.  You and me forever," Callie lavished Erica's knuckles with tiny, ticklish kisses, worshipping her.  If Callie had to beg, she would beg. 

Erica was running out of roadblocks.  "Well...we're not going to Vegas or anything like that if that's what you're thinking.  We're not going to repeat you and George-" 

"No!  Of course not!  I don't want that either.  Not with you.  I want to do it right with you.  I'm in this for keeps,"  Callie pledged, totally earnest, squeezing Erica's hand tighter, feeling the bones move inside.

Erica chuckled.  "In this for keeps? Who talks like that?"

Callie smiled widely, slightly humiliated but enjoying Erica's teasing.  "What?  That's a phrase...Shut up!"  Callie smacked the comforter over the bump of Erica's legs.

"You're just too cute sometimes."  Erica angled her head and adored her breathtakingly beautiful girlfriend,  her girlfriend who wanted to be her forever.  Forever wasn't long enough, Erica thought. 

Another moment of silence.  Their eyes locked. All they saw was each other.   The rest of their lives were here in this room, in this bed, they just had to realize it. 

Callie smiled coyly and seductively crawled into Erica's lap, straddling her hips.  Erica firmly gripped Callie's hips and tugged her closer into her lap.  Now situated on Erica's lap, Callie looked down at Erica's upturned face, claiming her dominance over Erica.  Callie brushed messy curls off Erica's face.  Bedhead Erica was the sexiest Erica.  "Marry me, Erica.  I need you to marry me,"  Callie groveled, her mouth dangerously close to Erica's.  Callie was determined to get her yes. 

"Cal, I want to marry you, but..." Erica still debated in her mind if they were ready.

"Then say yes.  I don't even have a ring yet, so don't get nervous.  I'm not talking about tomorrow.  Just promise me you'll marry me."  Callie hooked unruly curls behind Erica's ears.  Unable to take her eyes off Erica's face, Callie wondrously traced the shape of Erica's mouth with her finger tip, before dipping her finger into Erica's mouth, which Erica languidly licked.  Callie extracted her fingertip and sucked on it, tasting Erica's mouth on her finger. Erica, mesmerized and at Callie's mercy, was feeling a familiar fire burn in her core. 

Their hearts faced each other and in the still silence of the night, their hearts found a matching rhythm. 

Erica snuck her hands under the bottom of Callie's t-shirt and rubbed the small of Callie's back and the top of Callie's plush ass, dipping her hands under the elastic band of Callie's boy shorts.  Erica slowly rocked Callie back and forth, and unconsciously rolled her own hips to meet Callie's.  Callie's bounteous breasts, bra-less, bounced slightly at Erica's eye level.  Although Callie's breasts were covered by a thin t-shirt,  Erica had trouble concentrating.  She swallowed hard.  "But I don't even know if we can get Washington?  Does it even count?"  She licked her lips, desperately trying to discern the shape of Callie's breasts under the well-worn, nearly see-through cotton shirt.  Erica was dizzy with lust.

"I just want to put a ring on this finger."  Callie found Erica's left hand and singled out her ring finger.  "I want everyone to know you're mine.  That you are bought and paid for.  That I own you.  That you are property of one Ms. Calliope Torres."  Callie beamed, all sparkling teeth, proud owner of Erica Hahn. 

Erica laughed uproariously.  "That you own me?"  She pretended to be offended, but truthfully couldn't be happier to be Callie's property.  She belonged to Callie. 

"Yes!  That you're mine,"  Callie declared matter of factly.  There was no question in Callie's mind that Erica was hers, just as she was Erica's. 

"But I've always been yours,"  Erica shyly, breathlessly confessed.

"Then.  Marry.  Me."  Callie pressed her forehead against Erica's, their hot breathes mingling in the intimate space between them. 

Erica's eyes darted from Callie's warm, adoring eyes to her pillowy, slightly-opened mouth.  Erica pretended to decide her future, something that was already decided for her long ago.  "I'll marry you."  A tiny smile turned up the corners of Erica's mouth. 

Callie's face exploded into a dazzling smile.  "Say it again!"  Callie insisted, boisterous and practically bouncing in Erica's lap, which was not unpleasurable to either woman.

Erica giggled, but then quickly quieted to repeat what she had always known.  "I'll marry you.  I want to be your wife, Callie,"  Erica promised solemnly, handing her life to Callie. "Will you marry me?"  Erica timidly asked.  It was the most important question she had ever asked anyone in her life. 

Callie instantly seized Erica's head with both hands and smashed her mouth into Erica's.  She just as brutally pushed Erica's mouth away, panting, "Yes!  Yes, I'll marry you!"  Armed with Erica's promise that she could possess Erica forever, Callie would now literally possess her.  She forcefully rammed her tongue into Erica's warm mouth, eliciting a startled moan from Erica.  Erica swiftly wrapped her arms around Callie's middle, squeezing Callie as tightly as she could.  Callie wrenched her head back abruptly, just far enough to tear Erica's camisole off, clumsily shoving it up and over Erica's head.  Callie tore at the camisole so savagely that one of the thin straps ripped.  Both women stopped, shocked by their own passion. 

"I'm sorry,"  Callie bashfully mumbled, fingering the broken strap, embarrassed by her barbarism when it came to Erica. 

Erica grinned, extracting the torn camisole from Callie's hands and carelessly tossing it on the floor.  "It's okay."  Erica, now topless, craddled Callie's face, tilted her own head and chastely kissed Callie.  "Let's calm down."  Erica tilted her head the opposite direction and tasted Callie's mouth again, taking her time and savoring Callie.  "We have the rest of our lives to do this,"  Erica purred as she sucked on Callie's puffy bottom lip.  Callie's hands stealthily slid up Erica's ribcage and cupped her breasts, each delectable breast spilling over Callie's hands. 

Callie broke the kiss, her hands still fondling Erica's breasts.  "I'm going to buy you the best ring ever.  I want to do this right-"

Erica interrupted her with a scorching kiss.  More ardent kissing followed, each one sloppier than the last.   "We will," Erica panted, hungry to celebrate their agreement on forever.  "We will, baby.  But now I need you to fuck me,"  Erica begged, her gravelly voice the soundtrack to sex, her eyes hooded, and a turned-on flush spreading over her face and breasts. 

Callie bit her own lip hard, unable to control her primal lust for the blonde woman under her, the woman who would soon be her wife.  Callie attacked Erica, feverishly grasping fistfulls of hair, and devouring Erica's mouth.

They had a lot of celebrating to do.
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Between Us

Callie paced the empty attendings' breakroom and compulsively checked the time on her cellphone yet again:  1:15pm.  She and Erica were to meet in the attendings' breakroom on the fourth floor at 12:30.  The two women craved privacy and no one used this room, tucked away in a dusty corner of the hospital, most doctors forgetting it even existed.  Erica and Callie often hid here earlier in their friendship, venting over a quick cup of coffee, safe in their own little world.  Even as friends, they yearned to be alone, coveting their intimacy.

Callie assumed Erica must be stuck in surgery, trusting that Erica wouldn't intentionally keep Callie waiting, but the wait unbalanced Callie.  Callie texted Erica "Where R U?"  and layed the phone on the table, obsessively watching for the phone's tiny screen to glow blue, indicating a response. 

Callie skeptically eyed her salad.  She had trekked down to the cafeteria and bought two salads, hers with extra grated cheese.  If she was going to eat lame salad, it could at least taste good.  She wanted to impress Erica with her culinary choice, knowing that Erica, being overly conscious of heart disease, always tried to eat healthy.  Erica even justified her preference for red wine by citing research claiming red wine was heart healthy.  Callie, now slouching in her chair, entertained herself with salacious flashbacks of unabashedly staring at Erica drinking wine.  How Erica's slim, elegant fingers languidly traced the rim of her wine glass between sips, and the sexy blush of Erica's chest (and sometimes cleavage) when she drank alcohol.  Callie unconsciously grinned lasciviously, visions of Erica's chest (and sometimes cleavage) spinning around her filthy mind.   

To complete their romantic lunch date, Callie bought two red roses from the hospital gift shop.  Unable to locate a vase anywhere in the vast hospital, Callie, frustrated, grudgingly settled for the biggest and least ugly water bottle she could find and situated her makeshift bouquet in the center of the faded gray formica table.  On each plastic orange lunch tray, Callie folded a paper napkin into a triangle on which she painstakingly placed the silverware next to the salad.  In her idleness and unease, Callie buffed and shined the fork and knife on her scrub top. 

Callie's empty stomach grumbled ferociously and she quickly clutched her abdomen.  Even her stomach was upset by Erica's tardiness.  Callie's appetite, beast that it was, demanded food.  Callie popped a crouton into her mouth and crunched loudly.

Callie jumped slightly at the sound of the door swishing open.  Erica charged in, her blonde curls blown back, and a worried look on her flushed face.  Erica sighed heavily, "Callie, I'm so sorry!  I got stuck in this valve replacement and..." She finally noticed the romantic lunch Callie had prepared.  "Oh my God, look at this..." Erica quietly marveled, at a loss. 

Callie shot up from her chair, stumbling a bit, and fidgeting with her hands."Uh...yeah!  Salad, right?  Your favorite!"  Callie beamed and pulled Erica's chair out for her, gesturing for Erica to sit.

Erica slowly walked to the table, stunned by Callie's obvious efforts at wooing her.  Erica felt foolish, just assuming they would grab a quick, prepackaged sandwich together.  Erica attempted a joke to disguise how flustered she was,  "But Cal, you don't eat salad."  Callie chivalrously helped push Erica's chair closer to the small round table and then took her own seat, scooting closer to Erica.  "Wow...I can't believe you did this.  I'm so sorry I kept you waiting.  Why didn't you eat?  I feel so bad..." Erica rambled, overwhelmed with guilt.

"Erica, it's fine.  I wanted to wait for you," Callie calmed Erica, gazing into her watery blue eyes.  Yeah, the wait was worth it, Callie realized.  "Alright, I confess.  I did eat a crouton.  My stomach was growling."

"Ah, yes.  The beast," Erica giggled and surveyed Callie's gorgeous face.  "You're too cute," Erica cooed in her smoky, sexy tone, reserved only for Callie, while covertly placing her hand on Callie's knee under the table. 

"Shut up.  You are," Callie purred and leaned in, Erica's delicious mouth her destination.  Erica quickly scanned the room, made sure the door was closed, and met Callie halfway in a sweet, unhurried kiss.  Callie opened her mouth, attempting to deepen the kiss, causing Erica to pull away instantly.  Erica sat back properly in her chair and pulled her hair behind her ears, a nervous habit. 

"What's wrong?"  Callie inquired, confused, her body still angled toward Erica. 

Erica fidgeted with her silverware and couldn't help but employ her authoritative tone, a front she could hide behind when faced with uncertainty.  "Not now...we can't...later, okay?"  Erica nervously cleared her throat, unable to look at Callie. 

Crestfallen and embarrassed, Callie resettled herself in her own chair and looked down at her salad, the salad she didn't even want. "Sure.  Right," Callie mumbled.  She nodded quickly, ashamed. 

Erica's stern front was immediately dismantled by Callie's undeniable heartbreak.  Without hesitating, Erica swiftly replaced her hand on Callie's leg under the table, a little bit higher on her thigh this time, and stretched her neck to catch Callie's eyes.  "Hey, Callie?  I'm sorry.  I really want to kiss you. Believe me.  It's just...anyone could walk in, you know?"  Erica gently explained herself, desperately needing Callie to understand that it wasn't about her or a rejection in any way.  

Trying and failing at  a half-hearted smile, Callie shook her head, wanting to end the conversation. "It's okay." 

Erica knew it wasn't okay.  Callie wasn't good at deceit.  It was one of the things Erica admired about her, loved actually.  While everyone else in the world brazenly lied to your face and dared you to believe them, Callie was incapable of being anything but true and honest, even if it did take some prodding to get it out of her at times.

"I've been thinking about you all morning," Erica shyly confessed, now both her hands squeezed Callie's thigh. "I'm so sorry I'm late."

Callie's hurt melted and she covered Erica's hands with her own, entwining their fingers.  Their eyes locked.  "I can't stop thinking about you either," Callie whispered, briefly looking down at their interwoven hands and their dangerous location on Callie's mid-thigh.  One of Erica's thumbs was tenderly rubbing Callie's inner thigh.  Unconscoiusly, Erica shifted forward, degree by degree, captivated by the exquisite shape of Callie's pouty mouth.  Under Callie's spell, Erica was physically drawn to her, powerless. 

Callie put the brakes on this time, untangling one hand and gently blocking Erica's upper chest, effectively halting her descent on Callie's mouth.  "Erica, anyone could walk in.  Later, okay?'  she teased, brown eyes mischeiviously aflame, playfully imitating Erica's rebuke of just moments earlier. 

Erica's eyes widened, her shoulders slumped disappointed,  and she reluctantly settled back into her plastic chair.  A bashful blush tinted Erica's normally pale cheeks as she picked up her fork and carelessly stabbed at her salad.  Callie unfolded her napkin on her lap before seeking Erica's eyes again.  Both women  smiled instantly, realizing how goofy and clumsy they were with each other.  If love was a dance, they were relearning the steps.

While they casually ate lunch, they chatted about their day and traded gossip, which reminded Erica, "Oh!  Mark Sloan pissed me off earlier!  Jackass. "  Erica murderously stabbed her  fork into a crouton and savagely devoured it. 

"What now?  What did he do?"  Callie chuckled.

"We were in that meeting Richard held earlier and Sloan said something about me and you and our steamy late night gab sessions?  As usual, he as no idea what he's talking about!"  Erica scoffed, almost snorting. Oddly cute, Callie noted.  Erica expected Callie to laugh in agreement, like always.  She glanced over at Callie whose eyes were suspiciously glued to some romaine lettuce, guilt unmistakably written all over her face.

Erica stilled her fork in mid-air.  "Callie...?"

Callie sheepishly pushed a crouton through a mound of dressing.  "What?"  she mumbled, almost inaudibly.

Erica slammed down her fork.  "What have you told him?"  Erica demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Who?"  Callie played dumb, stalling, finally daring to look at Erica. She almost flinched at Erica's trademark pissed-off face and blue eyes focused on Callie with laser beam intensity. "Oh!  Mark?"

Erica hissed slowly, "Torres..." 

"Okay!  Promise you won't get mad?" 

"Too late.  I'm already mad." Erica's anger made her sarcastic. 

"Are you really-"  Callie panicked, grabbing Erica's knee.

"Cal, just tell me!"  Erica insisted, her voice getting louder.  Erica didn't like her voice when it sounded like that, when she didn't feel in control of her own voice.

"Alright!" Callie took a deep breathe.  "I kinda told him about...last night..."

"What?  What did you tell him?"  Erica impatiently urged Callie to continue.  She needed to know exactly how much that snake Mark Sloan knew.

"That we went out for pizza...and talked...and sorta made out in your car for an hour,"Callie came clean, wincing with every word, anticipating the inevitable volcanic eruption from Erica. 

"What?!!?"  Erica's hands covered her mouth in disbelief. 

"Erica, it's fine.  He already knew."  Callie tried to calm Erica, rubbing Erica's shoulder. 

"He already knows?  Knows what? What else does he know?"  Erica's nightmare coming into focus, this was impossibly worse than Erica ever imagined.

"About us...that we kissed.  Well, he saw that part-" Callie stopped herself from giggling, not wanting to increase Erica's already sizable anger. 

"He saw!?!  Oh my God..." Erica put her head in her hands, her elbows on the table, suddenly dizzy. 

"Erica, calm down. It's fine.  He's my friend.  He's not gonna tell anyone if that's what you're worried about."  Callie lovingly massaged Erica's back with one hand and squeezed Erica's knee with her other hand. 

"If he says a word, I swear to you, Callie..."  Erica threatened, still looking down at the table, unable to look at Callie just yet.

"Shhh, he won't.  I'm sorry.  I was just excited about us and I had to tell someone.  You're usually my person, the one I run to with stuff.  But I can't tell you about you.  I can't tell you about this amazing girl I'm really into because, hello, it's you.  I mean, I can tell you how amazing you are, but that might get weird." Callie smiled up at Erica, charming Erica until the tiniest smile finally cracked on Erica's lips.  "I'm sorry, Erica.  Please don't be mad." 

Erica carefully lifted Callie's hand off her knee and rubbed Callie's knuckles with her thumbs.  Erica sighed loudly, unable to be anything but crazy about this girl, this beautiful girl whose perfect mouth was millimeters from her own.  "It's fine. 'bout we keep this...between us?  For now?"  Erica suggested, vulnerability seeping through her every pore.  

Callie studied Erica's pretty mouth before answering.   She liked the sound of "us" falling from that pretty mouth.  "Of course.  This is just between us.  Just us."

Their eyes danced together.  "You promise?"  Erica pleaded, biting her lip and holding her breathe. 

"I promise,"  Callie pledged breathlessly, dipping her head to kiss Erica's lips.  Unable to resist, Erica instead slipped her tongue in Callie's warm mouth.  Now their tongues danced.  

Unexpectedly,  the door swooshed open and Mark Sloan slipped into the room, serpentine in nature.  The women immediately broke apart, but not before Mark conveniently caught them connected at the mouth. 

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I forgot to knock," Mark feigned deep regret.  "Am I interrupting?" Mark clumsily plopped down next to Erica at the table and boldly hauled his chair closer to the blonde, purposely, rudely invading her space.  Erica flinched.  She resented that Mark always enjoyed torturing her with his presence, but Erica hated him even more for what he just interrupted.  He possessed a special knack for bad timing.  Her hate infinite, now Erica was further infuriated that Mark had inside knowledge of her and Callie.  Her nemesis now had more ammunition to use against her, causing Erica's blood to boil and bubble in her veins. 

Both women were uncomfortably silent and stared down at their half-eaten salads, two sullen teenagers caught making out.  Finally Erica, who could not abide Mark defeating her, resurrected her resiliant pride. "No, Mark.  As always, your timing is perfect," Erica deadpanned, the underlying message screaming, Fuck you, you fucking douchebag!

Callie loudly slurped her Cherry Coke, gnawed the straw, and witnessed her almost-girlfriend and friend duel with challenging stares. 

"What?  Were you going to feel her up?"  Mark snickered, obnoxiously biting his apple.  Callie winced and cursed his staggering stupidity. 

"And that's my cue. " Erica glanced at Callie briefly before lifting her tray off the table. 

Callie quickly grasped Erica's wrist, keeping Erica in her chair.  "Wait!  Um...I'll see you later?  I'll wait for you?" 

Erica nodded as she stood from the table.  "I'll text you, okay?"   

"Where are we going tonight?"  Mark joked, a shit-eating grin on his chiselled face.  

"We'd invite you, Mark, but then you might show up."  Erica smirked as she turned to leave.

"Funny, Hahn.  Oh!  And nice haircut by the way.  Let me guess.  Are you trying to impress some girl?"  Mark pointed at Callie. 

Erica, quaking with molten lava hate, confidently held Mark's steely gaze.  She defied his challenges to engage in some juvenile war of words.  While sometimes entertaining, she was above all that pissing contest crap she was forced to partake in with male attendings.  Erica privately scorned Mark before switching her eyes affectionatly to Callie.  "I'll see you later, Cal.  Thanks for lunch."  Erica offered Callie one last smile before calmly sliding out the door. 

Callie watched the empty space Erica had just occupied, as if she were still standing there. 

Mark shook his head and laughed raucously at Callie's pathetically lovesick face.  "Awww, Callie..." He almost felt sorry for her. 

Callie snapped back to reality, confused as to why Mark was laughing.  "What?"  

"Wipe the drool off your chin," Mark chided, somewhat coldly.  He'd never seen Callie like this, this far gone over anyone.  He wasn't jealous of either woman, he just couldn't grasp falling for anyone like this.

"Shut up," Callie scoffed, embarrassed, but still self-consciously wiped her chin, just in case. 

Mark eagerly leaned his elbows on the table, ready to gossip.  "So, is she a good kisser?  She's good, right?"  Mark wiggled his eyebrows.  He always had a feeling about Hahn, something inexplicable and enigmatic, yet wildly sexy.  It killed Mark that he would never conquer Erica, so he had to live vicariously through Callie.  If Callie was going to get in Erica's pants, he could at least hear every dirty detail.

"Nope.  Can't.  The me-and-you-talking-about-me-and-Erica is over,"  Callie proudly announced, gathering up her lunch tray and soda.

"What?!"  Mark pounded his fist on the table.  "Don't do this to me, Callie.  You tell me!" Mark pointed his apple at Callie, trying to intimidate her, as much as a man can with a piece of fruit.

"I can't!  I promised Erica," Callie bragged as she stood up from the table.  "It's between us.  Me and her and we're keeping it that way."  Callie defined smitten. 

"I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.  Thank you for that," Mark pouted like a petulant, bratty child denied a shiny new toy.

Callie shrugged helplessly, "Sorry, Mark." 

"Can I at least meet you guys later?"  Mark pleaded, desperation in his voice. 

"Sorry.  It's just us," Callie sincerely apologized and gave Mark a small wave before striding out the door.
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So Jealous

Callie and Erica goofily swung their entwined hands and traded coy, flirty, bordering-on-annoying-lovesick glances as they walked to Erica's front door after yet another day of exhausting, life-saving medical procedures.  Erica was innocently unlocking the front door when Callie stalkishly cuddled up behind her and buried her face in Erica's abundant blonde curls,  sniffing loudly.  Callie tightly wound her arms around Erica's waist and savoured a whiff of Erica's intoxicating shampoo.  Smiling to herself, Erica quietly mumbled, "Nut," but Callie couldn't hear Erica, being othewise blissfully overwhelmed by Ericascent.  Lost in Erica, Callie seriously contemplated ripping Erica's pants off her on the front porch.  Already completely smitten and falling ever further for Erica, Callie daydreamed, This girl does stuff to me.  I can't be held responsible for my actions when it comes to a certain Dr. Hahn.  This is a nice neighborhood though.  Upscale.  Public displays of sex are somewhat frowned upon. 

Erica gently untangled herself from Callie and was already in the house, setting her keys and purse on a wooden table in the foyer.   Realizing she lost Callie somewhere along the way, Erica deadpanned,  "You coming in Cal, or shoud I just shut the door?"  Erica smirked as she removed her trenchcoat.

Callie shook her head, embarrassed.  Steamy visions of Ericasex caused Callie's motor function to operate somewhat autistically.  "Oh, yeah.  Right.  Forgot the walking part of walking through the door.  Sorry, " Callie muttered as she sheepisly entered Erica's house and shut the door.

"Right.  I know that look, Torres.  And the answer's no.  We just got home.  I'm tired.  And I'm hungry," Erica calmly lectured while hanging up her trenchcoat in the closet. 

Callie swiftly walked toward Erica, a rising panic in her voice.  "But we have a date!  A date date."

Erica slowly turned to Callie, her blue eyes softening as she took in her girlfriend's endearingly worried face.  "Baby, can this be an 'at home' date, like a 'stay in bed and have intermitant sex and snacks' date?  Oh!  I have Oreos," Erica pleaded as she seductively stalked toward Callie, only to suggestively finger the lapels of Callie's black leather jacket.  After being on her feet for extended hours, performing torturously complicated surgeries, the only thing Erica wanted to do on their date was lay flat on her back, under her girlfriend.

Callie quickly reached up and stilled Erica's hands.  Erica's talented hands were sexual lethal weapons and Callie had learned, through much experience, when to protect herself.  "No!  No, Erica.  I have a surprise.  I didn't want to tell you about it, but now you've left me no choice," Callie scolded Erica.  Truthfully, Callie was relieved to finally reveal the big secret, and was now practically bouncing in childlike anticipation of her big reveal.  Callie didn't do secrets, but she did do surprises and she wanted to wow her girlfriend tonight. Erica deserved to be wowed.

"A surprise?  What?" Erica was cautiously intrigued.  While definite soulmates, Erica and Callie had very different definitions of "fun." 

Callie noticed Erica's slight trepidation.  "What?!  No, it's a good kind of surprise," Callie reassured her girlfriend, placing her hands on Erica's hips.  "Alright.  Ready?" Callie taunted, famous smile ablaze and trembling with near-explosive excitement.

"Torres..." Erica eyed Callie skeptically.  With Callie, this "surprise" could be anything mundane to insane.

"You know that cd we were listening to in my car today?" Callie hinted. 

"The two sisters?"  Erica tried to remember, shrugging her shoulders in that way she did that made Callie's heart glow. Callie was compiling a mental catalogue of all of Erica's adorable mannerisms, and that simple gesture was near the top of the list.  Callie stopped herself from automatically attacking Erica's mouth.  She was on a mission here and that mission was delighting her girlfriend.

"Tegan and Sara!  Remember?  You said you liked them," Callie cheerfully reminded Erica.

"Vaguely...?" Erica generously offered.  She honestly couldn't remember the band or the music, being much too preoccupied on her way to work most mornings to enjoy the musical stylings of the various bands Callie was currently into on any given day.  Yet, Erica was touched by Callie's desire to surpise her, and would never think to diminish the excitement she witnessed in Callie's brown, liquidy eyes at that moment.  No other human being in the history of her life had ever cared enough to surprise Erica.  Erica's happiness had never been anyone's top priority, until Callie.  Unbeknownst to Callie, she made Erica happy without even trying, just by being.  And here Callie was, attempting to make Erica even happier, causing Erica to fall that much harder for the girl in front of her.

"We're going to see them tonight!  I'm taking my girlfriend, that's you," Callie said, comically pointing to Erica, "to see self-identified lesbian singers! Woo-hoo!"  Callie pumped her fist in the air, her own gay cheerleader.  "Anyway, they're awesome and I love them and I love you and I want to take you.  Please?"  Callie begged, attempting to seal the deal with puppy dog eyes.  Taking a half-step closer to her girlfriend,Callie snaked her arms around Erica's luscious waist.  Like sexy puzzle pieces, Callie fit her body impossibly close to Erica.  Erica raised her hands to Callie's wavy black hair, titled her own head and approximated the perfect angle to kiss Callie's too-tempting mouth.  Erica loved it when Callie begged, although preferrably inside the bedroom.

Erica, who had previousy allowed no one, let alone anyone she was dating, to influence her decisions in any sphere of her life, was completely and voluntarily whipped for her girlfriend.  Erica knew she was going to the concert.  That didn't mean she couldn't benefit from some nifty negotiating.

Erica slowly extricated her mouth from Callie's and proudly noted Callie's drowsy, turned-on eyes.  She then nuzzled her face into Callie's warm, perfumed neck.  Erica purred, "What do I get out of this?  What's in it for me?"  her gravelly, breathy voice warm on Callie's sensitive ear. 

"Um...?...Anything?"  Callie quietly stammered.  Callie's overactive libido inversely slowed her brain function.  Callie unconsciously leaned her head towards Erica, nuzzling Erica's smooth cheek. 

"Anything?" Erica teased, placing open-mouthed, lazy kisses just below Callie's ear.  "Elaborate.  Please,"  Erica commanded, dipping her head to lick and nibble Callie's delicious neck. 

Think, Torres!  Callie scolded herself.  "You can...?"  Callie's knees started to buckle.  "You can tie me up?  To the bed?  And do whatever you want to me?"  Callie offered, hoping, yet knowing this is exactly what Erica wanted to hear.  

Satisfied with that answer, Erica abruptly pulled away from Callie.  Her devilish blue eyes sparkled as she smiled sexily at Callie before spinning on her heels and practically skipping to the stairs.  "Deal!  What time is the concert?  Oh!  And what should I wear?  Come and help me get dressed,"  Erica called out as she bounded up the stairs, two at a time. 

Callie remained motionless, utterly dumbfounded, mouth agape.  Watching her girlfriend's perfect ass retreat to her bedroom, Callie pondered, Was there ever a more perfect ass?  I am beyond lucky.  Look at her go.   Suddenly, Callie realized she had just been played.  Damn Erica and that voice!  That voice-in-my-ear-thing she does.  She's evil.  I am powerless against it and she knows it!  It's her superpower.  I am so getting her back!  She thinks she's tying me up?  Ha!  No...well, yeah.  I did kind of agree to that.  And my word is my bond.  I made a promise to her and I keep my promises.  Especially if said promise entails surrendering to Erica Hahn.  Callie's face gradually lit up at the idea of what she had, in fact, agreed to.  She awoke from her erotic dreamland and raced up the stairs in hurried pursuit of Erica.  If she wasn't too late, maybe she could undress her girlfriend. 

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I Know You

Erica was finishing up a mountain of paperwork after a neverending, pain-in-the-ass day.  After work, Erica habitually, naturally sought Callie.  Her best friend and only ally on this planet, Callie was Erica's failsafe cure to a shit day.  Callie's neon-lit smile never failed to flip a switch in Erica, reminding Erica that the world could never be entirely bad with a "Callie" in it.

These best friends, however, hadn't spoken in two weeks since the infamous kiss, the inevitable kiss after their mutual lingering looks and lustful stares over Concrete Boy.  An epic kiss, months in the making.  A kiss Erica had been tempted to initiate a zillion times but always failed to summon the requisite courage.  Erica reasoned that there was never an ideal time to strategically launch a surprise kissing assault on your BFF's perfectly pouty mouth.  Callie did find the courage to make the leap to Kissingland and thus "queered" their friendship immeasurably.  Neither woman knew how to handle the next part though, the kissing fallout, causing both to opt for avoidance. 

Tonight, Callie was jubilant because her successful experimental surgery saved a man's life.  She pushed the boundaries, as Erica coached her.  With Erica's guidance, Callie centered herself and found she already knew all she needed to know.  She was getting in her own way, until Erica intervened and gently coaxed Callie out of her panic.  Now Callie strutted through the hospital atrium.  When feeling victorious in the past, she and Erica would split a bottle of wine and congratulate the respective genius of the day on their awesomeness.  One of the women would cast herself as the hero and narrate the day's dramatic events, the other woman applauding the hero's expertise and infinite wisdom.  They were each other's biggest cheerleader.  Neither had previously known what it was like to have someone in your corner, unconditionally.  Callie wanted nothing more than to return to those times with Erica, to sprint to Erica tonight and celebrate her triumphant day.  It didn't count if Callie couldn't tell Erica about it.  Nothing was real until Erica knew. 

Callie, sadly resigned to go home alone yet again, half-heartedly scanned the atrium for Erica.  Maybe she stuck around after her shift, Callie hoped.  The last two weeks, Erica was a ghost to Callie.  Callie would spy Erica quickly turning a corner, her blonde curls swishing, or sense Erica's white coat retreating down a hallway.  Callie was curious about Erica's new haircut.  Callie's brain raced, When did that happen?  Of course, it's none of my business what she does with her hair.  It's HER hair.  But why did she cut it?  Is it because of the kiss?  Does she not want me to recognize her and kiss her again?  What...cause I'm like addicted to kissing her?  Like I can't control myself around her?  That's ridiculous-wait!  What am I thinking?  Shut up, Callie.  Shit!  Maybe she wants to look cute for some girl!  Who?  Who is the skank? I will throw down!  No, wait.  That's crazy!  I'm not, like,  What's wrong with me?  She does look sexy with those curls...great, here we go again!  Callie self-consciously laughed at her rambling, homosexual-leaning thoughts.  Obsessive thoughts haunted Callie these past weeks, the longest weeks of her life.  She had no life without Erica.  Time away from Erica was just that, time.  It didn't constitute as living. Callie was just killing time.

Callie suddenly spotted blonde hair and Erica's trench coat at the nurses' station.  Her heart cartwheeled.  Without thinking, Callie beelined for Erica.  She startled Erica, who had not seen Callie approach and was disarmed at the idea of a Callie confrontation.  Yet, her heart immediately swelled at the nearness of Callie. 

"I don't like to experiment.  But then you showed up was a success!!" Callie proudly announced, beaming. 

Erica's blue eyes widened, coherent thoughts escaping her.  What experiment is she referring to?  The kiss?  She kissed me as an experiment?  Like kissing-on-a-trial-basis?  So she didn't mean to kiss me "like that"?  Wait--what experiment is she referring to?  Are we just going to act like it never happened?  Erica's heart capsized and sank, her private fears made manifest.  Erica deduced that the kiss didn't mean anything to Callie.  It meant everything only to Erica.  Erica desperately tried to recover and hide her disappointment.  "Oh. Oh!" Erica played along briefly, only to retreat to the safety of her paperwork, unable to look Callie in the eye and potentially, dangerously reveal any kind of emotion. 

Callie picked up on Erica's distress.  As the best friend, it was Callie's job to decode the emotions on Erica's face, a face she logged hours looking at and missed so dearly the past weeks.  Callie sighed, needing to unload all she ached to say to Erica since the kiss.  "I've never kissed a girl before.  I don't even know if I like kissing girls.  I DON'T like kissing girls.  I only like kissing one girl.  You," Callie confessed shyly. 

Erica's face lit up.  "You're the only woman I've ever kissed," Erica blurted out. 

Callie giggled with relief that they were finally talking about the kiss, "So you're freaking out too?"

Erica smiled, averting her eyes, embarrassed at her awkwardness of the past couple weeks. Erica realized at that moment how silly they had been, especially herself.  Erica Hahn didn't do fear.  They were better than this.  Erica admitted, "Lot of therapy time." 

"Yeah, I should look into that.  Therapy," Callie sighed.

"No.  You're fine," Erica softly reassured her, giving Callie a discreet smile. 

A moment of comfortable silence passed, each taking the other woman in. After virtually no contact, it was such a relief to finally look each other in the eye again.  Their eyes locked, each woman mirroring the other's growing smile. 

Finally, Callie broke the spell.  "Earlier today, with my surgery?  How did you know that I knew...?"  Callie shrugged, at a loss. 

"I know you.  I knew you knew it.  You're an excellent doctor, Cal.  You just forget sometimes,"  Erica lovingly chided her friend.

"Well...thank you, " Callie said, meeting Erica's bluest eyes, genuinely grateful for the unfailing good friend Erica always was. 

Now that they were allowed to openly look, they couldn't help but blatantly stare at each other, making up for lost time.  They were giddy just to be in each other's presence.  Christmas morning giddy.

This time, Erica quit the silence, suddenly emboldened by Callie's flirtatious smile.  "So do you routinely jump your best friends or is it just me?" Erica inquired cheekily.

"Jump?!" Callie squeeled, feigning shock.

"You attacked me-"

"What are you-?!!" Callie laughed loudly.

"You sexually assaulted me when I was innocently looking for my keys," Erica accused in a mock serious tone, her Erica Hahn tone.

"Now, wait, Erica-" Callie tried to match Erica's psuedo-serious tone.

"You waited until my defenses were down.  I was conveniently vulnerable and weak after a long day and that crap with Yang-"

Callie interrupted, "Okay, now wait a minute!  I did not attack you." Callie paused, replaying the kiss in her head. "Alright, yeah.  I did kind of attack you," Callie acknowledged.

"Kind of?"

"Alright! I sorta...jumped on your head.  Just a little bit," Callie coyly admitted, and not a little bit proudly.

The women laughed, the brand of laughter that shakes your shoulders and seizes your breathe. This, here, them, laughing with their bestest friend, was right.  Where they belonged in that moment in time.  And any moment they chose in the future. 

Their combined giggling eventually quieted and neither woman knew what to say.  The kiss was out in the open and acknowledged.  Yes, they had kissed.  And neither regretted it.

Callie affectionately studied Erica and before she knew it, she could hear her own voice say, "God, I've missed you, " with a large degree of sadness, regretful of the time they had recently wasted not being together.  Time they'd never get back.

Erica smiled solemly, briefly, nodding at Callie's confession.  Erica uncomfortably shifted her weight against the nurses' station, stalling, before summoning the courage to find Callie's eyes again.  "I really missed you," Erica whispered, meaning every word and even more, what didn't need to be said, the beyond words part of how much she truly needed Callie in her life.

Callie nodded, moved by the look in Erica's eyes.  Erica's eyes radiated love, causing Callie's heart to skip.  Callie could feel herself getting choked up, her emotions on high alert.  But she didn't want to cry tonight.  Tonight was about winning her best friend back. 

Callie shook her head to rid herself of any sad thoughts and instantly brightened into her famous blazing smile.  "Hey!  You hungry?  Let me buy you dinner!  For all your help today.  You save my ass, I owe you pizza.  It's only fair, " Callie pleaded in a sing-song melody. 

Erica laughed, "Ummm..." pretending to debate Callie's offer, but knowing she could never deny Callie anything. "Ahhh...yeah.  Pizza sounds perfect." 

They turned away from the nurses' station and headed towards the doors.  Their shoulders bumped each other, not accidentally.  Their hands almost connecting, each hand magnetized to the other's hand, twitching in sweet anticipation of contact. 

Frustrated, Callie couldn't take it anymore.  Callie stopped abruptly and grabbed Erica's elbow.  "Erica?"  Callie impatiently whined.

"Yeah?" Erica asked, suddenly concerned.

"Can I hold your hand?"  Callie nervously requested, biting her lip.

Erica's face exploded into a radiant smile.  She looked down briefly and took a step closer to Callie, invading Callie's space.  Erica leaned in even closer to Callie's face, "I was going to ask you the same thing," Erica whispered sexily, her voice impossibly low. If sex had a sound, it was Erica's voice. 

The women smiled at their shared dorkiness.  Dorks made in heaven.  Then Callie straightened her spine, readjusted her purse strap, and confidently took possession of Erica's soft hand.  Callie defiantly lifted her chin and marched towards the exit, leading her girl to their promised pizza dinner. 

Erica squeezed Callie's hand extra-tight and happily knew she would always follow Callie wherever she decided to take her. 
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Knocked Up

"So, baby, what time is the ultrasound tomorrow?  What time should we get up?"  Erica called out as she climbed into bed.  Callie walked towards the bed from the bathroom, rubbing lotion into her elbows.  She was wearing a light pink, flimsy cotton camisole, one strap askew on her caramel shoulder, and short plaid boxers. 

"Um, ultrasound's at 11 so let's get up around 9?  You can make me breakfast," Callie teased as she neared the bed and lovingly studied her wife, already nestled in their huge, inviting bed.  Admiring her wife, who was busy setting the alarm clock, Callie purred. "You look so hot with those glasses on."

Erica shook her head, smiling. "Shut up and get your ass in bed, you."

"You're like the sexiest nerd ever.  I want to fuck you with your glasses on!  Have we ever done that?  I don't think we have-"

"Shut up!" Erica interrupted Callie's sexual fantasy rambling. "I have impaired vision.  I'm almost legally blind. Stop making fun of me-"

"Awww, baby, I'm not making fun of you," Callie cooed as she pulled back the bed sheets and settled in next to Erica.  "Honestly, baby, I'm not.  You're the sexiest woman I've ever seen.  I mean, look at you, all sexy in my old t-shirt and with that hot impaired vision thing going on," Callie whispered as she brushed Erica's hair away and open-mouthed kissed Erica's pale, soft neck. 

Erica sighed and pulled away slightly to put the alarm clock back on the bedside table and turn off the lamp.  Erica slowly spun back to face Callie, carefully craddled Callie's face with both hands, and lightly kissed Callie's mouth. "Shut up about the stupid glasses and," Erica managed between kisses,"kiss me."  The kissing quickly escalated to full-on making out, with Callie's hands immediately tangled in Erica's thick, blonde hair in order to smash her mouth more forcefully into Callie's.  Oxygen became an issue.  

Reluctantly pulling apart first, panting, Erica begged,  "Come here, baby," as she scooted her body further down the bed and under the covers, rolling Callie on top of her.  Callie smiled and complied, slowly crawling on Erica, tangling their legs.  Resting her body weight on her forearms, Callie's face was just above Erica's, breathing each other's air.  Erica's hands rubbed Callie's lower back, tugging Callie even closer to her own warm body, while Callie delicately removed Erica's glasses and placed them on the bedside table.  Looking straight down Callie's camisole, Erica's eyes automatically magnetized to Callie's pendulous breasts.  Erica unconsciously licked her lips, mesmerized, watching Callie's breasts slightly sway as Callie leaned towards the table, straining to reach with one arm.  Noticing Erica's averted, dilated eyes, Callie smiled and returned to her position just hovering over Erica, pressed chest to chest.  Callie bit her lip and decided to interrupt Erica's breast hypnosis by lowering her mouth and suprising Erica with a deep kiss.  Erica responded instantly, grabbed Callie's tilted head, and kissed her back just as fiercely. 

Pulling back slowly, Callie broke the kiss.  "Get the shirt off," Callie ordered her wife.  Erica obediently nodded, at Callie's mercy.  Callie helped Erica tug her old faded gray Seattle Grace Hospital t-shirt up and over Erica's head and Callie couldn't help but stare at Erica's deletable, pale breasts.  Embarrassed, Callie looked back up into Erica's blue eyes, smiling shyly, having been caught oggling.  Both smiled, feeling that powerful electrical current they only ever felt with the exact other person.  No two other people on this planet were ever more in love.  Erica's thumbs rubbed Callie's soft, soft face, adoringly.  Neither woman was smiling anymore.  Serious desire, raw lust replaced the playful making out mood of just seconds before.  Callie's eyes fell to Erica's slightly opened mouth. Callie's mouth ached to be there.  Their mouths crashed into each other. Who initiated the kiss, who knows?  Always desperate for more, Erica franticly grasped handfulls of Callie's dark, shiny hair, seizing her closer, mouths impossibly enmeshed. 

After minutes of thorough kissing, Callie managed to release her mouth from Erica's.  Blue eyes popped open, confused as to why the mad kissing had abruptly stopped.

"Baby?" Callie quietly, shyly asked, looking down at her wife.

"What?" Erica panted from the recent fervent kissing.

"Are you still going to want me when I get all fat?"  Callie pleaded, insecurity and panic evident on her beautiful face.

"What are you talking about?  Fat?"  Erica shook her head in confusion.

"When I'm like eight, nine months pregnant?  When I'm huge?  Are you still gonna want me?  I can't go months without sex.  You know that!"  Callie was getting upset by the idea of a sex drought.

Stiffling a chuckle, trying desperately to take her wife seriously, her wife who invented non-problems.  Erica sighed and adored her wife briefly before calming her down. "Baby, you could gain 200 pounds and I'd still want to fuck you.  I'd still be all over you.  So yes, I'm still going to want you."

"But I'm going to be huge!  You know that, right?" Callie demanded, panic making her voice shrill.

"I know how pregnancy works, Cal.  And if possible, I'm going to want you even more.  You are going to be the sexiest pregnant woman ever.  I'm talking history of the world here.  I can't wait for you to start showing!" Erica was genuinely excited at the promise of a pregnant Callie.  How they'd have to reinvent how they had sex, a challenge Erica more than welcomed.

"What?!  Why?  Is that why you're with me?  You like fat girls?"  Callie was getting upset again.

Smiling widely, Erica answered, "No! No, I always thought pregnant women were beautiful because they have that glow.  I mean, they're carrying a life inside them, you know?  A life!  Inside!  It's a miracle really.  I don't even like kids, believe me.  But I so want to have a baby with you. I've never wanted that with anyone before.  Now you're having our baby."  Erica's eyes moistened with tears as she gently touched Callie's face.  "You're having our baby."  She said as if realizing it for the first time, the weight, the importance, and depth of love in those words.  She gazed at Callie in complete wonder.  How did Erica's luck ordain that she would ever be the person to have a baby with this amazing woman, she wondered silently.  Erica still didn't believe she deserved Callie and privately thanked whatever lucky stars were responsible for handing her Callie.

Something clicked, her heart maybe, and Callie immediately understood.  Tears flooded Callie's eyes too, but Callie managed a small, solemn smile.  The size of their combined love knocking the air out of their lungs.  Tears now trickled down Callie's face, but her smile grew.  "Our baby," she cooed, leaning down and kissing Erica. "I've only ever wanted to have your baby."  

Erica giggled, relieved from the serious reverie of her love for Callie.  Her hands quickly moved to the back of Callie's head and savagely pulled Callie's mouth to her own, only to just as brutally push Callie away momentarily.  "You are going to be even sexier pregnant.  You're going to be knocked up repeatedly so get used to the idea."

Smiling coyly and a tad wickedly, Callie proudly savoured the lust she could elicit in her wife.  No one had ever made her feel more wanted.  Brushing various unruly curls off Erica's forehead, Callie admired her wife's unbelievable face.  She could never get enough of her Erica's face.  Her favorite face.  The only face she ever loved.  A face she could stare at endlessly.  Callie smiled sexily, "Erica?"  Erica met Callie's eyes, completely whipped, always awaiting her wife's next request.  Callie closed in on Erica's kiss-bruised, swollen mouth, "I love you."

Feeling Callie's hot breathe tingle on her own lips, Erica smiled, "I've always loved you." 

Callie slowly closed the short distance between their mouths and kissed her wife, fueled by the love in her heart.